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Natracare natural maternity pads

Natracare’s extra soft, extra long, breathable, maternity pads are ideal for total comfort and security in the days after giving birth when delicate skin needs to be protected from irritating synthetic materials. 



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£2.59 Available Waitrose, health food stores, online to find local stockist

Natracare natural maternity pads Reviews

Product Tested by: Katherine Bullivant

Tested By
Katherine Bullivant

Awarded The Natracare Natural Maternity Pads

packaged, good that it was in a cardboard box and therefore recyclable. Looked
a high end product from the design of the box.
Nice that it was cardboard and recyclable, but slight concern not
waterproof as kept in bathroom and no protection on pads either. People who
would go for an eco-product might be happy with the environment impact. Fairly
simple product and I’d used similar before so easy to understand and tells you
what to do. Nice and soft, absorbent and
comfortable to wear. The eco side was very good, biodegradable
and very soft, would be comfortable after stitches. There are
cheaper alternatives on the market which would do the job just as well, you’re
paying the extra for the organic and eco benefits, some people would think this
worth it. I went through about 30 on each birth so wouldn’t break the bank, but
a bit difficult to justify when they would be located with other cheaper
products (I’m not really that into eco products and organic stuff to pay a
premium for them). I would purchase
these if they were comparable to other brands (if on offer, etc.) they aren’t
really something you use very often but knowing the quality I may well buy
these. Not necessarily something you
would be asked to give a recommendation on, but would definitely recommend them
to friends, especially those who like eco/organic products. A
good eco product that matches that doesn’t fall short due to its eco
credentials like many products.Katherine Bullivant

Tested B
y Jo Crosby

Jo Awarded
The Natracare Natural Maternity Pads 4.3/5

Arrived in a
bulky box. Personally I didn’t like the
colour scheme and the box is too bulky but it’s good that it’s recyclable. Not muchexplanationneeded
but the leaflet that came with them was interesting. Fantastic quality well-padded and comfortable
to use. The fact it’senvironmentally
friendly is fantastic and the product itself being eco but disposable is great.
They functioned brilliantly absorbed well but most important were comfortable
despite the size.They’re not the cheapest by any stretch but they are
comfortable andenvironmentallyfriendly and really good quality so
yes totally worth the money. I did
buy some more after using the trial packet I received as they were more
comfortable than the supermarketequivalent. I would recommend this
product. I just wish the box
wasn’t so bulky took up a lot of space in my hospital bag and the glue that
holds the pad in place stained my knickers with two track lines, as they were
cheap ones purchased specifically for giving birth it didn’t matter but not
everyone may do that so felt I had to mark it down for these reasons.Good
quality, environmentally friendly and comfortable! Jo Cosby

Tested By
Helena Garmin

Awarded The Natracare Natural Maternity Pads 4.5/5

Arrived in a
nice box suitable for the product. All
recyclable. These were good quality and
easy to use. Came with informative
leaflet which had some interesting facts.
This was my 3rd baby so used to using these and realise the
need for them. These were comfortable to
wear and felt soft too. Found these to
be very absorbent and effective. Liked
the fact this was an eco-product. You
can pick up cheaper versions, but I like going for eco products and these were
very comfortable to wear and effective.
Will only be using them for a short time so want the best and the best
for the environment. I did purchase some
more and if asked I would certainly recommend these. A very effective Maternity pad, nice and
comfy to wear and effective. Helena



A good eco product that matches that doesn’t fall short due to its eco credentials like many products


Katherine Awarded The Natracare Natural Maternity Pads 4.2/5

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