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Napsack Baby Carrier

The aim of Napsack Baby is to make babywearing comfortable as well as beautiful. As simple as it is elegant, the Classic Black Napsack is fully reversible.

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Napsack Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Flint – Lola & Baby Jude 21 Months & 13 Days

Product Tested By Nicola Flint – Lola & Baby Jude 21 Months & 13 Days

Nicola Awarded the Napsack Baby Carrier 4.8/5

I was very impressed with the carrier, the quality of the fabric is lovely and it seems extremely strong and well made. The instructions that were provided with the sling were very good, easy to understand. I think maybe I could have benefitted from more variations of using the carrier to have been included within the diagrams; Carrying on the hip and also alternative ways to get the child onto the back for example. I have used other carriers before and I found that the Napsack straps were quite difficult to get straight due to their width (they kept twisting whilst I was trying to tie) apart from that the sling was extremely easy to adjust. I have used it both with my newborn and my 21 month old toddler – I also managed a back carry with my toddler whilst I was heavily pregnant! Both my baby and my toddler were very secure when in the sling. I would be lost without it! I can do the housework and deal with my daughter Lola all whilst wearing Jude in the sling. I’ve used the sling every time I’ve been out with Jude and he has slept the whole time whilst in it! They both love being in the sling – Jude goes to sleep as soon as he is put in there and Lola loves being on my back whilst I’m doing housework. Very easy to transport, folds up nice and small and just about fits into my small changing bag.  The sling is quite thick material so I imagine it gives some sort of protection from the cold, wind and the sun – but it doesn’t give protection from the rain.  I think I’d need to wear a big waterproof coat over the top of it to protect baby (in front carry). I couldn’t do a back carry in the rain. I think its excellent value for money.  I am using the sling exclusively for my newborn, so it has saved me a fortune on buying a double pushchair!  I also have another make of carrier and it cost me quite a bit more than the RRP of the Napsack sling. I love it!  It’s been a life saver for me especially when my newborn has been unsettled and I’ve had things that need doing around the house! Nicola Flint – Lola & Baby Jude 21 Months & 13 Days

Product Tested By Nikki Tranter – Baby Thomas 3 Weeks

Nikki Awarded the Napsack Baby Carrier 4.5/5

Looks fabulous! Lovely colours and very thick material. I found the instructions very easy to understand, especially with all the detailed pictures. I also found it very easy to put on and easy enough to alter when Thomas was inside it. Once you tie the sling to yourself, you sit your baby in it and pull the straps over your shoulders. I felt that my baby was very secure whilst in the carrier but I still found myself holding Thomas in it to start with because I had never used a carrier before. So I found it a bit worrying at first but after the first few days I got more confident and began to trust the carrier more. Wearing the carrier was extremely comfortable and Thomas seemed comfortable too. It comes in a backpack bag which is great for carrying around whilst shopping, especially if you take your buggy out. I can put Thomas in it and use my buggy to carry my shopping. The sling isn’t waterproof as it’s made out of cotton but if it was windy it would stop the wind from hitting him. I first thought the sling was expensive but after realizing the benefits from it, I don’t, it will definitely last a good few years. Have already recommended it to my friends and a couple of my friends used the 10% vouchers I was sent with the product, and have purchased one from the site. I like this product very much, will continue to use this with my son as long as he enjoys being carried in it.  It is a cool product with lots of different colours to choose from also, you can reverse it to have 2 different colours, its thick and made very well, and Thomas likes being carried in it , he seems to be very comfortable and secure in it , would recommend it to all! Nikki Tranter – Baby Thomas 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Lisa Avery – Baby Max 5 Weeks

Lisa Awarded the Napsack Baby Carrier 3/5

The product looked good and I thought it seemed very easy to use. It is made from a good and strong quality fabric. It also came within depth instructions with diagrams to assist you when using it. I found it impossible to put the sling over my shoulder and the waist without letting go of my baby, and I thought that once on it was hard to adjust the fit for a newborn baby. I felt that my baby was secure but my babies face was tilted forward and nestled into my clothing. My baby is too young to be able to hold his own head up so I found it hard to find a good position for him in the carrier. I have tried numerous times to use this with my newborn, but it just isn’t comfortable for him as his face sits at the wrong position. The sling is quite versatile because it can be reversed to change the colour scheme and it also comes with its own carry bag that has handles which I feel is a great addition to the product. The sling is not waterproof, but most other slings that I have seen aren’t either. My baby also seemed warm in the sling with a hat on. I feel the product is very expensive for what it is, I wouldn’t normally pay this amount for a baby sling. I will definitely try to use this sling again when my baby is older and can support his own head. If the sling proves to work when my baby can support itself, then I would recommend it. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get this product to work for me, but I am hopeful that it will work in time and prove to be a great product! Lisa Avery – Baby Max 5 Weeks

I love it!  It’s been a life saver for me especially when my newborn has been unsettled and I’ve had things that need doing around the house!


Nicola Awarded the Napsack Baby Carrier 4.8/5

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