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Nasal Aspirator

Helps physically clear your baby’s nose for instant relief from congestion – Suitable from birth Paediatrician approved Fast, effective treatment for stuffy nosesThe Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator is an award-winning medical device created by a mother of premature triplets. It lets you physically clear mucus from your baby’s nose with a hygienic suction device. It offers instant relief from nasal congestion and helps to prevent further complications like ear infections, coughs and stomach upsets. It is paediatrician approved and is so effective, it’s also available on prescription. Queen’s Award for Outstanding Innovation issued in 2008

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£8.49 Available Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Boots or click online to find local stockist

Nasal Aspirator Reviews

Product Tested by: Tawny Wright Baby Gabriel 5 Months

Product Tested By Tawny Wright Baby Gabriel 5Months

Tawny Awarded the Nose Clear 5/5

This looked like a simple but very clever idea. It is well packaged, very useful and well-made box to store everything and more in. Simple, easy to follow instructions. Not over complicated and nothing missed either. My child has had several colds so I’ve been able to get a lot of use out of this product! Gabriel was initially amused by the nose clear, but as he was growing more aware of things as the weeks got on, typical boy, he hates his nose being cleaned. The product itself works very well when he sits still –or better yet, is asleep. On particularly bad days where he was very bunged up,we would use it 3-4 times a day. Generally we would use it in the morning and before bed at night. Gabriel seemed to get everything come at once and he was having calpol some of the time, so it’s difficult to say if the nose clear product alone helped.  I would say however, on nights where we’d cleared his nose with this, he definitely slept a lot better.It’s basic and not made to look too high tech, which is definitely a good thing. It was very easy to dismantle and clean, and just as easy to put back together. My only annoyance is that the filter is small and therefore, if you’re not careful, you might lose it. Also, our filter, although it still works, has begun to come apart at the side, which has made it slightly misshapen and not so easy to put back in correctly. At £6.99 it’s such a bargain. It’s a fantastic little product that made me feel like I was less helpless when my baby was upset with a blocked nose. Without it, feeding time and bed time would have been much more stressful for both me and my baby. I loved how easy it was to use and to clean. It was definitely our saving grace on several nights! Tawny Wright BabyGabriel 5 Months


Product Tested By Julia Redgrave – Baby Grace7 Months

Julia Awarded the Nose Clear 5/5

I thought that this looked like a simple product thatcould be very useful if it worked well. Grace has been a bit unwell and clogged up for a few days now so this was a perfect time to test the product. The instructions were simply understood and the nose clear has worked very well with Grace! It clears the nose very effectively and she doesn’t seem to find it uncomfortable at all, in fact she stays very still when we use this which makes it easier for me to clean her nose. I have noticed that since we have used this every morning and night, she has been sleeping a lot better and for longer. I found the nose clear simple to clean and it’s such an easy little product to use, but with great benefits. I love that its medication free and is completely safe to use! The price is great for something that can be used over and over and really doeshelp relieve baby of a bunged up nose. Fantastic and we will definitely continue to use it! Julia Redgrave – BabyGrace 7 Months

Product Tested By Laura Bulmer – BabyCharlotte 6 Months

Laura Awarded the Nose Clear 4/5

I thought it looked like a simple idea – I have to saythough it doesn’t look like it should cost 6.99. Something in the region of 4pounds maybe. Very clear instruction – although I couldn’t get it to work. Couldn’thold charlotte still long enough to get it positioned and in my mouth at the same time. My child has been suffering from a full blown winter cold so she was able to review this product. But I found this absolutely impossible to use. Like I said above, I couldn’t get her to stop still long enough for me to position it all. The suction was really low too. I tried about 4 times, my partner also tried and we combined our efforts. Still couldn’t get to grips with it. The idea is good, and presentation is nice. The product through did not do it for me and my baby. LauraBulmer – Baby Charlotte 6 Months

I loved how easy it was to use and to clean. It was definitely oursaving grace on several nights!


Tawny Awarded the Nose Clear 5/5

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