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Naty Eco Sanitary Towels

The top layer of each shield is of the finest No woven, and made from natural tree pulp. The next layer is composed of a thin, effective, natural super absorbent and tree pulp – both layers are totally chlorine free. The materials are approved by the Scandinavian Environmental Society and are soft on the skin and kind to nature.
In the bottom layer there is a fluid-resistant and hygienic film based on GM-free 100% natural maize. It is pliable and sanitary and allows the towel to breath. The entire product is based on natural and renewable materials.

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£1.59 Pack 15 - Available in Sainsburys,, Ocado or click online to find local stockist

Naty Eco Sanitary Towels Reviews

Product Tested by: Cindy Wallis

Product Tested By Cindy Wallis

Cindy Awarded The Naty Eco Sanitary Towels 4.5/5

First impression – wondered it they would work!  Thinking they would not be effective as corners might have been cut for the nature effect.  Packaging not too face screaming Go Green just pleasant.  Quantity in the pack standard and quite happy.  These are very simple to use, and also more absorbent than I expected.  I try to purchase enviromentally friendly products, but sometimes price prohibits me. When I first started to use these just a little cautious and had my normal towels as back up.  No need to worry as these were very absorbent and a very good product.  Pleasantly surprised.  Extremely good value for money.  Product is great and does what it is designed to do.  Had never heard of this make before but will definitely be purchasing more and already passed on the message to friends and family.  I was surprised to find such a good product that is eco friently as well.  Cindy Wallis


Product Tested By Henrietta Corcoran – Billy Aged 3 Years & Baby Teddy 10 Months

Henrietta Awarded The Naty Eco Sanitary Towels 4/5

Quality product.  Instantly recognise the brand from the eco-nappies.  Looks like quality product, though would expect 100% recycled packaging (if it is it isn’t stated clearly enough as I didn’t notice).  Quantity in the packet satisfactory.    A very easy product to use.   Absorbency is adequate, though I don’t have very heavy periods. I do try to purchase environmentally friendly products, as long as the cost isn’t prohibitory.  I am familiar with this brand as I have used their nappies in the past. I would usually look for eco-products on the shelf and would consider again. Yes for the most part these were effective, although I didn’t bother with the string pads as they aren’t for me. Quality Satisfactory. However, only the pads with wings really stayed in place well.  Definitely not the cheapest product on the market, and I wouldn’t say it is any better at doing its job than other products on the market, so I would only pay the premium  for "eco” peace of mind rather than because of superior performance.  I would consider purchasing these again. The product isn’t superior in performance and it isn’t the kind of product you really recommend to someone. Henrietta Corcoran – Billy Aged 3 Years & Baby Teddy 10 months

I was surprised to find such a good product that is eco friendly as well. 


Cindy Awarded The Naty Eco Sanitary Towels 4.5/5

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