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Nad’s Warm Wax

Nad’s Natural Warm Wax is the vital ingredient for an irresistibly smooth body. With the fruitilicious fragrance of Sangria, cleansing Orange Blossom and soothing Red Grape extracts. Dermatalogically tested, so it’s safe for sensitive skin. Removes hair by the roots, therefore leaving you smooth for up to 8 weeks.

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£ Available to purchase online www.nads.co.uk

Nad’s Warm Wax Reviews

Product Tested by: Lesley Pickford – Baby Olivia 9 Months

Product Tested By Lesley Pickford – Baby Olivia 9 Months

Lesley Awarded the Nad’s Warn Wax 4.7/5

The Wax is very neatly packaged and it’s very simple and quick to warm it in the microwave in its own container. The wax went on smoothly and easily and smelled really nice on the skin. I found that the wax gave really good hair removal, and my legs have been smooth for weeks! It was a tiny bit messy but no more than expected. I think it offers great value for money and I will continue to use it and recommend to others too. It’s simple, effective hair removal in the comfort of your own home. Lesley Pickford – Baby Olivia 9 Months

Product Tested By Nelam White – Dillon 3 Years

Nelam Awarded the Nad’s Warm Wax 3.7/5

I thought the wax was really nicely packaged, and although I have never used wax before I was willing to test it out. I found it easy to follow the instructions to set the product up but because I have never used wax before I did get into a bit of a muddle and some of the wax was on my hands. After using, I found it really effective at hair removal but it only lasted me two weeks then the hair started to grow back, I personally find it easier to shave because it is quicker to maintain on a daily basis. I don’t think its very good value for money; I did see it in Sainsbury’s and thought it was very expensive! The wax was effective and it definitely works but I think it’s more for the experienced person who doesn’t mind waxing for an hour in comparison to a 15 minute shave. Nelam White – Dillon 3 Years

Product Tested By Kirsty Buttle – Rhianydd & Sienna Ages 2 & 1 Years

Kirsty Awarded the Nad’s Warn Wax 3.5/5

It looks professional, good quality and appealing. The wax was extremely easy to prepare. Just a few seconds in the microwave and it’s done. The wax was generally very easy to apply but as it starts to cool down it gets a bit more difficult and then just starts sticking to everything so you need to reheat it at that point or do it quicker. The wax was reasonably effective (as in it did remove a lot of the hairs) but due to the length of time it was taking and the wax cooling so needing reheating, I ended up completing the waxing over 2 evenings and then got a bit fed up that it didn’t seem to be getting the last of my hairs so I gave up and finished off with a shave. It was mainly mess free but I did find that as the wax starts to get cooler and therefore firmer I somehow kept ending up with it on the application spatula and then on my hands so started to get a bit messy. Some people may find this good value for money if it works well for them and gives them a good few weeks being hair free but personally I prefer a razor and shaving foam and this product does not seem to be much better or worse value wise which is why I’m giving it a middle range score. I possibly would recommend this product to a friend if they had already tried waxing and knew they weren’t prone to ingrown hairs but I would be hesitant of recommending this product to anyone else as I wouldn’t want it on my shoulders that they get all of the discomfort that I had. It was time consuming and educational as I got to do lots of research on remedies for ingrown hairs! Kirsty Buttle – Rhianydd & Sienna Ages 2 & 1 Years

It’s simple, effective hair removal in the comfort of your own home


Lesley Awarded the Nad’s Warn Wax 4.7/5

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