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Najell Easy Soft Baby Carrier

Carry your baby from newborn up to 18 months (or 7,05lbs – 2st). No extra fuss and 100 % focus on easy, lightweight and comfortable ergonomic carrying for you and your baby.

Easy to use with one hand fastening and no extra settings
Lightweight and easy to bring, weighs only 550 grams
Ergonomic carrying in three different positions
With the matching teething pad, your Najell Easy stays fresh and clean even longer between washes. If you need to protect your baby from the sun, the sleeping hood is a good addition.

Najell Easy Soft is made out of jersey fabric, with an inner lining in breathable air mesh. Cool and comfortable for you to wear. Soft and cosy for the baby.

Recommended as a hip healthy carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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Price from £109 – £119 Available to purchase online

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Najell Easy Soft Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested By Zerin Watkins – Caelan 9 Months

Zerin Awarded The Najell Easy Baby Carrier 5/5

When this arrived it looked comfy, strong and was packaged well. Loved the extras. The magnetic bits on the straps were amazing and easy to use. Instructions easy to follow and easy to understand. I struggled with all other baby carriers I have used but this was so very easy to put on. This was very easy to put on with one hand as well as making sure baby is kept safe. I found it very easy to pop little one in this and they always looked very comfy. Once my baby was in this carrier I always thought baby looked very comfy and very safe. The teething pad was very helpful and effective. The sleeping hood was also easy to use and very effective. I am not breastfeeding so did not use this carrier for this. Having this carrier meant I could get on with daily tasks around the house hands free. I use this every day. I use at home and when out and about. This carrier is very lightweight easy to pack and definitely ideal to take on holiday. I loved the magnetic bits on the straps so it was easy to do up and undo with one hand. I do agree this can be used for newborn upwards it’s safe easy to wear and the children would be comfy. This was very easy to launder. Nice colour and the quality was amazing. I think this product is definitely worth the money and if I didn’t get one to test I would of most probably looked into buying one. I would buy this as very comfy, good quality, lovely colour. I would recommend as the quality of this item was better than any other baby carriers I have had previously. This carrier is excellent quality, lightweight, lovely colour and so comfy to wear. Zerin Watkins – Caelan 9 Months

Product Tested By Natalie Hill – Lola 9 Months

Natalie Awarded The Najell Easy Baby Carrier 5/5

It was a bit of a hassle with postage and turning up without the postage being paid. The box was very ripped and squashed and the carrier was exposed. It was as in perfect condition still though and the dribble bib attachment and sun shade were well packaged too. Brilliant idea and perfect that it lasts and grows with the child. Instructions easy to follow and learn how to wear the carrier for inwards and outwards facing. This was super easy to put on. Can do it on my own and get my baby in as well. It is really easy to use with 1 hand. I can imagine it being slightly more tricky with a newborn who needs their head supporting but it’s still super easy. It was easy to place my baby in the carrier in very quick times. Once baby was in this very confident safe and secure. The material is so soft and comfortable and my baby felt really secure. The teething pad this comes with is amazing. With my old Carrier my eldest used to suck the front of it and this would then rest against her face. This doesn’t happen with this one because the teething pad is there and it’s super absorbent. It might be handy to have 2 of these so it can be swapped over when the first one gets too wet. I didn’t use the sleeping hood due to my baby being older and going in the carrier forward facing. It’s good to have both hands free with having a 4 year old as well. On the days when my baby is just super clingy and doesn’t want to be put down this is a life saver. I mostly used it on trips out where it’s not possible to take the pram like to the beach, on nature walks with uneven pathways and just when I don’t want to get the whole pram out if I’m just popping in a few shops. It was really handy at the pumpkin patch to avoid the pram getting really muddy. Most definitely ideal to pack awayt and take on your travels and on holiday. I loved the soft material and how comfy it was to wear. My baby is quite big now and I was able to wear it for 2+ hours without it hurting my shoulders or back. It feels really supportive and she is super happy and content when she’s in it. I just wish I had it from when she was a newborn to try out the inward facing way. I think this would be ideal for newborn upwards as it is really soft and I think a newborn would be secure and comfortable. I haven’t laundered this yet. It’s so well made and feels sturdy yet soft and finished to a high standard. I think the carrier itself is well priced but the teething pad and sunshade seem expensive for what they are. I think these should be about half of the price they are. This way people could afford to buy a couple of teething pads and change them more frequently. I would buy this. I would definitely recommend people to buy for use from a baby being newborn. I would also recommend because of its soft and comfortable material and baby feels so safe and secure, it’s so easy to get them in and out on your own as well. I was so happy to receive such a lovely, well designed and high quality item. It is a beautiful colour and the material is unlike other baby carriers as it’s so soft and comfortable both for me to wear and my baby to be in. It’s easy to get baby in and out quickly and on your own too. My last carrier I had for my eldest daughter, I felt like I needed about 4 hands to get her in safely but that’s not the case with this one. The sun shade would be really useful with newborns and inward facing babies and the teething pad is an amazing idea. Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely product to review. Natalie Hill – Lola 9 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Winser-Ramm – Georgy 1 Year 5 Months

Fiona Awarded The Najell Easy Baby Carrier 4/5

We had The Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier when Georgy was a young baby (which we rated) and this carrier seems much more solidly built than that. The colour is attractive and the straps/buckles are substantial. The different ways of wearing your baby (Front facing in, front facing out, on the back) isn’t necessarily ground breaking for baby carriers, however the concept of not having to make lots of adjustments to the carrier is something we’ve never seen before and seemed quite impressive when we first looked at it. As you will expect for a baby carrier which purports to not needing any adjustment regardless of the position the baby is in the carrier, the instructions were concise, straightforward and very clear. Because of the age of Georgy we were using it with him on the back. The instructions almost seemed a bit too short on first reading, but once you put the carrier on everything becomes clear. The carrier was super easy to put on. The fact that there are continuous straps for the wearer that run all the way down the length of the carrier (without having to put the baby in first) is something we haven’t seen before. Adjusting the waist belt was easy to do with the long straps, which isn’t always easy with other baby carriers, so was quite convenient. Using with one hand fastening was effective as expected. The big green tabs on the magnetic clips made it super easy to take straps off and put back on. With the baby carrier we had when Georgy was younger, this was sometimes very fiddly, but these were a breeze. Georgy was challenging to place in the carrier as this is where things came unstuck for us somewhat. We were actually quite excited about receiving this carrier as one of the issues that we have with Georgy is that he is a baby who is off the growth charts for his size relevant to his age (to give you some kind of indication he is in nearly 3-year-old clothing for some of the stuff he wears at just under 16 months old), and one of the problems we had with our first baby carrier was that we reached the limit of how much we could carry Georgy in it quite early because of his size. That carrier worked by having the shoulder straps running under his armpit (in the back carrying position) so that his torso was free, but the problem with that was that he was very unstable. So we were hoping that with the straps running over his shoulders in the back carrying position that this would be more supportive. The problem is with the baby his size that he is quite tightly fit into the carrier went in the back carrying position and (unless we were missing something about the fitting/adjustment) we struggled to get the straps securely over his shoulders. If we go onto have more children there is every chance this carrier will be super useful for our children at younger ages and (providing our future children don’t grow as massive as Georgy) hopefully more useful once they reach the back carry stage. We did not really get the chance to use the teething pad but I would imagine this would be effective. We did not get the chance to use the sleeping hood but could see from the design however that it would probably be quite effective. Used it to try an fit to Georgy a couple of times but not with any success/confidence. We can totally see that this is a very convenient lightweight carrier. It rolls up tightly to a tube size of about 12 inches long by 5 inches thick which is very convenient for putting in a case for going away. Despite the difficulties in actually getting our baby into it, the full length straps that were separate to the baby compartment were comfortable to put on, and we could see how these would be very supportive in terms of both, getting the baby into the carrier and then the comfort of wearing a carrier with the baby in. We can see that this will be ideal to use from newborn. It seems pretty similar (in terms of the different carrying styles) to other carriers, so should work just fine for newborns. We didn’t launder it, but we could see it should be fairly straightforward. There isn’t any loose pieces that would come off the carrier and the material is very lightweight so should dry quickly and easily. Quality seemed exceptional. Material is stylish and appears to be hard wearing. The buckles and straps are robust. It’s difficult to fully comment on this given our situation, but we can see the benefits for younger/small children and look forward to trying this again in the future with any other children we may have, hence the rating. We would buy this. At the very least, it works like most of the carriers on the market and the quality is good. Possibly wouldn’t recommend it right now, but if we use it again in the future and it meets the expectations we have for it, there’s every chance we would. Despite the difficulties in fitting our child in it, we can see this as a product of high quality and ease of use. Putting it on prior to fitting a child in it was very comfortable and we have every confidence that would be ideal for children at younger ages or smaller sizes than the one we have now. Fiona Winser-Ramm – Georgy 1 Year 5 Months

I would buy this as very comfy, good quality, lovely colour. I would recommend as the quality of this item was better than any other baby carriers I have had previously. This carrier is excellent quality, lightweight, lovely colour and so comfy to wear.


Zerin Awarded The Najell Easy Baby Carrier 5/5

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