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Nanit Pro Camera

The new 1080p Nanit Pro Camera gives you a crystal clear overhead view of your baby’s crib, day or night. Get peace of mind without any electronics in or around the crib using the included Nanit Breathing Band (Size Small). Sleep tracking and personalized tips help you get more sleep for the whole family, and a built-in digital baby book captures your baby’s greatest hits along the way.

Suitable from newborn through to 2 years

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Price £299.00 Available, Amazon, John Lewis, Mamas and Papas, Huggle

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Nanit Pro Camera Reviews

Product Tested By Jade Brooks – Olivia and Elsie 3 Months

Jade Awarded The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor 5/5

The monitor was well packaged. When opening, all the parts were protected by polystyrene to ensure that no parts were broke in transit. The parts are easy to put back into the packaging so that you are able to transport the monitor carefully without risking breaking any of the parts. Before the monitor arrived, we researched the different functions of the monitor. What impressed us the most was the ability to track the babies sleep over a period of time and the quality of the picture. From having used other monitors in the past, the picture and sound quality can be quite poor. We were sceptical at first of using our phones and Wi-Fi to monitor the babies but the network is secure and to view the babies, you have to be invited and accepted to be part of the ‘group’. The design of the monitor is sleek and looks good in a room. As we had already designed the layout of our nursery before the monitor arrived, the beds needed to be rearranged so that these were against a wall. The stand is great to use when travelling but is quite bulky for prolonged use in a house. Ensuring your cot is length ways against a wall ensures you receive the best coverage from the monitor without needing to have the stand in the middle of your room. This should be considered before purchasing the monitor if you want to gain all of the benefits from it. The instructions that were in the box were minimal however, when you download the app the step by step instructions are comprehensive and straightforward. They support you in setting up the stand or wall mount and also positioning your camera to ensure optimal viewing of the cot and ensuring the parent area is covered. Originally, we put the stand up to hold the monitor as our cot was not positioned against a wall. The stand took up a lot of the room and we realised having the cot against the wall would be required. We then set up the wall mount which was more visual appealing in the room and practical to move around the room. As a result, set up time was longer. However, each time the process is quick and simple. Therefore, being aware of this beforehand will ensure that you are able to set this up quickly and easily. The picture quality is excellent and provides a far clearer picture than any other monitor we have used in the past. On the app, you are provided with support to position the camera to ensure the best position to see the cot. This function is really useful. Because the camera is positioned over the cot, you are able to see the whole area as opposed to a lot of monitors that are positioned near to the cot. This is the first time we have used a breathing guide and it provided excellent reassurance. As babies breathe very lightly, it is sometimes hard to see whether they are breathing without touching and disturbing them. The band eliminates this need. Having this also connected to your phone with notifications means you can be away from the baby and doing jobs within the house without feeling the anxiety of constantly checking on them to ensure they are ok. Particularly when babies are younger and are just beginning to nap in their nursery on their own, this function is great to give you piece of mind. The girls have enjoyed white noise from birth so seeing that the monitor had this function was great. What’s really good is that you can put the noise on a timer of 30 or 60 minutes or what we liked even better was when they started to stir, we could remotely put the noise on to resettle them without having to go into their room through the app on our phone. With the recent hot weather we have just had, it was great to be able to see how hot the room was. This also helped to know what the dress the girls in to sleep comfortably. The temperature and breathing band helped to give peace of mind that the girls were sleeping safely. This was a great function to be able to add a small amount of lighting to the room to collect one of the girls when they woke without waking the other with a light that was too bright. When the girls begin to sleep in their own room overnight, this will be great to add a small amount of light without the room being too bright. We had originally wanted to buy a dimmer switch for the main light but this function of the camera provides a nice warming light to help children to sleep and provide enough light to see the babies in the night. This function of the app we have only just begun to use but we are really excited to visually capture the twins development. This is something that is very unique to the monitor. The picture quality means the pictures and videos you can capture are clear to see. A lot of monitors have very small screens and unclear picture qualities which makes this a great function of the monitor. The multi stand is great to use and can be used to position the camera in different ways. We have used the multi stand whilst the babies have been asleep downstairs meaning you are able to do jobs around the house whilst the babies nap. The multi stand is very easy to set up and use. Again, this is great to capture pictures of the children whilst they play/sleep. Because we have only been using this monitor for the babies naps, we haven’t used this function of the app to its intended purpose. However, already we are able to spot patterns in the babies sleep and it is supporting us to build a good sleep routine into the babies day as we are able to see when they typically sleep and how long for. This is a great function as you quickly forget when milestones happen for example, when did they start sleeping through. This enables you to store, save and look back on these developments and milestones, something that is normally lost with a typical monitor. This is a fantastic aspect and something we knew about but it reality, is even better. Documenting milestones is fantastic for you to look back on and your baby. Tracking babies growth is also a fantastic tool as this is something that can only usually be done by visiting the health visitor. This saves time which is precious with babies. This is definitely part of the app which we will use for a number of years. The coverage on the monitor is fantastic as it is connected to your bank Wi-Fi. In our house, we have good Wi-Fi connection, however, this could be difficult in a house with limited Wi-Fi. Once you have read the instructions, there is a function that keeps the monitor sound playing whilst your phone is locked. This gave us added piece of mind that the babies were happy. If not connected to Wi-Fi, this can use a lot of your data. A lot of places now have Wi-Fi connectivity so even when visiting other places, the app should be able to be used using the Wi-Fi. The app also allows you to check in on the babies whilst you are out. This was a function I really liked as I could see the girls were still napping whilst relatives were looking after them. With most monitors, there is only one screen able to be idea, however, the app allows multiple people to connect meaning parents don’t need to be near the same monitor at the same time. This really helps with a busy family life. Community forums are great to bring parents together. When invited to the Nanit community, I read a lot of the forums and the advice given on them. We are currently using the monitor for the babies daytime naps and we will soon be introducing the babies to their nursery to sleep at night. This does not overwhelm me as we now have peace of mind with this app and monitor and know that it can be relied on to notify us if the babies wake or need us during the night. The monitor is mainly used in the babies nursery but is very easily transportable around the house. This gave us great peace of mind. The camera has fantastic motion and sound detector and alerts you to all needs. It is also great that the camera can be viewed from multiple apps. The best function of the monitor is that it can be viewed in an app on your phone. The function we were a little sceptical about. The app is safe and secure and provides a wider range of features that a normal monitor is unable to provide. Saving milestones is fantastic and allows you to track the progress of the babies sleep and show you that improvements are happening. The quality of the stand, camera and app are fantastic. The designers have thought about what parents need and how to make life simple for them when it is so busy. The monitor goes beyond being able to ‘watch’ a baby sleep but allows you to capture special moments. Although at face value the monitor seems expensive compared to other monitors on the market, this monitor provides a variety of other features that the other monitors are not able to. A key thing being the use of the app and tracking and capturing the babies development. Because of this, the price you pay is good value for money for all the added benefits the monitor provides. I would buy this as the monitor provides an excellent picture quality during both the day and night. It enables more than one person to be able to view the camera which many monitors are unable to do. I would recommend.  Although the price may seem expensive this provides excellent reassurance whilst your baby sleeps, a price anyone would be willing to make. We have spoken to many people already about the hidden features of this monitor, particularly new parents who are about to start the journey of their babies sleeping in their own rooms. The monitor is definitely worth the marketed price. It has a fantastic picture and sound quality, allows you to track development and share milestones with family members. The app brings everyone together. Excellent picture and sound quality to zoom in on babies to know when they need resettling or whether they are able to settle themselves. Multiple users can view the camera so both parents can quickly respond if in different rooms. Track and record key milestones and spot patterns in babies sleep. Notifications of movement and saved videos so that you can play these back in the morning and see how your baby was throughout the nap/night. Great light on the monitor to provide subtle lighting in the room offering reassurance to babies and supporting parents to settle baby in the night. Variety of sounds that can be put on a timer or quickly put on to resettle the baby. Jade Brooks – Olivia and Elsie 3 Months

Product Tested By Emma Henbrey – Harriet 6 Months

Emma Awarded The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor 4.8/5

This looked very professional when it arrived.  The instructions were really easy with step by step instructions to follow.  Amazing concept really love it.  The design is lovely. Very easy to set up and I managed to do this myself without asking the hubby for help.  We had a clear picture at all times when Harriet was in her crib. The Nanit breathing band was definitely a great aspect as it gave us massive peace of mind.  Our baby was 4 weeks early so I still worried every night  this helped me get sleep. She wasn’t over keen on the white noise sometimes but others it helped her fall asleep. The temperature and humidity feature was very effective and perfect way for us to check how hot it was. The night light was amazing and worked well to see her in the night if she needed her dummy. Just love the digital baby book feature. It also shows how much she has changed. We have not take the Multi-stand away with us yet  but do use it on the Alexa downstairs when she’s napping upstairs. Loved the build in sleep coach.  It shows me how much of a fidget she is! But how she also can help herself to sleep and also how I can help her sleep better. Definitely agree this monitor is ideal to keep track of your baby’s growth through to toddler years.  I am so glad I got to use this. This deliver’s super coverage and the fact I can look in on her whenever I want too is great. I must admit I did not link up to the Nanit community but will look into this. We use this every night. This is positioned above her crib. She sleeps all night now and I think having this great monitor has helped her settle into a routine  she stares at the red lights which I think makes her know she is ok to fall asleep.  I love the fact I can look in on her where ever I am  and the tracking is awesome. The quality is excellent. Definitely great value and if I have the money spare I would definitely have purchased this. I would recommend as definitely gave me peace of mind from the very first time using it. I absolutely love this idea of a monitor and the fact that you can use on of different apps really helps. The only downside I can think of is what happens if there’s no Wi-Fi? Can this still be used as a monitor? Emma Henbrey – Harriet 6 Months

Product Tested By Vicki Marler-Hausen – Max 4 Months

Vicki Awarded The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor 3.5/5

The Nanit looked smart and very sophisticated.  The box was very substantial and we were impressed they sent us the floor stand as well.  I wasn’t keen on using the wall mount so this was a bonus. I had seen the Nanit on display in John Lewis and Mamas and Papas while I was pregnant so was aware of it.  It looked a bit too advanced, technical and expensive for us as a baby monitor though, so it was never on our shopping list. I can certainly see the appeal for those families who want all the insights though, so we were excited to be invited to experience first-hand what the Nanit is all about. The Nanit is very modern, stylish, simple and smart.  My husband got it out the box straight away and set it up for us. I was glad he took over as I’m a bit of a technophobe and would have struggled!  He said he didn’t really use the instructions (no surprise there!).  My husband said it was pretty easy to put together but quite complex in the final stages.  Getting it all connected with the app was straight-forward and he then set me up on my mobile. I then realised I could be an admin and have my own account, so I logged out of his and started one where I could add me as “Mom”, add a photo of our son and personalise it more. The camera picture and screen quality are excellent and I was especially  impressed at the clarity when you zoom in on your baby. We used the breathing band on the first night. At 5.30am the red alert sounded (like a fire alarm both in the room and through the mobile phone) with the phone telling me to check our baby as no breathing was detected. We can’t really describe how scary an episode that was. I have never seen my husband move out of bed so fast. I reported the “false alarm” through the app and a few days later Nanit support emailed me to “apologise for the inconvenience” and how they understood we must have found it “concerning.”  Whilst we understand that false alarms can happen in technology like this – they say users “may experience false alarms from time to time” – we have not used the breathing band since. We haven’t used the two-way audio feature yet – we are lucky and have a very relaxed baby who sleeps well so there has been no need to play the sounds and noise.  When he moves into his own nursery then it could be something we start using. The temperature and humidity readings are helpful and good to know. It is a lovely nightlight.  As our baby is sleeping in with us at the moment though we haven’t really used it, but it will be useful when he’s in his own nursery (if I remember to walk in there with my phone to activate). The digital baby book  is a lovely feature but we’ve not really taken many photos or referred to it. I do look when there’s a notification though, for example when it tells me our baby slept through the night, although of course I’m already aware of that. I did go away during the testing window and took the multi-stand with me but I didn’t realise that switching to this from the floor stand means the sleep insights are then unavailable.  The camera just looks straight into the room so you don’t get the aerial view of the cot. I ended up using another monitor for a week so I could properly see my baby so that was a shame. The built in sleep coach is the one element of the monitor I got quite into and is why I missed it when we were away from home. I’ve liked knowing how long my baby sleeps for and how long it takes him to fall asleep each night. I was surprised at how often I watch the videos to see what triggered the motion alerts during the night! I did get a message to say our son’s bedtime was inconsistent, which made me feel like a bad parent, but at the same time it was good to know it was trying to be helpful by looking at patterns. There were reasons for the differences in bedtime during that particular week and then a few days later we got another message saying we had “achieved” developing a consistent bedtime. The age related tips that appear in the inbox are also quite useful. After our red alert experience, the peace of mind aspect went out the window for us as we doubted the breathing band reliability.  We didn’t want to sleep each night wondering if it will go off again. I also note that you only get insights included for a year. I don’t know how much you have to pay after that so I don’t think it is something I would actually choose to use for years if I have to sign up to a subscription in order to get the most out of it.  We only used the Nanit at night – we have a baby who hardly naps in the day and if he does go down it’s not in the cot in our room and I wasn’t going to move the Nanit around as it’s too cumbersome and a pain to unplug and reconnect.  Yes we used the app once he had gone to bed each night, but then it means you can’t use your phone for other things such as emails, social media etc.  Of course you can take your eye off the app but then that defeats the purpose of the baby monitor.  I put the app on my iPad and used that instead, but it drains the battery quickly. I would much rather have an additional screen so you’re not dependent on using your devices to see what’s going on in the cot.  Obviously if you’re out and want to check in on what’s happening at home then it’s great to have it all at your fingertips on the app, but our baby is still little so we haven’t left him yet. I looked at the community a couple of times but an online advice world isn’t really for me. It’s great that they offer it, and I’m sure a lot of families would find it very useful, but scrolling topics and seeing what other parents say and chatting to them is not something I spend time on or go searching for.  We used it every night until we went away and then I was disappointed the travel stand wasn’t effective.  We have continued to use the Nanit since returning home. We only used it in our room, above our next to me cot.  Being next to our baby at night anyway, I didn’t really get that particular benefit from the monitor, but this is something that will be more useful when he moves into his own room.  I don’t however think the Nanit has ever given me peace of mind, it’s just been a nice to have rather than a reassuring piece of technology for us (I think this can also be blamed on the red alert experience). The camera picture quality really is superb and there’s lot of features on the app – I particularly like when the dashboard has been updated each day so I can see how things are going with our son’s sleep. The quality of the Nanit is excellent. It’s a very expensive baby monitor but I suppose you have to admit that it does have the technology and features to justify it for those families who are comfortable spending hundred’s pounds on a monitor and want a high-end item.  I do feel however that the insights should be available into year 2 as well.  I wonder how many people who buy it know that you get up to 30 days of history, rather than just 2, you need to upgrade to Insights Premium as well? So the investment in Nanit is rather substantial.  We deliberately avoided going over the top with our choice of baby monitor as I didn’t want to become obsessed with tracking or paranoid about my baby maybe stopping breathing. I would not pay this amount of money either.  Whilst it’s lovely to have access to this data, I don’t need to have it. Overall no I would not recommend.  Sadly not after the false alarm episode.  I’ve spoken to a few friends about what happened and they’ve said it was hearing these types of stories that put them off more sophisticated and expensive monitors.  We’re just very happy with a standard monitor with a separate screen.  However I can’t fault the camera quality of the Nanit so would recommend it for that. Whilst there are many elements about the Nanit that we like, it loses marks on cost and premium upgrades, not coming with a separate monitor screen, poor function when travelling, plus its false alarms when using the breathing band. I know we were unlucky with this but it has had a huge impact on our experience. Despite the bad start we had with the Nanit, I’m pleased to have now experienced it first-hand and can better understand how it works and what it offers. We will continue to use it as its camera quality is brilliant and I do enjoy the daily insights. The floor stand is a little large and a trip hazard in our room at the moment (although they have thought about that by adding little lights on the end of the legs as a warning!) so we are looking forward to finding a way of positioning it better in our son’s nursery and then seeing how the Nanit follows him as he grows.  I think I will use the features more when he is in his own room, but I need to remember to have a phone or iPad charger close to hand. I’m a little disappointed we haven’t trusted the breathing band again, as a few days of insight into that would have been interesting, but like I said before, I have never wanted to be bogged down by too much analysis and detail so you can’t miss something you didn’t really have.  Vicki Marler-Hausen – Max 4 Months


It has a fantastic picture and sound quality, allows you to track development and share milestones with family members. The app brings everyone together. Excellent picture and sound quality to zoom in on babies to know when they need resettling or whether they are able to settle themselves. Multiple users can view the camera so both parents can quickly respond if in different rooms. Track and record key milestones and spot patterns in babies sleep. Notifications of movement and saved videos so that you can play these back in the morning and see how your baby was throughout the nap/night. Great light on the monitor to provide subtle lighting in the room offering reassurance to babies and supporting parents to settle baby in the night. Variety of sounds that can be put on a timer or quickly put on to resettle the baby.


Jade Awarded The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor 5/5

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