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MyChelle skin peels  – Apple Brightening Peel – Deeply penetrates to refine texture and diminish discolouration from sun damage.Benefits: Vegan friendly, gluten free. Recommended for: Hyperpigmentation / Skin discolouration caused by harmful UVA & UVB sun exposure
Incredible Pumpkin Peel – Enzymatically rich therapy for deep stimulation and detoxification. Benefits: Vegetarian friendly, gluten free. Recommended for: All skin types
Fruit Fiesta Peel – MyChelle Intense formula with 7% Lactic Acid to support youthful collagen. Benefits: Vegan friendly, gluten free. Recommended for: Dry skin / Anti-aging concerns

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Prices start from £24.50 - £31.50 : available from Harrods, Whole Foods Market stores, nationwide

MyChelle’s Skin Peels Reviews

Product Tested by: Lauren Bradley

Product Tested By Lauren Bradley

Lauren Awarded The Mychelle’s Skin Peel 4.2/5

The box is very simple and looks expensive. I like the colour scheme. I received the Pumpkin peel. I reallylike the packaging. It looks very professional and expensive. Very easily applied. Slightly sticky. I found it quite sticky so not that easy to get off, also it does have a weird feeling when on. A bit heavy and gooey. Personally I did not like the aroma of this skin peel. I have very sensitive skin and had no problems with the product. I found that my spots cleared up, my skin felt fresh, invigorated and very clean. I did enjoy using this product. Although the sensation of having the product on wasn’t great, the effects were good. I have used this every day for a month (and have continued). I definitely noticed improvements in acne. Both existing and new breakouts. I do think it is very expensive and there are probably cheaper alternatives that are as effective. However, this has lasted along time and been very effective. I enjoyed using the product and it was effective, but just found the cost to be alittle high. Lauren Bradley

Product Tested By Elizabeth Dymed

Elizabeth Awarded The Mychelle’s Skin Peel 4.6/5

Loved the design and the tube. I had the Apple Brightening peel. The tube was stylish, looked expensive and love the colour. Very easy tube to use. This is so easy to apply and found it easy to put onto my skin and easy to remove. Good information on the packaging to help you understand how best to use this product. All skin peels feel a bit odd, but if they work then you know you have found the right product for your skin type. Liked the aroma. I did find this made my skin feel a lot healthier. I am sure it felt firmer, but the main thing is my skin felt fresh and revived and certainly felt better in myself. I have tried a lot of these masks and peels in my time and I do really like this one. I felt like my skin had been regenerated. I would use this twice a week and I still have quite a lot left. This is a high quality peel which has been effective for me. The price is high, but take into consideration I have been using for over a month and still ample left then I do believe this is a good investment. I will be purchasing this again and also had a look at the other peels available. I have also recommended to a few friends and my mother tried this and loved it so much she has purchased some recently. A really high quality skin peel that revitalised my skin and I really loved it. Elizabeth Dymed


Product Tested By Juliette Arundel

Juliette Awarded The Mychelle’s SkinPeel 4.5/5

Really liked the look of this when it arrived. Loved the stylish tube and the design. Very easy to use and store and ideal to take with you on vacation. I received the Fruit Fiesta peel.This was very easy to apply. Instructions were clear and applied this after cleansing my face. You are advised to do a skin test before applying which is always a good idea as everyone’s skin is different. Easy to put on and left for a few minutes and then just washed off with cool water. Made my face feel fresh and did have a slight tingling feeling but that was not unpleasant. I liked the fragrance and found this to be really effective. This made my skin feel really nice.  Not sure looked younger but my skin certainly looked in better condition. At my age I do use a lot of creams and potions to keep my skin looking good and this is one of the better face peels I have tried. It is expensive but you do not have to use much and it will last. I used this once a week and also took this on vacation with me to give my skin a boost. A very stylish, well-presented product and really effective and easy to use. I will be purchasing this again when this one has finished and would certainly recommend. I enjoyed using this product as had not heard of this company before. High quality, easy to use and made my skin feel lovely and soft and gave it a nice glow. Juliette Arundel

  This has lasted along time and been very effective.              


Lauren Awarded The Mychelle’s Skin Peel 4.2/5     

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