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Nature Junior Nappy Pants

Our nappy pants are naturally breathable. Made from totally chlorine free material. With natural corn based coating. For natural protection.

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£5.98 Per Pack - Available Sainsburys, Waitrose,,

Nature Junior Nappy Pants Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Thombs - Ella Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Laura Thombs – Ella Aged 2 Years

Laura Awarded The Nature Junior Nappy Pants 3.6/5

I found the design on the packaging basic.  I was really impressed with the texture although they looked quite stiff, they felt soft and silky.  The inside of the nappy pants was also very impressive as soft, comfortable and silky.  These nappy pants were not the best fit for Ella.  They were a snug fit around her tummy but extremely baggy and quite loose around the legs.  Also once they were on they did not seem to fit in the right places and had quite a few big bulges.  This made Ella fidget a bit to get them to a more comfortable position. However these are extremely easy to pull up and down which Ella found so much fun and helps with toilet training. During the day trial I did notice Ella’s skin was quite red so not sure she had been kept completely dry.  I loved the story on the back about Marlene Sandberg who founded the first Eco friendly nappy.  I kept thinking how many nappies I have been through and Ella is only two years old and how much damage I had done to the environment.  These are good value for money but I wish it was the other way round i.e. these nappies were cheaper to encourage more people to be enviromentally firendly.  As a mum on maternity leave your budget declines so you are always looking for nappies that are on offer.  I felt the design of the nappies was weak in comparison to the toilet wipes which were more sophisticated, contemporary design.  If these had been a good fit for Ella then would have marked them higher.  Loved the story and the fact that they are enviromentally friendly, but they did not perform well due to bad fit.  Laura Thombs – Ella Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Farrugia – Luca Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Sarah Awarded The Nature Junior Nappy Pants Top Marks 5/5

Natural looking product.  The texture is nice and very soft especially for children’s skin.  Looked very comfortable on.  A great fit as were just like a pair of pants.  We tested these during the day and at night – No Leaks.  So easy to pull on and off and very easy for Luca to use.  Loved the fact these are enviromentally friendly and they do represent good value for money.  The only suggestion I would make is if they could add some colour to the pants.  Will be purchasing some more and already recommended these to some friends.  Luca loved wearing these nappy pants as made him feel independent.  Great for toilet training.  Sarah Farrugia – Luca Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Linda Marley – Tate Aged 2 Years 10 Months

Linda Awarded The Nature Junior Nappy Pants 4.1/5

The packing of this product reflects the product’s statement: children at one with nature! I love the packaging as it is less plasticky than most non – environmentally friendly trainer pants. The pants themselves are a bit papery to the feel but I love the pale dots that are all over them. They are on the large side which is great for my son as he is somewhat of a chunk. The shape was a lot like a pair of pants which made it easier for him to pull up and down himself whilst using his potty. They definitely assisted in the potty training as it made him feel like a big boy being able to pull them up and down himself. If he did have an accident in them I could rip them open at the sides like a traditional nappy which made changing a whole lot simpler. I am pleased to be doing something for the environment as I know we all need to be more aware of this. I have seen these in my local supermarket and will continue to buy them until Tate is fully trained. Linda Marley – Tate Aged 2Years 10 Months

My son loved wearing these nappy pants as made him feel independent.  Great for toilet training. 


Laura Awarded The Nature Junior Nappy Pants 3.6/5

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