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new-b shoes by Bobux

new-b – designed for babies from 0-6months.  Made from 100% genuine leather.  The range is perfectly shaped to cocoon delicate newborn feet.  Available in 3 sizes – Newborn, 2-4 months and 4-6 Months Available in a wide range of styles and colours.   

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£26.00 independent stores and online

new-b shoes by Bobux Reviews

Product Tested by: Amy Dalley –Ruby 5 Months

Product Tested By Amy Dalley –Ruby 5 Months

Amy Awarded The new-b by Bobux 4.7/5

Firstly packaging was lovely, upon taking product out the box I found them to be super soft and perfect for small feet. I really liked the packaging of this product, not too fussy, easy to open. Just right! Quality is excellent and they are very well made. I like the style of the shoe, makes it easy to get on moving feet! My daughter is small for her age; these fit her well and still a little growing room so perfect for size/age of my child. Due to their design they are easier to put on compared to other brands of shoes I have for my baby. They look super comfortable and they are super soft for shoes. They came off once when my daughter was having a screaming fit in her car seat but I think I had put it on incorrect, this is the only time it fell off. I would pay this price for the product. The design is perfect. I shall be ordering a different style/colour. I have told friends about it and have had people comment and ask me what make they were. No problems, been perfect for my daughter and I recommend you to buy these too! Amy Dalley – Ruby 5 Months


Product Tested By Kathryn Bullivant – Luke 6 Weeks

Kathryn AwardedThe new-b by Bobux 4.6/5

Shoes look good, very soft to the touch and a lovely colour that will go with a lot of different outfits. Box was slightly damaged on arrival but the item inside was not damaged. I liked the look of the packaging with the clear ‘window’ allowing you to look at the shoes without opening the box. Excellent quality, very soft leather. Some of the nicest ‘pram shoes’ I’ve seen. Most of them go for style over comfort so it was great to see something that looked really good but also looked really comfortable. I also liked the fact that they fastened with Velcro so opened wide enough to get them on easily. Ordered the larger size because my baby has bigger feet than average and there is still plenty of growing room in them. Very easy to put on thanks to the Velcro fastening which allows them to be stretched more than other newborn shoes. The shoes look very comfortable and my baby seems quite happy in them – he can still kick his legs, which suggests that they are light and comfortable. The shoes stay on well unless removed by either an adult or his 2 year old brother, even when he is wriggling and kicking. They are lovely shoes and of excellent quality but they are quite expensive for pram shoes for a baby who cannot yet crawl or walk. Look good and easy to put on and remove even when baby is asleep. Would probably consider buying for own child but not sure that they have the wow factor for a gift for a family member and are a little too expensive to be a gift for a friend. Great concept and warmer than socks in cold weather so would definitely recommend to friends and family.  Lovely style and look comfortable too unlike other similar products. Lovely, comfortable looking shoes but overall cost is a bit too high. Kathryn Bullivant – Luke 6 Weeks


Product Tested By Heather Grimes – Bracken 10 Weeks

Heather Awarded The new-b by Bobux 4/5

These looked so cute when arrived. Packaging shows shoes off well however unless posting is that much packaging really necessary. Excellent quality, will last well. They look cute and are practical. Length was good with growing room. Width the same. Very easy to put on. Soft leather had plenty of give. These looked very comfortable on. They haven’t come off all the time I have been using them. They are quite pricey for shoes only designed to fit for a short period of time. Good value for genuine leather. The design of these shoes is just perfect. I would probably not purchase as not sure it’s necessary for a baby who doesn’t walk to have shoes. I would recommend if they were in the market for shoes. Cute, good quality shoes. Heather Grimes – Bracken 10 Weeks


No problems, been perfect for my daughter and I recommend you to buy these too!   


Amy Awarded The new-b by Bobux 4.7/5     

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