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My Buggy Buddy Lock

My Buggy Buddy lock is the perfect partner to the My Buggy Buddy clip. Lock your bags – Lock your buggy – Lock everything.  The 3 digit combination lock is easy to use and like the My Buggy Buddy clip it is strong, safe and secure.  

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My Buggy Buddy Lock Reviews

Product Tested By Sejal Shah – Baby Sahil 9.5 Months

Sejal Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Lock 4/5

Was surprised by the size – was not convinced it would fit my buggy – but pleasantly surprised! The packaging is simple and straightforward – no frills, which is perfect for the product.  Website Simple and easy to use – pictures are perfect to show what you can use it for as well.  Looking at other things out there I do not think they are as convenient or as secure as the buddy lock. I have not used the clip so cannot compare.  I only  used this  for  locking my buggy.   I think the lock does enough – I would not use the clip as well – it would just double up on the time spent locking the buggy up with no extra benefit (in my opinion).  The website does not have any other products on it – but it is easy to navigate around, and you can get the information you need from it quickly.    I think the site needs to be refreshed though – to try and make it look a little more professional to aim at potential corporate clients, as well as aiming at mothers.  Strong robust lock with combination code – great as too hard to break in a hurry. This product is great value for money as when you are done with using it on buggy will be able to use on suitcases or to secure other things – great sturdy lock for the future!  Design is great as it is clean simple design – exactly what is needed  I think if it was a really bright colour or something then it would just make people notice it more- and the whole point of the lock is to be discreet.  I think it’s a great idea – had not thought about it till I received the lock but now the buggy is locked at all times!   Is perfect for the job it was created for!  Sejal Shah – Baby Sahil 9.5 Months

Product Tested By Ronel Lord – Charlie Aged 2 Years

Ronel Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Lock 4/5 

Looks like good quality and design.  I think it can come in quite handy sometimes. It’s not the best website I’ve seen before, but there is some useful information about the product.  There was some site maintenance so I could not access the ‘shop online’ link.  Packaging is nice and simple.  There’s not much in the line of instructions, but then it is also fairly straight forward to use.  I must admit I have not used any other locks or the clip before.  I used it for hanging my bag as I never needed to lock the buggy anywhere. I think the lock would work perfectly well for hanging your bag and locking it up.  The website is user friendly, easy to navigate around the different links. It could possibly do with being updated a bit to make it look a bit more interesting.  Excellent quality, sturdy and strong.  Great value for money.  A suggestion for a slight improvement – for locking the buggy up, I think the loop could be slightly bigger or even maybe flexible.  I would not really consider purchasing this item as I don’t use the buggy that often anymore, mostly for school runs.  The buggy lock came in handy to lock my bag to it so I didn’t have to carry it around the whole time but I also knew it was safe.  Ronel Lord – Charlie Aged 2 Years


I think it’s a great idea – had not thought about it till I received the lock but now the buggy is locked at all times! 


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