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Nelsons Sootha Children’s Cough Syrup

Every child will get a cough at some point – it’s only part of acquiring an immune system. However for parents it can be very upsetting to hear their toddlers coughing, especially if it causes them discomfort and disturbs their sleep.
Nelsons Sootha cough syrup is a pleasant tasting, soothing, homeopathic remedy for the natural relief of coughs -suitable from 12 months plus.
Nelsons Sootha contains natural Bryonia 6c, purified honey and zesty lemon juice – all natural ingredients for the relief of coughs.
Bryonia, more commonly known as ‘Bryon’ is a yellow flowering climbing plant, which has been used medicinally in the treatment of coughs since Ancient Greeks and Roman times.Homeopathy is a system of medicine which stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes and has been used for decades. Homeopathic medicines are suitable for all the family.
Nelsons Sootha is non-drowsy so it can be taken any time.
Free from artificial colourings, flavourings and alcohol.
Suitable for babies from 12 months onwards.NEW!!! Now available in selected Boots stores!Did you know?The Royal Pharmaceutical Society recommends simple honey and lemon based cough syrups for children over 12 months to help ease and soothe the unpleasant symptoms of coughs.Dosage instructions:
One 5ml measure 3 times per day (it is recommended that the last dose is taken at bedtime when the cough may be more troublesome).
Please see a doctor if your child develops any symptoms that you are concerned about and you can Download the Teetha & Sootha leaflet online. Always read the label.
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Nelsons Sootha Children’s Cough Syrup Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Currie – Finlay 2 Years

Product Tested By Claire Currie –Finlay 2 Years

ClaireAwarded The Nelsons Sootha Cough Syrup 4.8/5

This product has great Packaging.  Instructions are easy to read and see how much was to be taken with a very strong smell of honey.  It was very easy to read and determine how much is needed.  There didn’t seem to be any age ranges and so I presume it is Ok for all ages.  What I particularly liked was the fact that it was in a plastic bottle rather than glass as I have broken a glass one in the past and it was a sticky mess.  I can’t complain about anything.  The packaging and bottle was of high quality.  The dose was one 5ml spoonful which worked very well to ease Finn’s cough.  It worked all night as well and so was effective and long lasting. I have to admit Finn is very good at taking medicine.  I was a bit worried he may not like the honey taste but he took it with no problem.  I like the fact that it is homeopathic and herbal as it makes me feel like I am doing the best for Finn.  It also appears to have less colouring and flavourings than other medicines which is a great advantage.  As I know it is effective, it is worth the money.  I will definitely continue to use it as I know it is effective. I hope I can get it in our shops.  I would recommend it to others;  it is a natural product that is very effective. It is a great medicine, in a child friendly bottle which works effectively. ClaireCurrie – Finlay 2 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Woodall – Kianna 2 Years

Amanda Awarded The Nelsons Sootha Cough Syrup 4/5

I thought the packaging was a bit dull but liked the plastic bottle;  much safer than glass and a measuring cup was easier to use for toddlers but wouldn’t for babies.  The quality of the product itself was good;  it was easy to use and looked and smelt ok.  My daughter did use it but didn’t seem to like the taste as with other products I have used (this is always personal preferrence).  I like the fact that they have used herbal ingredients in this product.  I think it offers great value for money and would be happy to pay this price for it. I will continue to use this and recommend it to others.  I do think doses need to be adjusted for different ages so they are more effective though.  Amanda Woodall – Kianna 2 Years


Product Tested By Emma Payne – Alex 3Years

EmmaAwarded The Nelsons Sootha Cough Syrup 4.2/5

Looks good quality product, like that it is natural.  The packaging was fine with enough information though style of it maybe looks a bit dated.  The quality of the product itself was good.  The dosage is fine; 5ml is same as amount of other medicines used.  My son tried it but declared that he didn’t like it –unfortunately he’s not a fan of anything lemon flavoured so I think the lemon part of the product must have put him off.  I do like this; I prefer to give an herbal remedy if it will work, particularly for a cough where most cough medicines don’t do a lot anyway.  Reasonably expensive but would be prepared to pay the amount it costs if it was effective given that it’s a natural product. Unfortunately Alex didn’t like the taste so will not continue to use it.  I will recommend it to others as I like the idea of it being a natural cough relief product and a good alternative to try to other products on the market.  Good concept of natural cough relief,  it didn’t look all that appealing colour wise and unfortunately my son wasn’t a fan of the taste due to his dislike of lemons. Emma Payne – Alex 3 Years




I would recommend it to others; it is a natural product that is very effective. It is a great medicine, in a child friendly bottle which works effectively.   


ClaireAwarded The Nelsons Sootha Cough Syrup 4.8/5

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