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Naturebotts Biodegradable Wipes

Biodegradable Baby Wipes with aloe vera are large, soft and gentle on both your baby and the environment! Use on bottoms, hands, faces, spills & all over! Proven to break down in 6-12 months in a biologically active landfill site.No alcohol, perfumes, colourings or animal testing. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced. Made in the UK and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. Available in re-sealable packs of 72 pop-up wipes or handy travel packs of 24.

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£2.84 pack 72, travel pack 24 £1.27 Available to purchase online

Naturebotts Biodegradable Wipes Reviews

Product Tested by: Diane Jones – Baby Max 9 months

Product Tested By Diane Jones – Baby Max 9 months

Diane Awarded Naturebotts Baby Wipes 2.9/5

OK but I did not like the smell.  They were meant to be fragrance free but they reminded me of make-up wipes.  They were also too wet. Pakcaging OK, nothing that would catch my attention on a supermarket shelf. The first one was hard to get but after that they came out all right. The wipe was soft but it felt very wet.  On a dirty nappy change they were great but on just a wet one too wet. They were slightly too thin as if you were in a rush they would tear if you grabbed at them. Too moist.  I did find on some changes when your in a rush or a child that wants to crawl away they would break up. On a dirty nappy they were good but I felt they were too wet. Wiping my hands and surfaces when out and about at feeding time. Must admit personally did not like the smell as it reminded me of make-up remover wipes. It is important to be Eco friendly products but they have to be up to the job, and you have to be comfortable in using them. The wipes I currently use are always on offer so these would be more expensive. Packaging could be more eye catching so that you would notice them on the shelf.  I would prefer them not to be so wet. I would not buy them as I felt they were too wet, expensive. They did do a good job on dirty nappies but I found them too thin. Diane Jones – Baby Max 9 months

Product Tested By Joanna Bettles – Isabelle Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Joanna Awarded Naturebotts Baby Wipes 4.3/5

I am very impressed with the wipes. They are strong and moist and very gentle on the skin. The packaging was plain and simple very effective. They were easy to remove but towards the end of the packet they were a bit harder to just remove one at a time. The wipes were soft. The wipes were just right and a nice size too. The wipes were very moist even towards the end of the packet. I can’t believe how strong the wipes were. They were brilliant. The wipes were amazing for use with nappy changes and wiping sticky hands and faces. I used the wipes for wiping hands and faces. The wipes had no fragrance. It’s always nice to try and do your bit for the environment. Excellent wipes and that are good value for money. I feel the packaging was plain and simple but very effective.  I would purchase these as I feel they are good value for money and very strong. I think the wipes are excellent value for money and would certainly recommend them to friends. Joanna Bettles – Isabelle Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Product Tested By Marianne Ponsonby-White – Baby Beatrice 8 Months

Marianne Awarded Naturebotts Baby Wipes 4.8/5

Very good, but the re-sealable tab did not stay on very well. Easier to use than other packs I have used. very soft. Very good, not too thin, not too thick, just right. They are more moist than others I have used which is good. Very strong and effective, only need one wipe per nappy change. Also used to clean hands, face and clothes. They smell a little chemically but also very clean. This is biodegradable which is very important to me. If there is a choice and it is not too expensive, I always try to buy the environmentally friendly option. They are no more expensive than other branded wipes but I do not feel they are particularly good value for money. The dispensing hole could be bigger and the re sealable tab got wet and would not stay on. I think it is a very good product. Very high quality, fantastic clean and a good smell. Marianne Ponsonby-White – Baby Beatrice 8 Months

They did do a good job on dirty nappies. 


Diane Awarded Naturebotts Baby Wipes 2.9/5

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