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My Big Star Chart

Wall chart with reusable stickers to encourage positive behaviour, achievement and development in children from 1 year. Ideal for behavioural issues associated with toddlers. A2 wall chart (594mm high x 420mm wide). 8 reusable category stickers; movement, talking, going to bed, going to the toilet, eating, sharing, very brave, tidying up. 8 reusable special blank stickers for parents/carers to tailor to their own need. 260 coloured reusable smiley face stickers. 96 reusable gold star stickers. A supportive information sheet with working example, tips and guidelines. 4x sticky fixing pads. 1x dry wipe pen.

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My Big Star Chart Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Halloran – Jake 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Halloran – Jake 2 Years

Sarah Awarded the ‘My Big Star Chart’ 4.2/5

A very good chart. Looked well thought out and seemed to be well made. I do like the format of the chart and the fact I could choose my own stickers and make up my own rewards to suit us better as a family. I thought the instructions were good, but having not used a reward chart before I felt there could be more detail on the types of rewards I could use. For example, Jake isn’t yet old enough to really understand delayed rewards so it would have been better to have this explained and given us alternative rewards to use. The stickers were great and covered all eventualities. Jake was excited about it at first, but he pays little attention to it unless I give him a sticker and then his interest is fleeting. We had good success with some problem areas we had been experiencing such as sharing and going to bed. Jake loves to get a sticker and me and my Husband love giving them to him. We let him choose his sticker and put it on his chart. Great quality and design and I will reuse this one for my younger son when he is old enough. The size of the chart was very suitable, it needs to be big enough so that the child can see it and also so you can include the many different categories on it, which this chart was. Before I was selected to test this product, I was considering purchasing one! I would definitely buy another either for myself or a friend.  My Big Star chart is a great idea and introduces the concept of rewards to children of a younger age. This was exactly what I was looking for. Later, when Jake is able to understand the reward system a little more, I think we will have even more success. For us it has been great for adding a little substance to the praise we give Jake, allowing him to choose a sticker and get a little round of applause each time. I can really see the need to give children rewards for really good behavior and charts like this are a great idea. We love it and hope that others find the same success that we have had with the chart too. Sarah Halloran – Jake 2 Years

Product Tested By Jane Belsham – Jack & Adam Ages 4 & 2 Years

Jane Awarded the ‘My Big Star Chart’ 4.1/5

Nice and bright colours on the chart, I liked the big and easy to understand stickers on it. The chart has a good format because you can change the goals and put on and take off stickers as required. The instructions are very easy to understand and adapt if necessary. There are plenty of ideas on what to use the chart for and the fact that you can write on the chart was good too, although the pen did smudge easily. I am using the chart with my 2 & nearly 5 year old, my 2 year old is a little young but he loves the stickers! It has been very useful for Jack and I have found it useful to me too. The quality of the product could have been better, I found that the pen smudged easily, the stickers did fall off once in a while and I would have preferred for the chart to have been a little smaller and for the paper to have been thicker, i.e. card. Also, a hook to hang it up would have been great. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost, I would probably have bought one if I had seen it in store. I found the chart to be a little too big for my needs but I can understand why it is that size, so it can be best suited for little ones. But the bright and bold design was great and I have really enjoyed testing it out! Great fun to use, for me and the kids! Jane Belsham – Jack & Adam Ages 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Fay McBride – Josh 4 Years

Fay Awarded the ‘My Big Star Chart’ 3.7/5

Very colourful and informative product. The instructions for the chart were very concise and simple and there were enough ideas on the chart to keep Josh busy. My child understood the concept of the chart very well because we have something similar in place already. The chart was very successful for me and my child and Josh loved it. The quality is fairly good but I do feel it is a high price tag for us personally. The chart was an excellent tool for encouraging Josh to complete a number of tasks, and he really liked it when he was rewarded at the end of each session. However, as great as the chart is I think that the chart is far too expensive for what it is especially as there are others on the market that is far cheaper and just as effective. Fay McBride – Josh 4 Years

We love it and hope that others find the same success that we have had with the chart too


Sarah Awarded the ‘My Big Star Chart’ 4.2/5

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