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My Buggy Buddy Sunshade

A multi award winning sunshade that can be used on the pram, in the car and folds down nicely to be carried in a bag and for holidays.  This unique shade has won a top Baby and Nursery award as the best  travel product and is pretty ingenious. With a sun protection factor of UPF 50+ (the best you can get) it can be clipped on to the hood or frame of the pram to offer shade to the baby or toddler where its needed. Alternatively it can offer protection in the car window if clipped on the grab handle inside the car. One of our most popular sellers and a genuinely useful product. Independently safety tested. Available as plain black, with pink stars, blue stars, flowers and with the possibility of creating an individual shade with your own wording.


  • Folds for ease of travel and storage
  • Can be used on the buggy or in the car to offer sun protection
  • Offering UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Independently safety tested
  • UK and EU safety compliant
  • 12 months guarantee
Price £9.99 Available Hippychick and online

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My Buggy Buddy Sunshade Reviews

Product Tested By Ruth Tripp – Jesse & Otto 2 years & 3 Months

Ruth Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade 4.5/5

When the My Buggy Buddy Sunshade arrived it looked great in the packaging, it was really bright and eye catching. I loved how it came folded showing how compact it is and that it could easily fit in a standard sized changing bag. I thought it was great how it could be folded and unfolded really quickly and easily, how it was easy to carry around with it being small and lightweight and was suitable for a range of buggies. It can also be used in the car and anything else that you can clip it on to. The instructions were easy to understand and follow but the colour of them on the packaging (pink writing on yellow background) made it not so easy to read. Clear instructions were given on how to use it on the buggy, in the car and also how to fold it.  It was very easy to attach to our buggy, just clip it on where you need it to reach to block out the sun. We attached it to both the handle and the hoods of our buggies and it fitted well. We used the Buggy Buddy Sun Shade on the ABC Zoom double and also on a Maclaren stroller. we used the sun shade in the car, it was easy to find somewhere to attach it to but had to move so it didn’t restrict the drivers view. it kept our children well shaded and it was good to know that it was SPF 50 protection however our 2 year old had a tendency to keep grabbing it and moving it. sun protection is something we would look for when buying a sun shade so it put us at ease going out knowing that it would be protective from the sun’s harmful rays. We used this most days over the trial period and carried it in the changing bag so that we had it ready for when the sun was shining.  We used it on both the buggy and in the car as it was so easy to carry around and clip on to things. It was very easy to fold down to pop it in our changing bag so that we always had it handy. It is so light weight and compact that we didn’t worry about taking it everywhere with us. So far it has held up well being in frequent use and with being handled by a 2 year old. It folds up well but it would be interesting to know how many times it could be folded and unfolded before the product becomes damaged.  Very good value as it has good SPF rating, protects from the sun well and can be used on many buggies and in the car. I liked how it folded up small and could be clipped on to most things. I would buy this as it is a good quality product that held up well when we tested it. It is a great design and it was at a reasonable price. everywhere that we used it scored well. We found it really useful and would be happy recommending it. We really loved using the sun shade, we chose the cuddle monster design which looks great and is so bright and eye catching. It was so easy to use whenever and wherever the sun was shining. The clip and the flexible arm were strong and worked well even in the wind. The sun protection from the shade was good and provided a good amount of shade without restricting air flow and the child’s view. It was also easy to adjust and re-clip when moving about. Our 2 year old would have liked it more if there was a picture on the child side of the shade as he kept wanting to see the monster. We had a good time trying the sun shade using it both on the buggy and in the car. We found it really easy to use and to fold when not needed. We kept it with us in our changing bag and clipped it to different things when shade was needed as the clip was strong and the arm was flexible making it possible to move the position. It has provided great sun protection with a high SPF rating and is at a very reasonable price. We would be really happy continuing to use this shade and would buy it and recommend it to friends and family. Ruth Tripp – Jesse & Otto 2 years & 3 Months

Product Tested By Katie Ainslie – Eve & Rosie – 3 Years & 4 Weeks

Katie Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade 5/5

I thought this looked very good when it arrived. Good concept, easy to use and movable. instructions were straight forward. This was very easy to clip onto my buggy and I have the Maclaren stroller and a Silver Cross deluxe pram.  Very handy for the car. Saves blocking the window. This was very effective at protecting my baby from the sub as you can easily move it around. Definitely put my mind at rest knowing this sun shade benefits from UPF 50+ protection. Used this about 4 times. Mostly used this on the buggy but did use in the car. Very easy to fold and carry around. The quality seems very good. This is also really good value for money too. I really liked how easy it is to move around and easily folded and packed in bag when not in use. I would buy this as easy to store and moves with the sun. I would recommend as easy to store nice pattern, works well and good value. Really enjoyed using this very easy to fit and gives good protection and liked the patter and very good value. Katie Ainslie – Eve & Rosie – 3 Years & 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Cherrelle Moxam – Jada 18 Months

Cherrelle Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade 3.5/5

When I first received this product, I was extremely excited to try it as I thought the product is a great idea. It was actually an item I had intended to invest in for my pram, however just didn’t get round to getting to it. First impressions I found that the packaging was professional, vibrant and lightweight compared to other similar sunshades which made me feel very positive and have high hopes at the beginning. I felt that the concept of the My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade was very relevant for the current hot weather. It’s a great idea to provide additional shade for a young child whether they are in a pushchair or car seat to avoid sunlight in their eyes. It’s also a good cheap alternative to keep a child cool and shaded. I didn’t feel that the instructions were very detailed however once it had been taken out of the packaging it was quite simple to place onto the pram. It would’ve been useful if the instructions had more diagrams of where to place the sun shade when using on pram or in car. It clipped on very easily onto my buggy (Mothercare Journey Pram) where I was able to clip it onto the frame of the buggy. I could’ve placed it on the hood of the buggy however as I had the hood up for ultimate shade it was quite awkward to fold and clip it without exposing my child to more sunlight. I didn’t use it in the car, as my back windows are tinted so it wasn’t necessary to test here, unless a young child is at the front seat. If it was used in the car, I’m not 100% sure where it would be able to be clipped for it to be effective for front facing child. It seems more suited for prams or car seats for newborns that have the carrier handle. I would not say this was as effective as it could have been.  I had the pram hood up which proved to be more effective and stable. I placed the sun shade on the handle bar of the pram which shaded my daughter however I found it quite flimsy and could easily be moved if she touched it or by the wind. It would be more effective for a newborn or a lie-flat pram. Again I didn’t feel that my child was anymore protected with the Sun Shade as it was fairly flimsy once clipped onto my Mothercare Journey pram. I used it on the hottest day of the year so far which was a perfect day to trial the sun shader however it only shaded the top half of her and ideally, I wanted her completely shaded so used the pram hood as well which was more effective and stable. Once I had placed the Sun Shade on the pram frame it did keep moving due to the wind which was quite frustrating. I used this a few times. Only used this on my buggy. It was easy to fold and its extremely lightweight so I unclipped the Sunshade and placed it in the pram tray storage as it hardly took any space or weight. This was very convenient. The quality of the clip itself was good however the shader wasn’t so amazing. I have not given this full marks  just based on the fact that it wasn’t great in the breeze so had to be adjusted each time. When  I used it was extremely humid with a slight light breeze but even in this It kept moving, so on a windy day it would be a nightmare. It’s good value money for the retail price however I would’ve hope it would be slightly sturdier to handle light breeze at least. The clip part of the buggy buddy was extremely sturdy and flexible which I cannot fault. I liked the concept of the product but I just felt that it wasn’t as effective as it should’ve been. Although it is great that is lightweight I feel that having something more sturdy would’ve been better. Also the fact that is was so lightweight and reachable made it easy for my young child to reach and move. After testing this product I wouldn’t consider buying it just as I felt it didn’t do much or shade my child any more than the hood of the pram did. Although I am extremely grateful to be able to try this product, i was quite disappointed by it overall. Based on the experience that I had with it on my pushchair I wouldn’t recommend it to family and friends however I wouldn’t speak negative on it just as I’m sure it would be useful for someone else, however it just didn’t fulfil my specific needs or expectations. The concept of the sun shade is a great idea however the product didn’t do much and based on the fact that it would move a lot when there was a light breeze  was the main disappointment. The positive were that the clip can be placed in numerous parts of the pram and be made flexible to whatever position the baby is in. A negative is that you would have to keep moving it depending on the direction of the sunlight whilst with the pram hood my child would be covered more despite the time of day and angle. Overall I was generally disappointed with this product and don’t think I will be using it often for my current 18 month year old just as I found it didn’t add any value to the shade she can get if I put the pram hood up. Although the concept is great, I just felt the execution isn’t there and it wouldn’t stay in one place. I am optimistic as I’m expecting my second child in October 2020 would trial it with them as I think it would be more suited for a younger child that is lying flat in a pram and unable to reach for it. Cherrelle Moxam – Jada 18 Months



We had a good time trying the sun shade using it both on the buggy and in the car. We found it really easy to use and to fold when not needed. We kept it with us in our changing bag and clipped it to different things when shade was needed as the clip was strong and the arm was flexible making it possible to move the position. It has provided great sun protection with a high SPF rating and is at a very reasonable price. We would be really happy continuing to use this shade and would buy it and recommend it to friends and family.


Ruth Awarded The My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade 4.5/5

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