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My Potty Training Pack

The pack includes a beautifully illustrated book with George and Hollie on their Magic Potties, a Magic Reward Box for extra encouragement, Reward Chart and Stickers and so much more. Everything you need to Toilet/Potty Train your little one all in one box! A fun, consistent and stress-free programme to get your little ones out of nappies as soon as possible!

Potty training is a major milestone in your child’s life. It is not an easy process for both parent or child. Some children find it more challenging than others. The Potty Training Academy has created a comprehensive pack which includes all the essential elements to encourage & support your little one as they learn. Colourfully designed to capture their imagination, George & Hollie, our potty training friends, help put the FUN back into potty training. AND the whole family can get involved!!


  • The Animation – To actviate the animation, there is a code at the bottom of the Welcome letter from George and Hollie. Join George & Hollie as they take that first grown-up step using their very own special potties in this delightfully animation. The use of animated characters is an effective way of engaging toddlers. Taking the twins on a magical adventure, the story will encourage children on their own potty training journey. It gently addresses some of the concerns toddlers typically experience when toilet training such as wetting their clothes and using a potty when out and about. The animation includes a fun interactive quiz for the children and features Amanda Jenner’s Top Tips for Potty Training. Running time approx. 21 Minutes.
  • Magic Potty Training Reward Chart – This big, bright and colourful reward chart is specially designed to motivate & encourage your toddler every day of the week. The A2 chart is the perfect size for them to place their own special stickers on each day.
  • Reward Stickers – This series of colourful stickers, including the characters from the book and DVD, have been especially created to be used with the Magic Potty Reward Chart.
  • ‘George & Hollie and the Magic Potties’ Store Book – This beautifully illustrated book follows a similar storyline as the DVD. Follow George & Hollie as they embark on their own magical potty training adventure. Bright and colourful, it is the perfect accompaniment to the DVD and will delight and captivate toddlers with an enchanting story they can identify with.
  • Magic Reward Box – This pre-shaped cardboard box is easily assembled, with a special cut out at the top to allow access for the toddler to collect a surprise treat each time they successfully use the potty/toilet. Fill the box with your toddlers’ favourite things such as little toys, stickers or other treats of your choice. This unique box is a great addition to the My Potty Training Pack, especially when a little extra encouragement is needed.
  • Certificate – A colourful George & Hollie Recognition Certificate which can be awarded at the end of successful potty training.
  • Potty Training Programme – This is a comprehensive programme using the UK’s Potty Training Expert, Amanda Jenner’s guidelines. This booklet is packed with advice and tips to help you work through the potty training process.

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My Potty Training Pack Reviews

Product Tested By Jennie Roberts – Aleah 3 Years

Jennie Awarded The My Potty Training Pack 5/5

I thought it was good as it had a few different incentives included and a lovely book to read reinforce & encourage the little ones. I think it is a great concept as it encourages the child. The instructions were clear and simple to follow. The animation did help quite a bit as an added incentive. As it showed in a way a child could absorb, what to do. We definitely used this reward chart  and my child really enjoyed choosing stickers and placing them on the chart. She was excited to do this and see how many daily/weekly she received. My daughter did enjoy the book and this helped as a go book to reference if she was worried or had a setback. She remembered parts and was able to think back to remind herself. The illustrations are bright and bold. I think this is a lovely idea to reward the end achievement. My little girl was so proud and showed her certificate  off to anyone and everyone! I do think this helped to make potty training easier and more fun for all the family. It worked well in supporting and encouraging my daughter. It’s bold and bright features stood out and kept her focused whilst making it fun. My child really loved the sticker chart and choosing the stickers to go on it.  I liked the concept and the fact it helped and encouraged my little girl to be confident in her potty training journey. I saw an improvement straight away really. We were struggling previously but this kept her focused (and me!). Very good quality for the whole contents.  Yes!!!! I think this is well worth the money. The quality was brilliant. Great quality papers, thick so little ones don’t tear. If I need/needed support with potty training again I would definitely buy this product. I would recommend this product to friends and other parents as it really helped my child understand better what potty training was about. It encourages your child and includes several great incentives. Great quality and does the job it says it does. Great incentives for the child. Bold and bright illustrations. Clear instructions. Easy for the child to understand. Great value and quality for money. We had a brilliant experience with the potty training pack. It included everything we needed to achieve a successful potty training journey. Jennie Roberts – Aleah 3 Years

Product Tested By Lydia Beaton – Samuel 2 Years 5 Months

Lydia Awarded The My Potty Training Pack 4.2/5

I thought there was loads in the pack. I loved the design and characters, and thought there was a consistent style to the pack. The quick guide made it easy to work out what everything was pretty quickly. I like the idea of having support through the process. I have previously potty trained my daughter and just went with my instinct, rather than doing much research/reading. I like the idea of all the tips and information to be in one place and in print rather than on the internet! I also believe the visual and reward methods work well with children.  Instructions were clear and easy to digest. As mentioned, I like them being in printed form. I found the Magic Reward Box information quite confusing but once we started using it, the instructions became clearer. My son really enjoyed the animation, I think it was useful to introduce the concept. I don’t think it helped the actual training process as much as the other tools. The reward chart  worked really well for us. We followed the advice and put it in the kitchen when he could see it a lot. We tried to make a big deal to getting stickers. His sister got involved with awarding the stickers too and added encouragement which helped the process. We enjoyed reading the book before we kicked off the process, to give him and idea of what would happen. I think it went in a bit! I also found it useful for me to get the suggested terminology like ‘special pants’. Personally I think the recognition certificate is not necessary, and not as rewarding as the stickers. He’s a bit young to appreciate certificates. My 4 year old daughter is more appreciative of this kind of thing at her age. This did bring the fun back into potty training and helped everyone get involved. I have a four-year-old daughter, the pack was a great way to engage her in the process for my son too. She added encouragement and praise, which was so sweet. She also helped with the magic reward box and sticker chart. My son I would say liked the sticker chart. This was the most rewarding part for him and he still asks for stickers! I think the information and confidence it gives you in the process. It is nice to be able to follow one train of thought with the process. I have often found in parenting there are so many opinions and it can be confusing to know what to do. This gives you a guide to stick to and be confident in.  We didn’t start using it straight away as he was not ready for training, so it was more starting from scratch rather than improving. I think when we started using the pack we were able to get him out of nappies fully after around 5 days, and were pretty much free of accidents by day 10.  The resources were all good quality. The information seemed very well informed – with good ideas and suggestions.  Yes great value. I have paid a lot more for sleep training information!  No issues with the quality of the pack. We stored everything in the box and it retained its quality. Were it not for this trial, I would have bought it as a tool to train my son. I have no other children so can’t see myself buying it again, now we have gone through the process for him.  I would likely buy another if there was an equivalent but for just overnight dryness – my daughter, who is four and still wears nappies overnight. I would recommend for someone who just wants to be guided through the process. I think it is a useful and well thought through product. I thought the information was credible and reliable (a lot of that comes from Amanda’s profile) and it gave me confidence with the process. I think the potty training process went pretty smoothly for us, and I put much of that down to the fact I was following one train of thought and had some support useful tools. It was generally a very positive experience – as described with the points above. We didn’t use the magic reward box as much as the sticker chart. I don’t love the idea of gifts, as it could set a precedent with my son and be hard to stop. I had a similar experience with my daughter when we offered a treat every time she did a poo in the potty. Therefore we decided to just use the stars in the box and stickers.  I know the other range of products are listed and referred to in the pack. I am not sure I would buy these. I used a ‘Potette’ with my daughter and like it. I prefer the idea of disposable, biodegradable bags rather than a contained potty like the one in the range.  Lydia Beaton – Samuel 2 Years 5 Months

Product Tested By Caroline Davies – Layla 2 Years

Caroline Awarded The My Potty Training Pack 5/5

Branding was clear. Slimline. Was excited to open and discover everything inside. Although for a child it was a lot of paper and card. I think this would have been more useful with my first child. As Layla is my second we had learnt a lot the first time around but this would have been more useful then. I also found that the potty training bit is easier for wees than poos.  The instructions are very easy to follow and clear and graphic. They really enjoyed the animation. I’m not sure that it made much difference to their potty training though. Absolutely loved the reward chart. Super easy to use and effective. Story time was really fun and enjoyable it was nice to reference the story during the day when training. Very engaging. The George & Hollie recognition certificate was great although would have loved two certificates. The whole experience for all of us was very fun and very positive. Focus on reward rather than oh no you have had an accident. My daughter loved the reward chart and story. She loved the praise and pride in seeing the chart fill and enjoyed the story at bedtime. I loved it can be used as a gift to your child when they start potty training so they see it as positive and exciting and nothing to be feared. We noticed an improvement in potty training within a week of receiving this pack. Very good quality. Definitely great value for money. Everything was substantial and lasted well. I would buy this as I think it makes a really unique gift. Absolutely would highly recommend.  Fun positive family bonding activities. Caroline Davies – Layla 2 Years



I would recommend this product to friends and other parents as it really helped my child understand better what potty training was about. It encourages your child and includes several great incentives. Great quality and does the job it says it does. Great incentives for the child. Bold and bright illustrations. Clear instructions. Easy for the child to understand. Great value and quality for money. We had a brilliant experience with the potty training pack. It included everything we needed to achieve a successful potty training journey.


Jennie Awarded The My Potty Training Pack 5/5

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