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Naked Be Soft Hand & Body Lotion

Naked is a range of beauty products crammed with gorgeous high quality botanical extracts and made from at least 97% plant and mineral derived ingredients. We use as few artificial additives as possible so that all that lovely goodness going into your skin isn’t spoiled in any way.


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£3.91 250ml Pump Dispenser - Available to purchase online or Available in Larger Boots Stores

Naked Be Soft Hand & Body Lotion Reviews

Product Tested by: Jerry Albany – Archie & Francis Aged 10 & 12 Years

Product Tested By Jerry Albany – Archie & Francis Aged 10 & 12 Years

Jerry Awarded The Naked Be Soft Hand & Body Lotion  4.5/5

When this first arrived was in a simple pump action tub, and looked like many other creams on the market.  I had never heard of this brand before so was intrigued to check out website.  A cheeky website, lots of info & you can follow them on Facebook.   Lots of products to view and easy to navigate.  Although when I clicked onto the hand & body lotion would have liked to read more information about this product.  Liked the fact it was a natural product. Came in a pump action dispenser so very easy to get lotion out and correct quantity.  Only problem was when lotion was low very hard to get out the last bit!  Easy to apply and at first felt like it left a layer behind and took a while to sink in.  However, after using it every day I must admit I am a convert it is gorgeous. Kept my skin smooth, soft and smelling gorgeous (well so hubby said).  I loved this and Francis would sneak in and use so thumbs up from both of us.  Design of bottle was simple and basic, nothing fancy.  Great value for money as a little goes a long way.   I am a Naked convert, and have already recommended to everyone.  Had never heard of this brand and absolutely love it.  The only suggestion would be to supply in pot so you can get the last bit out!!  Absolutely brilliant and worked wonders.  Just lost half mark for pump action bottle, otherwise could not fault this product.  Jerry Albany – Archie & Francis Aged 10- & 12 Years

Product Tested By Anna Brame – Mum To Be

Anna Awarded The Naked Be Soft Hand & Body Lotion  5/5

Checked out the website and was informative and easy to navigate. Liked the look of this product and good to know it is natural. Came in a pump dispenser bottle, and easy to dispense and did not get clogged. The lotion would absorb reasonably quickly. While using this lotion skin has stayed soft.  Used once daily. Would usually buy any that were on offer.  As I am expecting my first baby only used this lotion on myself. Design of bottle is ideal for purpose.  Good value for money and would buy if available locally to me.  Although you can purchase online.  Great product, easy to apply and use and leaves skin soft.  Anna Brame – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Carolann Burden – Daughter Tayla

Carolann Awarded The Naked Be Soft Hand & Body Lotion 5/5

First impression, loved the look and loved the name. Tayla and I love natural things anyway, Tayla uses natural make up so she would defo love this website, which is easy to use and navigate and lots of great products on offer.   This is natural which we love, easy to use and not gloopy.  The dispenser made it very easy to apply (lot better than some other leading brands).  This kept my hands very soft.  I work in the kitchen so my hands are in and out of water all the time and this was amazing.   When you apply this soaks in virtually straight away.  I used this every day as a hand cream.   Design of bottle was good and did not come out too quick.   Good value for money and leaves your skin feeling soft and it has a lovely fragrance.  A brilliant product that ticked all the boxes.  Carolann Burden – Daughter Tayla

Absolutely brilliant and worked wonders.


Jerry Awarded The Naked Be Soft Hand & Body Lotion 4.5/5

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