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Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD

Nadia Narian is the UK’s foremost expert on yoga in pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. She developed the pregnancy teacher-training programme at Triyoga and works as a certified pregnancy yoga teacher and assistant midwife.  Nadia has created this DVD, Pregnancy Yoga, based on her unique teachings to help women have a joyful and safe pregnancy. 

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Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD Reviews

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Tested By
Bethan Lloyd

Awarded The Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD 4.4/5

looked intriguing and was looking forward to trying out yoga for the first
time. I feel that there could have been a section either on the back of the DVD
box, or as an introduction to the DVD to show you how to do the exercises that
are included, and advise on what equipment might be useful. I thought overall
the content of the DVD was good, but from a novice point of view I thought
there could have been a tutorial to explain the best ways to do the exercises,
as I was unfamiliar with the different positions. Overall
I did enjoy doing the work out; I felt that as a complete new comer to Yoga the
exercises could have been explained beforehand.
I did feel a little unstable doing some of the exercises for the first
time as I was worried about slipping on the mat etc., but as I practised more
my confidence grew. I really enjoyed the
breathing exercises and felt very relaxed once I had completed this section of
the DVD, and feel that this part especially will help during labour. The exercises were fairly easy to follow – I
did get a bit lost at times as I have never practiced yoga before but after
doing the DVD a few times this did get easier. I liked the fact that you can go
straight to different sections of the DVD and it separates out the routines
out, so that you can do each section on their own, however the DVD still flows
well when played all the way through as a complete routine. I think the DVD was
of good quality, my only criticism would be that it would have been useful to
know about equipment needed to carry out some of the exercises e.g., a yoga
mat, a chair to lean on, and a folded towel or cushion to sit on. I think this
DVD is priced about right, I think someone that has had previous experience at
yoga might have followed the DVD a bit easier, but after a few goes I was
starting to get the hang of it. I would consider buying this DVD; I really
enjoyed the breathing techniques and exercises.
I do feel that it would have benefitted from a beginners guide to the
exercises at the beginning. I would recommend to friend/family but would advise
them first to watch the DVD before trying to do it as they go along, especially
if they have never tried yoga before. I think overall the product was produced
well and was fairly easy to follow. I
felt very relaxed at the end of the DVD and especially enjoyed feeling in touch
with my baby. I would have appreciated a
tutorial to explain the different positions before doing the exercises. I felt
relaxed and at one with my baby by the end of the DVD. Bethan Lloyd

Tested By
Azeezat Aboderin

Awarded The Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD 4/5

packaging was interesting, and I wondered if the instructor would be pregnant
in the video. The first time I used it I went straight to the exercises and
found myself confused, however after a while, I figured out that the "practices”
had more in depth explanation, I found that a bit easier to use. I liked
the sessions of yoga, but I found them to be quite challenging, and as I’m
getting further along in my pregnancy, I’m finding that 20 minutes of the yoga
sessions is a bit too much. Fortunately that’s the benefit of it being on a DVD,
i.e. you have the option to pause it, perhaps select ten minutes and finish
there for the day. The breathing
exercises were very useful, and I was surprised to say that the birth
affirmations were actually quite nice, and peaceful. Also I like that there was
an option for those with pelvic strain. I found this strenuous on some days,
and challenging, although that said they were invigorating too. Overall I would
say yes, as it does make you feel as though you’ve gotten your heart rate up a
bit, whilst at the same time leaving you feeling a bit more limber. I didn’t
see the option to turn off the music. I would have liked to have that option. Good
video quality, clear sound, and adequate lighting. The amount of content, and
variety on the DVD was quite a lot, and so consider it good value for the
price. I would consider buying it; however I feel the option for a couple of
shorter routines would be nice as well. I would recommend but perhaps to those
who are already in to yoga. A chance to get some exercise in, useful if you’re
housebound, and want to still try and be a bit active. Azeezat Aboderin

Tested By
Temitope Adeyera

Awarded The Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD 4.2/5

initial impression was that it was great that I could have pregnancy yoga come
to me at my home. I had been considering going to pregnancy yoga classes but
found that I didn’t really have the time due to work commitments. So being able
to do yoga at home was a fantastic alternative. At the opening credits of the
DVD it was suggested that one could split the exercises into 20 minute
segments, this helped me to plan a workout regime around my day. I found that
the exercises served their purpose in gently stretching my limbs. I loved that
although there were a lot of different positions to assume, they didn’t feel
strenuous and at the end of each exercise I felt well stretched. I found the
exercises very relaxing as well as Nadia’s soothing tone as she talked me
through them. My only criticism would be that it is assumed that the user is
familiar with Yoga and so the exercises were gone through at a fast pace. I
found that I had to watch the DVD a number of times before being able to keep
up with the pace of the exercises. I feel more physically prepared for the
delivery as well as more flexible. I also feel good that I was able to use the
DVD to take time out to think about my pregnancy and make positive affirmations
about my baby. As far as I am aware, there were very little options available. The
only option available was the ability to choose which exercise to begin with.
The background music was set at a default which couldn’t be changed and I feel
perhaps the DVD could have been split into 3 different levels: Beginner,
Intermediate and Advance. I though both the picture and sound quality of the
DVD was good. I also found the exercises to be effective and of good quality. I
feel the DVD definitely provides value for money. The exercises were quite
effective ad worth every penny. It would have cost me a lot more to attend a
yoga class! I enjoyed using this DVD; however should I wish to purchase a
pregnancy DVD I’d probably look for one that was a little more accommodating of
the fact that I am a beginner to yoga. One whereby I could track my progress by
starting from beginner and working my way up to advance. I would recommend this especially as it is
very affordable. A good DVD, which is definitely worth trying! I
really liked the fact the DVD focussed not just on preparing the physical body
but also taking time to meditate and become attuned with the baby, it did
however take me a little while to keep
up with the exercises as Nadia Narain ran through them a little too quickly.Temitope Adeyera

I felt relaxed and at one with my baby by the end of the DVD. 


Bethan Awarded The Nadia Narain’s ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ DVD 4.4/5

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