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My Buggy Buddy Lock

The original acclaimed locking clip – Designed for locking the unattended pram or buggy to a fence or through a wheel. Peace of mind on those days out knowing your pram will be there when you leave it outside a restaurant, doctors surgery or at a theme park. Ability to change the code to your own personalised choice. Independently safety tested. Available in black only.


foam covered to prevent moving on the pram handle and any marking on the pram. 3 digit combination that can be personalised to own choice of code. independently safety tested. UK and EU safety compliant. 12 months guarantee.

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Price £8.99 Available Hippychick and online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Buggy Clips/Hooks and Travel Accessories categories 

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My Buggy Buddy Lock Reviews

Product Tested By Chantel Slicker – Graycen 8 Months

Chantel Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Lock 5/5

Looked like a quirky perfect gadget for mums and dads. very good idea, genius, to have reassurance as a parent that your Pram is safe when leaving it. Instructions clear and easy to follow. I found this very easy to use. One fitted I was very confident my buggy was safe. It is also very easy to change code for extra security when required. I would use this at least once a week. Presently I have used for doctors / appointments but will certainly be using at restaurants and activity centres as they have re-opened. The foam cover on the lock is perfect and protects my buggy. I have not found any other uses for this but I am sure I will. Great to know this has a 12 month warranty as always reassuring to have warranty on products. Quality is good and looks clean and fresh.  Definitely worth investing in one. I loved the reassurance my expensive pram was safe and I could use my pram without feeling anxious. Instead of sometimes carrying my baby instead of using my pram because of the worry of leaving my pram unattended! I would buy this.  I would recommend as a lot of my friends have children and prams they love so it would definitely put them at ease when at baby centres. Brilliant product and  makes being a mummy that little bit easier! Chantel Slicker – Graycen 8 Months

Product Tested By Donna Benjamin – Isaac 2 Months  

Donna Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Lock 5/5

This product looked solid and easy to use and read. I think it’s a great idea , pushchairs are very expensive. Instructions easy to follow and read. Very easy to use. Once fitted I was confident buggy safe and it was very sturdy. Very easy to change code to keep buggy safe. I used this a few times. I used this for when we went to the shops and I also used this for my sons scooter. This did not mark buggy or scooter due to the foam cover. As well as using on my buggy also used to keep my older sons bike and scooter safe. Great that this comes with a 12 month guarantee. This is very good quality. Really good value for money. I liked how good the product was and that it will last for a long time as very sturdy. I would buy this and I would recommend. great product. Does what it says it does very easy to use. Donna Benjamin – Isaac 2 Months

Product Tested By Rhianydd Wray – Baby 3 Months

Rhianydd Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Lock 3.7/5

My initial impression was how strong and high quality the lock was as I was expecting something flimsier for the price point! The idea of the buggy buddy is great for those who are out and about with their babies regularly! the instructions are so tiny!! I struggled to read them even with my glasses on. The directions are written clearly however and the small size allows for other languages to be present so that is good! The lock is easy to use once you get your head around it! It is worth playing with it for a few minutes before taking it out for the first tome just to familiarise yourself!  I was confident that my buggy was safe due to only using it for indoor doctors’ appointments etc. I would not feel comfortable however leaving my buggy locked to a fence at a park etc as it is still able to be vandalised and open for anything in the net underneath or inside the pram to be taken! Locking the device is easy! However, changing the code is quite fiddly as you have to have a pin small enough to fit in the hole! I had to use a paper clip as didn’t have a pen thin enough! I would be happier if the device came with a pin designed to do this so it is immediately possible!  I have used this a few times when attending doctor’s appointment.  Due to the Covid-19 situation I have not been out and about much. Used this when attending doctors appointments for my baby as the surgery do not allow buggies in the waiting room as they can obstruct disabled access so the product allowed me to lock it just inside the entrance. The foam cover on the lock effective during the short time I was able to use the product. For an item such as this, a 12 month guarantee is very reassuring as it is an item used for security and so you want to know it will last! The body of the lock looks and feels strong and high quality though the combination part feels cheap and looks as if it may rust over time!
The quality of it is good and it is an affordable product however I could probably get a bike lock or something to the same affect that would do the same thing for a similar price if not cheaper! I most liked that this product is small enough to fit in my changing bag but still strong and durable! I would not purchase this product as I am unlikely to need it often. The only time I will use it is when I visit the doctors or possibly restaurants when my baby is old enough to sit in high chairs! I would recommend this item to friends if it was something I felt that they personally would benefit from or need, however I would not say it is a must have product for all mothers! The product is fit for purpose and does what it says, is high quality and looks smart. However, I just cannot imagine there are many who would leave their pram unattended in an area where they would need the security of a lock in the first place. I personally would keep my pram with me at all times which is generally possible so I would struggle to find regular use for it! My overall experience with this product is good! I think this would be ideal for someone who regularly visits indoor play areas, swimming pools, restaurants etc with their child where there are sitting areas and waiting rooms that are relatively secure and just wanted a bit of extra reassurance. Unfortunately my baby is too young (12 weeks old) for any of those activities and due to the covid 19 situation these areas haven’t been open anyway! This could well be a product I come back to in a year or so when my baby is more active and love! Rhianydd Wray – Baby 3 Months

I would recommend as a lot of my friends have children and prams they love so it would definitely put them at ease when at baby centres. Brilliant product and  makes being a mummy that little bit easier!


Chantel Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Lock 5/5

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