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Natalia Baby Massage Oil

Natalia Baby Massage Oil. The perfect pure massage oil for baby massage; massage is a wonderful way for mothers and fathers to connect and bond and help build the warmth of their relationship with their new baby. SUNFLOWER oil is the perfect match for your baby’s skin. Ideal after bath time.

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Natalia Baby Massage Oil Reviews

Product Tested by: Annika Fewings – Baby Taliesin 21 Weeks

Product Tested By Annika Fewings – Baby Taliesin 21 Weeks

Annika Awarded The Natalia Baby Massage Oil 4.5/5

I thought it was nicely packaged, being organic oil made me want to try it out all the more on my son, liked the booklet that came with it.  First impressions were I couldn’t wait to start using it!  Website looked informative and inviting.  Loved the packaging and it looks like the kind of product I would pick to use on my baby.  It could have been easier to get the oil out, the push down top was a pain and the bottle was unsqueezable, so had to shake it out which was a little messy, a screw lid would be better. Oil went on like a dream! Very nice to use and felt wonderful on his skin.  The oil lasted long enough on the skin to give a good massage, left his skin lovely and soft. This oil was scent free, but something like lavender oil would have been nice. No reactions at all, just a very happy baby! This being our first step into baby massage I was impressed by how much he liked and tolerated his massage. He was very much relaxed after his massage, and on picking him up after he was as relaxed as when he is sleeping, totally chilled out.  He slept like a dream after each session, truly impressed.  We used the oil 2-3 times a week.  This oil is very good quality and was very happy using this massage oil.  This is good value for money and will purchase more.  Would recommend to friends as my son enjoyed the massage experience so much. If there had been a slight scent, and perhaps a different lid I’d have given this a 5, almost perfect massage oil, it would be nice to have a calming aroma to itAnnika Fewings – Baby Taliesin 21 Weeks

Product Tested By Katie Lloyd – Baby Ellis 9 Weeks

Katie Awarded The Natalia Baby Massage Oil  4/5

A nice looking bottle, product doesn’t feel greasy and has no smell.  The website takes a while to get used to and to find what you are looking for. Once you find what you are looking for, the pictures and descriptions of the products are very clear, showing exactly what you are buying.  The bottle is attractive but would have expected it to come in a box too, especially if it was to be given as a gift.   The lid makes it easy to dispense the oil, and is easy to open and close the lid even with oily hands.   Very easy to apply to the skin.   Absorbs fairly well, leaves a very slight oily residue.  The oil has no aroma, which is what I would expect from a natural product.  Caused no irritation or allergic reaction.  Ellis will only let me massage him for about 5 minutes at a time, he seems to enjoy those 5 minutes though.  I haven’t noticed any changes to his sleeping patterns after being massaged. I have been using the oil about 3 times a week; I would use it more if Ellis enjoyed it more.  Ellis had some dry skin on his legs and feet which cleared up almost immediately after using the oil.  A good quality product however is very similar to the oil which I have used in the past and I personally feel the price on this is just a little bit expensive.  Overall the price is reasonable for a product that is natural.   I would buy this or other products in the range as a gift but for my own use I would rather buy a cheaper, similar product.  Easy to use bottle, good book with easy to follow instructionsKatie Lloyd – Baby Ellis 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Clare Tebbutt – Baby Zak 4 Months

Clare Awarded The Natalia Baby Massage Oil 4.3/5

Initial impression was good,  I like to the idea of natural ingredients being used and no excessive perfumes or unnecessary ingredients to use on my babies skin, the step by step massage guide that accompanies the oil is a handy accessory and full of easy to follow instructions for massage, lovely product, couldn’t wait to get started.  This is a user friendly website easy to navigate with lots of helpful information on available products. A few of the links I clicked on didn’t work but on the whole there was plenty of information and a good wide range of products for mums to be, mums and for babies.  The Oil comes in a clear simple plastic bottle, no fussy packaging etc I like this approach I cant bare to see unwanted packaging.  The oil is poured out through a small hole in the click top lid; it is easy to use especially after a massage when your hands are rather slimy, easy click shut action to close.  The oil is easy to apply.  The Oil is absorbed into my baby’s skin well and the left over residue on my hands is nice to rub into my own skin particularly on my dry hands from washing all those bottles and dummies !!  The oil does have an aroma and although it is not a sweet smell it smells of natural ingredients, I think the smell could be improved but not if it meant adding unnecessary chemicals.  Also this oil never caused any skin irritation.  I have a baby that suffered quite badly with colic and was often quite tense and irritable, I found that massage after an evening bath set him up for a good nights sleep.  My baby sleeps soundly and falls asleep easily after a bath and gentle massage.  While I would love to massage my son every night reality of busy days etc meant that I massage him once or twice a week.  I have found at the end of a busy day the massage is relaxing for both of us and nice way to end a busy day.  I rate the quality of the product as good, the massage oil itself is simple and basic, but the step by step guide that comes with it is a helpful tool in an attractive and user friendly booklet.  You can by cheaper oil elsewhere, however the step by step guide is excellent. While I liked the product I would not buy it as I have seen other products of a similar nature which smell much nicer, also the main ingredient is sunflower oil which you can buy very cheaply elsewhere.  Good product nice as a gift, for new mums, simple organic massage oil, with lovely user guide for baby massage.  Clare Tebbutt – Baby Zak 4 Months

This oil is very good quality and I had a very happy baby using this massage oil.


Annika Awarded The Natalia Baby Massage Oil 4.5/5

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