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No need to moisturise after your shower or bath when you use this luxurious and detoxing moisturising skin scrub – your skin will be soft and silky. COCONUT oil softens skin, and the aromatic essential oil blend of JUNIPER BERRY, GRAPEFRUIT and BERGAMOT detoxes skin and uplifts you. Use in the shower in the morning to spring you into the day, or at the end of the day in a bath to ease the day’s tensions and to leave you smelling heavenly.

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£9.00 - 60ml- Available to purchase online


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Product Tested By Kati Reeve – Baby Eva 11 Months

Katie Awarded The  Mummy’s Yummy Body Scrub by Natalia 3.2/5

It’s well presented and smells fabulous.  The website is pleasant to look at and easy to navigate but it does seem a tad amateurish. There are errors down the side under ‘Shop Online’, it says ‘Complete Your Your’ which I think is meant to say ‘Complete Your Order’. The product I tested is professional so it was surprising that the website wasn’t quite up to scratch. I also found that some of the text on the pages felt cluttered. It tells me what I need to know though and a few oddities on the website wouldn’t stop me buying from the company.  I like the jar the scrub came in. It would appeal to me if I saw it on a shelf. If it were me though I’d have the name of the product ‘Mummy’s Yummy Body Scrub’ in larger letters than the company name.  My issue with the instructions is that it doesn’t say if skin should be wet or dry before you apply. I know it’s for use in bath or shower so I would presume you put it on wet skin but I had an Organics scrub product in the past that went on dry skin before you got in the shower. Also it just says ‘scoop some’ – how am I supposed to know how much some is?! It does smell lovely and I enjoyed using it but the essential oils in the product made my skin seem temporarily waterproof and greasy. This didn’t last long but was a bit off-putting.   As long as you don’t have massive hands then you can scoop it out quite easily.  It was pleasant but I didn’t feel massively exfoliated after using it. However it made me feel pampered so that was really nice!  It was nice to have a treat to use in the shower and an excuse to be in their for more than the 30 seconds as my daughter normally starts singing for my attention. A very nice product to use, and nice to pamper myself once in a while.  I used this every time I showered till it ran out.  Delicious and appealing. It smelled like something I’d like to eat which is a good thing for me in products like this!  The price is expensive, but as a once in a blue moon treat I don’t think it’s bad value.  A very pleasant product with a yummy aroma but just not quite special enough for the price tag.  Kati Reeve – Baby Eva 11 Months

A very pleasant product with a yummy aroma.


Katie Awarded The  Mummy’s Yummy Body Scrub  by Natalia 3.2/5

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