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Nimble Laundry Lover Non-Bio Detergent

Non-bio liquid detergent specially made for baby clothes. Free from skin-irritating allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes. Proven to be as good as leading brands but way gentler on sensitive skin. Leaves clothes looking and smelling like new. Up to 45 washes in a 1ltr bottle.

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Nimble Laundry Lover Non-Bio Detergent Reviews

Product Tested By Gabriela Parisi – Sophia 15 Months

Gabriela Awarded The Laundry Lover 3.6/5

It did not look like any other detergent, but more like washing up liquid. To be honest it took me a moment to realise what it was. The concept all in all is very good, but as mentioned above, the bottle confused me and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at first. This was very easy to use. As a detergent it worked well enough. We only buy non bio for our little one to protect her skin. This cleaned as well as any other and not too strong in smell. The mildness of the ingredients is important as gentle on my daughters skin. I did not see a difference on my baby’s skin to be honest but it was fine. Not always a priority for me natural but it is a plus. I would say more eco-friendly than usual brand mostly because of the packaging. We have used this for 20 washes so far and more than half way through. We would use this a couple of times each week. Scent was OK as not too strong. Actually my usual brand cleaned baby clothes more effectively. I liked the fact the smell was not too strong. Quality was good. Good design on packaging.  For us our usual brand works better so for me would not represent good value. I would not purchase this as not what I would be looking for I do prefer the capsules. I would recommend as better for the environment. This is not something I would choose in the shop mainly because it would not stand out. The price is good but I find it all a bit messy. It also stuck on the clothes after washing once. But it did what it had to and was good. Gabriela Parisi – Sophia 15 Months

Product Tested By Sherise Eaton – Zara 2 Years

Sherise Awarded The Laundry Lover 3.2/5

I liked the look of the product, it differs from usual detergent bottle designs. I like their ethos and the design and information displays that. Very simple as explained on the bottle there is no separate cap which wasn’t an issue for me but may be for some. I didn’t feel it cleaned certain stains as effectively as other brands. I always use non-bio for my little girl since she was born as I prefer to be careful about what I use on her skin/clothing. I was disappointed there wasn’t a stronger fragrance albeit natural ingredients perhaps that’s why. I would say 50/50, I don’t restrict what she is exposed to but try to make good choices. I’m unsure how it compares, the main difference I noticed was no lasting scent which was a shame. Being plant-based, cruelty free are not important factors but I am open to trying these type of products as good comparison to what I usually use. I would say this product is more eco-friendly than my normal brand. I have not used the entire bottle yet so would not be able to comment if this does give you 45 washes. I would use this a few times a week. I couldn’t smell any scent at all on the washed items. This did not clean better than my normal brand. I did like the brand and the bottle shape. I would say the quality is sufficient but I do not see this has an advantage over other brands. Packaging is user friendly and clear instructions. Slightly more expensive than what I usually buy which also isn’t cheap. Unfortunately I would not buy due to the scent and I don’t feel it removes stains any better than leading brands. I would not recommend for the same reasons. I feel they could work on the fragrance even by still ensuring it meets their criteria and the price is a little high. Sherise Eaton – Zara 2 Years

Product Tested By Nicole Hunt – Eden 10 Months

Nicole Awarded The Laundry Lover 3.2/5

The design was simple and different to usual detergents. The concept of it being gentle to babies and eco-friendly is great, the bottle didn’t jump out to me and looks how I would expect a cheaper / own brand product to look. Didn’t come with anything to measure it. Could order on website but had to pay £3 for delivery. Didn’t lift tough stains very well without them being in soak beforehand but to be expected with tough stains. It is important this is Non-Bio as gentle on babies skin. Clothes came out clean, in my opinion there was no smell to the clean washing, I would have preferred a stronger smell. The mildness of the ingredients is important to me as my child has sensitive and dry skin so it’s important nothing I use can set that off when it can be prevented. The ingredients seem to be gentler than my usual brand however I don’t think it worked and smelled as good as what I usually do laundry with. Cruelty-free is definitely something that appeals to me and I would rather use products that are cruelty-free as I don’t agree with things being tested on animals. I would say slightly more eco-friendly than my normal brand  as It came without a measuring cup and is small packaging considering it says it can do up to 45 washes so not a lot of waste. I have managed to et at least 35 washes out of this bottle. I would use this twice a week. The scent was nice just too faint to notice I would have preferred it to be stronger. It did the job but I don’t think it cleaned and smelt as good as my normal detergent (fairy non bio) I also felt like it left the clothes feeling a bit stiff. I did really like the fact this is eco-friendly. It worked but not the best detergent I have used. Packaging good as compact and eco-friendly, the imaging and design don’t really sell it enough for me I probably wouldn’t have noticed it on a shelf. Quite expensive for what it is, you can get cheaper in the supermarket especially when there are offers on. I would not buy this as I think my usual detergent had the edge over this, leaves clothes feeling and smelling fresher and slightly cheaper. I wouldn’t say it was bad or put anyone off buying however I personally wouldn’t buy again and therefore wouldn’t recommend it. It did the job it needed to do, just not the best laundry detergent I have used. I would use it again if I needed to as it worked. But if I had a preference it would be to stick to my normal detergent however I did like the vegan/cruelty free aspect and eco-friendly side of it. It was ok like I say I would use it again. Liked that it was eco-friendly. Cruelty free and vegan free. Gentle on babies skin however just not the best product I’ve ever used. Nicole Hunt – Eden 10 Months



I would recommend as better for the environment. This is not something I would choose in the shop mainly because it would not stand out. The price is good but I find it all a bit messy. It also stuck on the clothes after washing once. But it did what it had to and was good.


Gabriela Awarded The Laundry Lover 3.6/5

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