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Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp Bottle

Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp Bottle 350ml  –  Nalgenes new bottle – for little extreme adventurers. Made from Eastman Tritan copolyester without BPA. Made in USA Side indents are easy for tiny hands to grasp Rubberised lid and smooth plastic mouthpiece make drinking comfortable Superior threading on cup and lid is engineered to prevent spills Dishwasher safe but keep away from element Lid loop can be clipped to backpack, nappy bag or pram Printed graduations
BPA Free

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Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp Bottle Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Osborne – Ted 2 Years

Product Tested By Julie Osborne – Ted 2 Years

Julie AwardedThe Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp Bottle 5/5

I loved this at first glance. Great size, great colour and sturdy design. Instructions were inside the cup, no unnecessary packaging or waste – it was simple and easy to assemble and use. This is the first‘non-spill’ cup we have used which  A) has genuinely been non spill (can carry around in a bag all day)  and  B) Ted can drink out of easily (previously he has struggled to drink from cups that are non spill. But he loves this one). Cup lid is perfect. Easy to keep clean, sturdy and non-spill. Really easy to use, easy to clean and still looks new after very regular use! The cup is quite large in comparison with other brands. I found this really useful for day trips and car journeys. So it does take up more storage space than an average beaker – but well worth it. Really easy to remove the lid, to clean it and reassemble it. Very easy to clean. The non-spill is excellent. I would buy another one for this price. I like the size of the cup; it is more like a flask which is quite unusual for a toddler cup. It’s still easy for him to manage and carry around, he calls it his ‘big boy drink’ and it’s great for days out – fewer refills necessary! It’s the best cup we’ve had for Ted. I recommend it to everyone already. Easy to use, great size, non-spill and looks good too! Julie Osborne – Ted 2 Years


Product Tested By Beverley Jones – Lorraine 3 Years

Beverley Awarded The Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp Bottle 5/5

This looked very stylish and certainly looked of the highest quality. Loved the design and the colour. Came well packaged. Instructions very easy to follow.Very easy to assemble. Loved the fact that is was non-spill and really loved the funky design. So easy for Lorraine to hold. We have taken this out with us daily and never any spills, which has been great. Lorraine found this nice to hold and very easy to drink from. No problems at all. The cup lid is really good idea. This is easy to keep clean and really is of very high quality. It has been dropped, thrown and still looks brilliant. I love this cup. Good size and holds lots of juice for Lorraine. Takes up same amount of space in our cupboards as other bottles, but this is a really good bottle and we just love it. Very easy to assemble, clean and put back together again. It holds a good amount of fluid which has been great for travel, trips out as I did not have to keep refilling it. I was unsure when this first arrived as thought ‘Just another bottle’. I have never been onto the Nalgene website before but I will be going back to check out other products. This is a superb bottle, easy to use, easy to transport, does not leak, holds lots of fluids and we all just love it. I have already purchased another one for my nephew and been telling everyone how good this is. Superb quality, well worth the money as you will be using this for a long time as so well made. Thank you we just love it. Beverley Jones – Lorraine 3 years

Product Tested By Kim Smith – Luke & Ben 3 & 1 Year

Kim Awarded The Nalgene Grip ‘n  Gulp Bottle 4.2/5

Very sturdy looking, nice design, good size and no needless packaging. The Cup has no needless packaging and is very easy to use, there is little instruction needed to use this product. Cup is very sturdy as my one year old has thrown it about the place and not only was it intact but there was no spillage. The lid is a good size to grip and the rubber is a great idea. The rubber on the lid makes it easier to open and close and is a good size to get hold of. Good width thought it could do with being just slightly longer. My 3yr old found it a bit harder to suck than my 1yr old though! You can’t stack it as such but it does not take up much space in the cupboard.  Depending on the size of your cups you can always place it inside a cup in the cupboard. The rubber on the lid makes it very easy to open and close. The indents in the bottle for gripping are a good idea. The bottle is very easy to clean (I use a bottle brush) the lid needs more cleaning but the fact that you can remove the rubber insert makes it easier. The cup is great as a non spill cup.  My 1yr old just throws his cup on the ground when he is finished. Other Cups still leak a little bit but this one did not. This is a great cup and I would buy it for use in the house. To make it better for travel I would like to see some kind of drinking spout cover. Not found many faults with this cup other than a cover for the drinking spout might be handy. Love how non spill it is even though my older child finds it a bit harder work to suck. Perfect for my 1yr old as he can hold it great and when he shakes it about there is no or very little leakage. I would recommend as it is great for toddlers who are always on the go and carry or throw their cups about. This is a great cup for my youngest who likes to test it to its limits, but my 3yr old likes more free flowing cups. Kim Smith – Luke & Ben 3 & 1 year


It’s the best cup we’ve had for Ted. I recommend it to everyone already. Easyto use, great size, non-spill and looks good too!                


Julie Awarded The Nalgene Grip ‘n Gulp Cup 5/5     

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