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Natracare ultra pads regular

Natracare Ultra pads are made from only certified organic 100% cotton and renewable and sustainable plant cellulose. They are totally plastic-free, and like all of Natracare products, are totally chlorine-free because we never use chlorine bleach in any of our production processes.

Being plastic-free means Natracare does not contain any polyethylene, 
polypropylene or 
polyacrylate super 
absorbents, all of which 
can irritate the skin.


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£2.29 Available Waitrose, health food stores, online to find local stockist

Natracare ultra pads regular Reviews

Product Tested by:


Tested By
Kerry Rodgers

Kerry Awarded
The Natracare Ultra Regular Pads 4.4/5

I thought
they were boxed well and clearly stated they are organic cotton. I was happy to
see they are biodegradable. When I opened them I thought they looked really
cheap and didn’t hold out much hope they would work for me. The pad is very
thin and doesn’t have the nicest feel to it.
The packaging is very clear, has a natural look about them. It is nice
they are boxed and not in plastic wrap.
Clear instructions. They don’t
look or feel as good a quality as other brands I have used but you can forgive
this as they are organic. They also stick very well unlike some others I have
tried in the past. What appeals to me
about this product is that they are biodegradable and good for sensitive skin.
I sometimes get a rash with other brands so was nice that these didn’t give me
one at all. They are more expensive than
other brands but again as they are better for our environment this makes it
value for money, you wouldn’t mind paying the extra if you had the money. I
personally would not purchase these only because I like a thicker pad that is
perfumed. There is nothing wrong with the product just personal preference. I wold recommend these. That I had no leakage
with these pads and found them to be absorbent enough for a normal period. Also
that they are light and thin so you don’t feel them as much as you do with the
plasticky brands. I found that
these were fit for purpose, don’t look or feel as good as other brands but have
good qualities about them like being better for the environment and for
sensitive skin. Kerry Rogers

Tested By
Jeanette Philpot

Awarded The Natracare Ultra Regular Pads 4.3/5

Looked a nice
box, neatly packaged product inside nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of informative information on the box. Liked the fact they are organic and kinder to
the environment. Instructions clear and
we all know how to use this product so not really necessary. I thought it looked very thin and not sure it
would work. When I tried these found
them comfortable to wear, the adhesive on the back of the pad was very secure
and for my milder days they were effective.
Like the fact they are eco-friendly, neat and easy to use. They are more expensive than my normal brand,
but they do work so might purchase some more.
I would buy some of these again as they did work well and felt
comfortable, unlike some others that can move about. I tend to have some bad months and then some
light months and these would be more suitable for my lighter months. I would recommend as are absorbent and easy
to use. After having 2 children I find
that I now have to use tampons alongside pads.
These worked well, were comfortable to wear and I now have a box handy
to use when I need too. I wold also look
to purchase one for heavier months too.
Liked these, thought they looked too thin to be effective but they
worked. Jeanette Philpot

Tested By
Juliette Hoyles

Hoyles Awarded The Natracare Ultra Regular Pads 4/5

Box was
natural looking, neat and stylish, all you need for a pad. Liked the fact they had organic cotton cover,
used natural materials and biodegradable.
The pads looked really thin and I was concerned they would not be
effective. Good instructions. They do feel comfortable to use and the wings
and the back stickiness is strong. Also
I found they worked quite well. I liked
the fact they were biodegradable and made of natural materials. These are expensive compared to my normal
brand. They worked fairly well, and I
would try them again, but for now I will stick with my normal brand as they work
well all the time. I would recommend as
worth trying and some of my friends just have to buy eco products all the
time. For me I just need a pad that
works. These are slimline, more absorbent
than you would expect and comfortable to wear.Juliette Hoyles




I found that these were fit for purpose, don’t look or feel as good as other brands but have good qualities about them like being better for the environment and for sensitive skin.       


 Kerry Awarded The Natracare Ultra Regular Pads 4.4/5   

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