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Nanny Monitor

  • The Nanny Monitor – Main Features: Carries complete CE registration as a medical device and complies with 93/42/EC Device Directive. Monitors the breathing and movements of an infant. Triggers acoustic and visual alarm after 20 seconds without baby breathing or if breathing rate drops to below 8 breaths per minute. Nanny’s ultra-sensitive pad is the largest on the market. Nanny is the only baby breathing monitor that can be upgraded to use two ultra-sensitive sensor pads. Operates on regular AA household batteries for safety and simplicity. For mattresses up to 14cm. Fully portable. Low battery life indicator. 2 year warranty.

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Nanny Monitor Reviews

Product Tested by: Cheri Morris – Baby Olly 7 Months

Product Tested By Cheri Morris – Baby Olly 7 Months

Cheri Awarded The Nanny Monitor 4/5

When this arrived thought a good idea.  The product is well made and feels sturdy.  This is very easy to set up just plug and go. This item is battery powered but it only needs to be on when the baby is in the cot.  Personally I would say this is a portable item as it is slender, neat and compact so ideal for your travels.  Feeling confident when using this monitor my answer is yes and no. If you don’t hear an alarm then you can only assume that the baby is ok.  The mat is so easy to set up just place it under the mattress.  This monitor  does give you added assurance but you are still relying on technology.  This monitor also  has a green light if everything is ok and a red light if the baby is not breathing.  This is a good monitor but we would not continue to use this and the  only reason is our baby is too mobile in his cot and the sensor should be under their chest. Would recommend this product as great for the first few months when baby is home. The product is a great idea and I would recommend it to any parent but only for the first few months of the baby’s life.  Cheri Morris – Baby Olly 7 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Travis – Baby Niamh 4 Months

Lauren Awarded The Nanny Monitor 3.8/5

Good, the sensor mat is large and its good for parents to have reassurance.  Quality Excellent,  well made. And I just deducted one point due to the fact I personally felt this item is too sensitive.  This is very easy to set up and is battery operated only.  This is an item you could travel with.  It is  slightly large but flat so easily packable. The fact that its battery operated is good too as it obviously means you don’t need electric to operate it.   It was very easy to follow the instructions and easy enough to set up properly. The sensor Mat – For me personally I would not really state it gave me extra reassurance as  my babies cot is flush with my bed so I am near her for when she needs feeding in the night. It does state in the instructions that as the pad is very sensitive  not to put the babies cot in physical contact with another bed.  This monitor does incorporate a warning system to advise you when the battery is low and needs replacing. I already have a sensor monitor that works best for me considering my babies cot is next to our bed, so this would not be ideally suited for our needs, but might be perfect for others.  I would recommend this monitor for  parents who have  their baby  in another room, this is because even walking close to the babies cot when a baby isn’t in the cot still sets off the monitor, thinking the baby is breathing. This monitor is not ideal for our needs presently due to our sleeping arrangements.  We mainly utilized this monitor during the day  when Niamh would have her naps.  We did not use this monitor at night  because it is too sensitive. Maybe when she goes into her own bedroom we will use it again.  Personally I also felt the price of this item was a little steep. . This product is best for parents who have their child in another room to sleep. With already having a different sensor monitor I know how much easier it is at night knowing an alarm will go off if my baby stops breathing.   Lauren Travis – Baby Miamh 4 Months.

Product Tested By Karen Caten – Baby Harry 4 Months

Karen Awarded The Nanny Monitor 4.5/5

Quality of this product looked excellent and very east to se up and operate. Battery operated only which is also ideal to take on your travels. This is easy enough to transport just a matter of packing.  I feel fairly confident using this monitor as it monitors breathing patters but does not have a voice monitor.  The sensor mat supplied with this monitor is so easy to set in correct position. The sensor mat certainly set my mind at rest as Harry has trouble with mucus on his chest.  Will continue to use until he is roughly 8 months. I enjoyed testing this monitor as it is effective, good quality and does what it says.  I would certainly recommend to others.  I thought this product was a really good idea and helps put parent mind at ease, especially when baby is in another room.  Karen Caten – Baby Harry 4 Months.

The product is a great idea and I would recommend it to any parent as ideal for the first few months of the baby’s life.


Cheri Awarded The Nanny Monitor 4/5

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