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You don’t have to be pregnant for your skin to need extra nourishment. This gorgeous body butter melts on contact with skin and absorbs quickly: SHEA BUTTER, AVOCADO oil and ROSEHIP SEED oil with Essential oils of LAVENDER, MANDARIN, NEROLI and FRANKINCENSE work synergistically to improve skin elasticity, aid skin cell regeneration, and can improve the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue. The blend smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and supple.

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£12.00 - 60ml- Available to purchase online


Product Tested by: Faye Mckeown – Baby Seth 6 Days Old

Product Tested By Faye Mckeown – Baby Seth 6 Days Old

Faye Awarded The Natalia pre-natal stretch butter 4.3/5

Smells very nice can’t wait to try it. The website offers a nice product range; website is well put together and easy to use.  Packaging was nice and simple, reflective of the natural nature of the product.  I found that the butter was quite difficult to get out of the jar, without having to just ‘dig in’ once a lump was out however, it was quickly melted and applied.  The butter melted on contact with the skin and was absorbed quickly.   The aroma was one of the best things about this butter; it really smelt very nice and natural.  This was kind to my skin and no irritation at all.  I used the product as directed twice daily.  My son was born early at 36 weeks and I do not have any stretch marks.  I would like to think that this product did help with this, but unable to comment in full as I did not go full term. The item, packaging and overall quality was excellent, a really nice product to use.  Slightly more than I would have paid for a little pot, had I not tried it out beforehand?  I would definitely use this product for future pregnancies now I have had the opportunity to try it beforehand.  I would recommend, both for its effectiveness and overall usage.  Slightly difficult digging it out of the jar, but other than that, it was a pleasure to try this product.  Pleasure to use, fabulous smell, easily absorbed into the skin. Faye Mckeown – Baby Seth 6 Days Old

Product Tested By Camille Fitzgerald – Callum Aged 3 Years

Camille Awarded The Natalia pre-natal stretch butter 3/5

Is a small pot for the price, but good packaging and instructions on how to use.  The website offers a wide variety of good products and very informative as detail benefits of each product.   The packaging was good, but just found it was small quantity for the price.   Personally I found the product  hard to apply unless you had just had shower or bath, your skin on hands and stomach area had to be warm otherwise it can be hard to rub in the product.  It did absorb into the skin well, but only if skin was warm e.g. from bath or shower.  It will not absorb as well if you put this product onto dry skin.  I did like the smell of the cream it was a lovely sweet smell.   No skin reaction at all while using this.  I used the butter every day, on the main areas e.g. stomach, hips, legs and breasts.  But due to using every day the cream didn’t last long.  I found it did help but would have liked enough quantity to use twice a day as I have with other products.  I didn’t receive any stretch marks whilst using the cream and I was in third stage of my pregnancy.  I just wish there would have been more in the tub.  I think the quality of the product is good, once you know best way to use it.  A high quality product that was effective.  I found the product expensive compared to other products on the market which do the same job.  The only extra advantage this product had was the smell and most other products are very bland.  Personally I would not purchase this item due to expense.  I would recommend to others as good quality product, works well and is natural. Lovely scented pregnancy cream, wish the bottle was larger for the price.   Camille Fitzgerald – Callum Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Lara Babington – Baby Ella 2 Months

Lara Awarded the Natalia Prenatal Anti-Stretch Butter 3.2/5

The cream is quite thick and is a little difficult to spread on the skin and it absorbs well but it takes a while. The cream has a nice aroma which makes it nice to put on the skin. It caused me no irritation or allergic reaction; I used it daily but I’m not sure if it helped with preventing any stretch marks because mine aren’t that severe. The quality of the product is very good but I feel it is a little expensive for the size of the pot. Overall, a nice smelling product that may be more beneficial to someone with severe stretch marks, who will notice the disappearance better. Lara Babington – Baby Ella 2 Months

Pleasure to use, fabulous smell, easily absorbed into the skin.



Faye Awarded The Natalia pre-natal stretch butter 4.3/5

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