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Start your child’s journey to cycling with My Buddy WheelsMy Buddy Wheels helps a child learn the fundamental skills needed for cycling by combining a balance bike with a soft cuddly friend to make the adventure more exciting and enticing for your child! Every child’s cuddly friend will be with them every step of the way as they learn the fundamental skills required for a lifetime of cycling.
My Buddy Wheels is designed for children aged 2+ with a max weight of 25kgs. They will learn to balance without realising, because they will be having so much fun playing.
Whilst letting their imaginations go wild and going on big adventures with their buddy, your child will learn:
1. Stability
2. Speed
3. Strength
4. Confidence
Benefits For Parents
Today’s kids skip the tricycles and training wheels and go straight from a balance bike to a bicycle. My Buddy Wheels is designed from the ground up to teach balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Our friendly Buddies are a companion and help the child build confidence. Our friendly unicorn, dinosaur and horse buddies are easy to take on/off, and are easily washable.

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My Buddy Wheels Reviews

Product Tested By Zoe Naylor – Chloe 2 Years 6 Months

Zoe Awarded The My Buddy Wheels 5/5

When the product first arrived, I was surprised by how small the box was. MY daughter was excited by the picture on the front of the box and kept asking when we could open it.  I loved the design of the box, with its sleeve over the cardboard box that showed you clearly what was inside. The colourful sleeve also made the product more interesting than the normal plain cardboard box that children’s bikes usually come in. I love the concept of the My Buddy Wheels. It combines everything toddlers love, toys and adventure.  I really like the fact that it comes in a range of characters and that they can be easily removed should the child grow out of them, meaning they could still use the balance bike underneath (which was a nice neutral white and green colour, so perfect for both boys and girls). The instructions were clear, but there weren’t very many words and I found it a bit difficult to make sure that I was assembling the correct pieces in the correct way.  The pictures were helpful but not always crystal clear as to what parts they correlated to or the way around they needed to be.  It was my first time putting a bike together, so you would probably have no issue had you done one before. My daughter found the bike easy to use, she was a little wobbly at first but this was more due to her balance rather than the bike. She actually wanted to ride this one around the house more because of it looking like a dinosaur and because of this she picked up the ability to balance and use it quicker than she might have done otherwise. It probably took about 2 weeks for my daughter to fully get to grips with how to balance properly on the bike, however she is quite clumsy and balancing isn’t her strong point, and a more agile child would probably ‘master’ it quicker.  Once she had got to grips with how to balance and move without toppling over, she was confident riding the My Buddy Wheels. She was quite confident in riding it, even before she mastered it and would just pick herself and the bike up and try again. I think the My Buddy Wheels is an excellent way to help your child learn to ride a bike, balance bikes have been shown to help a child move to a pedalled bike sooner and I can definitely see why this would be the case. Her balance since using the bike has improved, as has her confidence. Due to the dinosaur buddy on the bike being nice and soft it almost helped to cushion any falls and make them less painful than they may have been otherwise. My daughter loved the dinosaur soft cuddle friend that came with the bike. When it first arrived I couldn’t attach it to the bike straight away as she was too busy hugging it! She enjoys zipping and unzipping the front of the cuddle friend and often asks if she can ‘ride her dinosaur’ I’m not even sure if she realises it is an actual bike! She loves going for rides to the park with dinosaur and has used the bike more often than previous bikes we have had, I am sure this is due to it being a dinosaur! We used the bike a couple of times a week and at weekends, both around the house and to the local park. She would often just start riding it around the living room. As with any bikes there is a degree of uncertainty should they fall, but I felt that she was slightly more protected due to the soft body of the buddy. She found the seat more comfortable as a result of the buddy. If riding outside she always wore a helmet. I cannot fault the quality of the product so far. It has been used a fair bit and still looks as good as when we first got it out of the box.  The buddy actually protects quite a lot of the bike so hopefully will stop it getting scratched or damaged when being rode. I think it is excellent value for a bike that adjusts and will grow with your child (the seat and handle bars move up and down).  When she outgrows the buddy we can simply remove it and she can use the bike on its own. My daughter would love animals like lions and tigers to be included in the range, but was very excited by her dinosaur.  I liked the fact that the bike can be adjusted to suit a range of heights, my daughter is a little on the short side and often finds things too big for her, the adjustability on the bike meant that I was able to adjust it to her exact requirements.  I also loved the novelty of it, it is a real talking point when out and about and everyone wants to know where it is from. I would happily buy one of these again due to them being such good value for money. It is easily going to last my daughter until she is ready for a bike with peddles and to see her confidence improve is priceless. I would recommend this product to friends and family due to it being such good value and seeing how much my daughter enjoys using it.  I would give the My Buddy Wheels 5/5, it is an excellent product that not only got my daughter interested in riding her bike, but has provided hours of entertainment for her. The soft dinosaur makes it more appealing and makes her want to ride it more. Overall my experience with the My Buddy Wheels has been positive, from putting it together something which I managed to do myself without assistance, through to seeing my daughters face when she first saw it.  She has enjoyed riding around on her dinosaur and showing it to her friends and I have loved watching her confidence improve. Zoe Naylor – Chloe 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Wayne Clarke – Sydney 3 Years

Wayne Awarded The My Buddy Wheels 4.2/5

Well packaged, it was a smaller box than what we were expecting but it was all well protected.  We thought it was a bit strange when you first see the picture but we liked the concept that the cuddly toy part would encourage your child to cycle. It also might make the seat more comfortable. Instructions clear to follow and didn’t take long to put together. Our daughter wanted to stand rather than sit to use the bike so that was a hard habit to break. The seat didn’t seem to go high enough for her so I’m not sure she was in the best position to sit as her knees seemed high up.  We are still working on this! She is getting better at balancing but it’s getting her to sit down. We also took the horse off as she wanted to use it as a bike. I think once she is more confident she’ll use the horse.  She felt happy to keep going and trying so her confidence is improving.  We liked the fact it was lightweight so easy for our daughter to pick up herself if she dropped it. Not sure how long the wheels will last as they weren’t inflatable tyres.  She liked the horse but she was more interested in the bike. Our daughter wanted to take the horse off the bike and play with it in a different way.  We tried to use it for short amounts of time every few days (weather permitting) but she struggled to balance so wanted to keep giving up. We felt she was safe as she has a helmet and I liked the fact the bike was lightweight.  It seemed well made but would’ve liked more height for the seat and inflatable tyres.  We looked at other balance bikes on the market and it seemed in line with their prices and with the added cuddly toy that seemed like a bonus (but our daughter wasn’t too fussed by the toy).  Personally we feel the range of characters you have available are good enough.  We liked its originality! It wasn’t something we’d ever seen before.  As our daughter wasn’t overly keen on the cuddly toy part we wouldn’t buy it. However she might enjoy it more as she gets more confident. I would recommend and I’d tell anyone wanting a balance bike to have a look as they are so unique. Due to the height of the seat and the fact our child wasn’t overly interested in the cuddly toy part we couldn’t give it 5/5.  The cuddly toy part was exciting at the beginning but then our daughter just wanted the bike. Wayne Clarke – Sydney 3 Years

Product Tested By Lisa Duffill – Alice 2 Years

Lisa Awarded The My Buddy Wheels 4.5/5

Wow it looks like we will have fun with this and I thought that Alice would want to go to bed with the unicorn as it looks very cute and cuddly. I think that it is very good at encouraging children to want to learn how to use a bike. Instructions were nice and clear. Alice found it easy to use. It was the first time she had ever been on a bike. She mastered this balance bike straight away.  She did seem very confident using this bike. I’m not 100% sold on a balance bike as they don’t have breaks. I’ve known of children that have mastered using a balance bike to get fast on them and then unable to stop safely. Alice loved her cuddle friend.  She loved having her cuddly friend with her on bike rides and it has not come off the bike since she got it.  We used this daily. Whilst she is still small and not able to go fast I feel as if she is safe but as she grows and gets faster I feel it may become unsafe without any breaks. I think it is very well made, although I would change the way the unicorns head attaches as it keeps falling off.  I believe this does offer value for money.  Would love to see a rabbit character in the collection.  We loved the Unicorn just fantastic.  I would buy this as my daughter loves it and its teaching her balancing skills and how to use a bike. I would recommend. My sister in law is looking at buying her son one, as he also loves our one. I have not given this full marks due to no breaks and the unicorn head keeps flopping. But it deserves a mark as it is well made and my daughter loves it. My daughter is learning balancing skills. She is learning how to use a bike. Also teaching her how to use road safety on a bike. Lisa Duffill – Alice 2 Years






I would give the My Buddy Wheels 5/5, it is an excellent product that not only got my daughter interested in riding her bike, but has provided hours of entertainment for her. The soft dinosaur makes it more appealing and makes her want to ride it more.


Zoe Awarded The My Buddy Wheels 5/5

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