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My Munchkin Hooded Bath Robe

My Munchkin Bathrobe is made of 100% pure organic cotton, its own beautiful design makes it unique & safe.
Designed in luxury white colour with elegant golden shades of bear footprints embroidery or frog prints and a large hood to keep them warm and snug. The bathrobe belt is fully sewed to the back of the bathrobe, preventing belt from coming loose so toddler won’t play or fall over it. 

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My Munchkin Hooded Bath Robe Reviews

Product Tested by: Amy Orisini – Francesco 23 Months

Product Tested By Amy Orisini – Francesco 23 Months

Amy Orisini Awarded the My Munchkin Hooded Organic Bath Robe 4.5/5

I really like how the belt is attached to the robe and it is also made from organic cotton. It looks and feels like a great quality product. I really like the design too; it’s a simple dressing gown in plain white cotton with subtle but lovely embroidery at the front. It’s also a unisex design. I think it is practical for Fran’s age; we tend to use it for bath time instead of a towel. The hood is good, this means no hair towel is required and I am very impressed that the belt is attached, as this makes it a lot safer and with no fuss! The fabric is said to be 100% organic cotton and does appear to be good quality, no complaints from Francesco! It looks very comfy and snugly! I have washed it on a bed/bath wash and it came out fine, no shrinkage from what I could see, nor did it otherwise compromise the quality /performance of the product. I think it is good value, initially it seems a lot but it would make a nice gift and would also be used often, we bath Francesco everyday so we would have got our moneys worth if we had bought it. Overall, a nice quality and practical garment that is worth the price tag. Amy Orisini – Francesco 23 Months

Product Tested By Emma Bell – Summer 18 Months

Emma Awarded the My Munchkin Hooded Organic Bathrobe 3/5

A neutral coloured dressing gown with a plain design. I thought the directed age is appropriate and the material is nice and thick, very well made. The colour is neutral and the embroidery is nice too, my little one seems comfortable enough when wearing the robe. We have washed it a few times already and it comes out nice, and stays soft. I do however think that the item is very overpriced and I personally don’t think it’s necessary for a youngster to have a bath robe as I prefer to dry her straight away with a towel. But is is a well made robe and if you’re into organic items and have money then it is worth buying. Emma Bell – Summer 18 Months

Product Tested By Ariel Orlando – Theone 20 Months  

Ariel Awarded the My Munchkin Hooded Organic Bath Robe 5/5

This looked gorgeous and felt lovely and soft and loved the fact it was Organice.  Great quality and very well made. This is a very simple robe style towel and was lovely to wrap Theone in this after her bath.  Kept her snug and dry. This has a lovely embroidered motif on the front and you can click online and choose from 2 designs.  These robes are ideal for boy or girl and would make a lovely gift. Certainly a practical item and Theone loved wearing her robe.  The hood is a good idea as helpt so keep their head dry.  The belt is actually secured to the robe so you cannot loose this and easy to tie safely and keep Theone snug and dry after her bath. Looks comfortable, easy to wash and care for.  Lovely soft cosy towel which Theone loved.  Good value for money and already purchased as gift for a friend. A high quality Organic and practical item that we have used every week and still looks as new. Ariel Orlando – Theone 20 Months  

Product Tested By Patricia Thorn – Louisa 20 Months

Patricia Awarded the My Munchkin Hooded Organic Bath Robe 5/5

I was really excited to receive this item to review as had been looking for a bath robe to take on our travels. this arrived well packaged and Organic.  It was so soft to touch just a real treat and when Louisa put it on she just loved it (we had Bear print design). This is a simple yet very ingenious design as the belt is swen onto the robe.  Great as no more loosing the belt when she gets out of the bath and she would not trip over this either.  A simple yet very effective little extra that makes all the difference.  We took this on holiday and it was great, really absorbent and kept her dry and cosy after a lovely night bath.  We also took this to the beach and was perfect to wrap Louisa up in comfort after getting out of the sea.  Plus Louisa now uses it as a dressing gown so has multiple uses.  The cotton is soft and kind to her skin, lovely Organic cotton (and we love organic items).  The design if fabulous, quality superb and not only used as a bath robe, now a favourite dressing gown.  The price is high, but then again the quality is excellent. Loads of friends have commented on this and would certainly recommend.  I just loved this and Louisa’s favourite now.  Also very easy to wash and comes up perfect every time.  A great investment, well worth the money and makes an adorable gift too.  For our next baby will certainly be purchasing from this company again.  Thank you was a joy to review.  Patricia Thorn – Louisa 20 Months


Overall, a nice quality and practical garment that is worth the price tag.


Amy Orisini – Francesco 23 Months

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