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My Magic Book

“All that is on the Earth, and the Earth too, the Moon and every planet to the end of universe, is my magic.
In the morning, the sun rises to warm me up.
The cow makes my milk.
The baker bakes the bread for me”.

A highly poetic picture book about the feeling of omnipotence that is typical of every child: the certainty that the world exists depending on you, becomes the belief you own the magic to create everything – the sun, milk, clouds, your cat, the voice that answers you when you call someone.

Suitable 3 Years Plus

Written by Gaia Guasti, Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani

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My Magic Book Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Cummins – Annabelle & Samuel – 7 & 4 Years

Sarah Awarded The My Magic Book 4.4/5

My first impressions of the book were good. It’s a nice size and the cover is colourful. The child on the front of the book looks appealing and it looked like it would be enjoyable to read. Both my children were eager to read the book. My 7 year old can read quite well and was intrigued by the title. My children enjoyed the story and the pictures. They listened quietly to the end and we have read the book several times. I don’t think either of my children really understood the concept of the story. My 7 year old told me that she didn’t really understand what it was about. I talked to her about the story and we came up with some ideas about what was meant by magic. I don’t think that this story changed my child’s opinion about how magic they are. I think it inspired my daughter to use her imagination and also to take a closer look at things that happen like the sunrise. The illustrations are lovely. Both my children enjoyed looking and taking about the pictures. They found them enjoyable and engaging. We have read this most nights since it arrived. My 7 year old adores reading and could read this alone so she has read it a lot. My son enjoys repeating the same stories so he has requested it for bed time. I think the story is quite soothing for bedtime. It talks about the child’s day right up to bed and I think that it helped with our sleep routine. My children enjoyed the pictures and talking about magic. The story is not too long or too short so they enjoyed listening to it and being able to repeat it. I think this is a nice story for 3+ my son is 4 and enjoyed the pictures and the story without really questioning it. My 7 year old wanted to understand what it was about and discuss but enjoyed reading it herself. I do think it is value for money as reading with your child is a great investment. The pictures are beautiful the story is soothing. It’s a nice story for a bedtime routine for a younger child. The book is well made and beautifully presented. The story is nice and my children enjoyed it. I like that my daughter wanted to think about the story. If we received it as a gift I would be pleased. I would buy this book. I like buying books for my children and we often read at bedtime. I would however be more likely to buy this for my 4 year old as my 7 year old is starting to enjoy books with chapters. I would recommend to people with young children looking for a nice story to read together. I am not giving this full marks as the story is a little confusing it did not make sense to my daughter. Although it was nice to talk about what we thought it meant she found it a little frustrating. However the pictures are beautiful and she has continued to read it multiple times. My son enjoyed listening and I found it helped him settle to sleep.  Over all the pictures are beautiful and the story is nice but it’s a little confusing for a child. I don’t think my child understood what it was about but she did enjoy thinking about it. My son was not bothered about what it meant and just enjoyed listening and looking at the pictures. Overall we have enjoyed reading the story. Sarah Cummins – Annabelle & Samuel – 7 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Rachel Kendall – Jacob 3 Years

Rachel Awarded The My Magic Book 4/5

The book was much larger than I expected, looked wonderful and brightly coloured. The front cover captivated my son’s  attention to read more. My little boy was super excited when I opened the package, we read it immediately! He enjoyed the story after some explanation and further discussion on each page. My little boy, at 3yrs old is still a little young to  fully “understand” the concept however it sparked further conversations surrounding the concept and topics to enable better understanding. The wording is minimal and open to interpretation which can be confusing for a child so further discussion is needed in my opinion. After reading this book he did feel eh could make things happen and grow. The illustrations are wonderfully presented however aren’t my “normal” cup of tea. They are everything they should be, interesting, brightly coloured and relatable to the book topic. We have read this book weekly since receiving it. I love the concept, it fills us with magic and gives the child a sense of omnipotence. You can make this book as magical as you wish by discussion and imagination. My son liked the size and illustrations. My little boy is 3yrs old and we had to have further topic related conversations to fully embrace and to understand, which in my opinion is how we should be reading and children leaning anyway. The books wording alone didn’t achieve this. I think it is a little pricey for an everyday book however it would make a lovely gift or special occasion book for a family who take the time to read. Being a hard back is brilliant however the inner pages are flimsier meaning they will eventually tear due to my boisterous 3yr old turning pages himself and reading on his own. Purely and age related flaw, this won’t happen as he ages. I’d definitely buy this as a gift, it would make a wonderful christening / birthday gift. We are a family of readers and I will definitely recommend the book. This book only loses one mark from me due to my personal choice on not being keen on the illustrations (however my son was) and the paper pages being liable to damage with younger children. The book and the concept is absolutely wonderful but I fear this will be lost to a non-imaginative audience. We read, discuss, imagine and embrace book topics and subjects to learn and develop however I am fully aware not all do and the wording alone is somewhat lacking. It does require imagination to draw the “magic” from the concept. Rachel Kendall – Jacob 3 Years

Product Tested By David East – Archie 4 Years

David Awarded The My Magic Book 3.5/5

The book looked nice and well made. The texture of the hardback book felt premium as you would expect for a book above £10. The front cover captivated my son’s attention and he was very interested to read the book. He did enjoy the story but we used it as the basis to make up other stories whilst going along. I don’t think he really understood the message that was trying to be conveyed in the book. At some points he was a little anxious particularly when the voice answers. No I don’t think after reading this book he felt he could make things happen and grow. But he was using his imagination to conjure up stories about the cat and the moon. I liked the illustrations. They seemed genuine and not overly processed. We would read this book once a week. I liked the concept of the book and the intended message. My son liked the story, and the ability to expand on it. It almost felt interactive. I do agree this is good for 3 years plus, however it did require additional explanation throughout. Whilst I think the intended message is good I don’t think it is necessarily delivered well enough for a child to understand. It almost come across very selfish by the wording. For me personally I do not feel this is good value.  I think the quality of the book is good but the content is lacking. I thought it was a nice quality book. I would not buy this as I don’t think it is value for money and the way the book conveys it’s message is not accurate to the authors intentions. I would not recommend as I feel it is too expensive and would encourage a child to enforce feelings of selfishness. The book physically is nice but the story misses it’s message and I don’t think the message it conveys to a child is appropriate when taking it on face value. With explanations from the parent it is passable. My son and I both likes the physical aspects of the book, the illustrations, and videos he ability to make some stories up about the characters but I think the story itself misses the mark and unfortunately has negative connotations. David East – Archie 4 Years

Over all the pictures are beautiful and the story is nice but it’s a little confusing for a child. I don’t think my child understood what it was about but she did enjoy thinking about it. My son was not bothered about what it meant and just enjoyed listening and looking at the pictures. Overall we have enjoyed reading the story.


Sarah Awarded The My Magic Book 4.4/5

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