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Nimble Laundry Lover Non-Bio Detergent

Keep your child’s clothes stain-free and smelling fresh!Removes food, pee, poo stains and more.Made with 88% naturally-derived ingredients.Lovely light powdery fragrance with no allergens.Free from skin-irritating enzymes, optical brighteners & dyes.Lasts up to 25 washes.

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Nimble Laundry Lover Non-Bio Detergent Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Newland – Amelia 3 Years

Product Tested By Rebecca Newland – Amelia 3 Years

Rebecca Awarded The Nimble Laundry Lover 5/5

It looked
good when arrived but packaging not eye catching enough. The instructions were OK but I was not sure
if I used my own detergent with it too.I did find this was great at getting stains out. I loved the
smell it made the clothes smell amazing. Quality really good and will definitely
be buying some. It states this will last
for up to 25 washes but if items were really heavily stained I added a bit
more, so I would suggest this could change depending on how much you use. Anything is good value if it saves me
throwing stained clothes away
.I have never used non bio before as I just use any wash powder that
works. I really liked the fact is
removes stains easily. I would buy this
as 2 children I have been throwing clothes out due to staining but not anymore.
I would recommend as it is a great product that actually works. It’s nice to
find something that actually works. I was surprised how well this worked and I
have been washing everything that vanish wouldn’t get out. I would definitely
buy again and have recommended to all my friends just still unsure if I need to
add my usual detergent too. Would be nice in the wash pod version too. Rebecca
Newland – Amelia 3 Years

Tested By Caroline Dawson – Gilly & Sammy – 3 Years

Awarded The Nimble Laundry Lover 4.9 /5

Looked well-presented and liked the design and shape
of the bottle. Good packaging and design of child on the bottle would catch
your eye. It is a detergent personally do not really need instructions pretty self-explanatory. This did work well enough. I have quite a big
family and we are dealing with all sorts of stains on a weekly basis. This however, did work better than most I
have tried recently. Now this is what I really liked about the product the
aroma, it is gorgeous and all our clothes came out of the washing smelling
amazing. I do not agree with any statements stating will last up to 25
washes. Personally everyone is different
and may use more or less detergent for various wash loads. The quality is very
good. Value for money, well similar price to many on the market that do a
similar job, but they all go on offer every so often. So in a way good value if it lasts longer,
but personally I would keep eye out for it being on special offer to buy. I do
not consciously search out non-bio detergents, just look for one that works on
all the family and dogs bedding too. I really was impressed with the lovely
smell of this detergent. I would buy again and if was cheaper would buy on a
regular basis. I have already
recommended to some of my friends who only buy non-bio as this would be ideal
for them. This works well, cleans clothes well and love the fact it leaves your
clothes smelling gorgeous. Caroline Dawson – Gilly & Sammy – 3 Years

Tested By Lynette Gray – Gabriel 2 Years

Awarded The Nimble Laundry Lover 3/5

was really excited to receive the Nimble Laundry Lover. Anything that claims to
easily remove food, pee and poo stains has to be worth a try. The packaging is appealing;
the manufacturers are obviously trying to appeal to the harassed laundry mum’s
sense of humour with a picture of a startled baby on the front. I always use
non-bio as my children are prone to eczema so was keen to give this a try. Packaging
is clear and easy to use. Comes with a standard measuring/dispensing lid which,
if used as directed will give you up to 25 washes. There is a lovely picture of
a baby with very clear claims that the detergent will remove food, pee and poo
stains. The directions on the back are simple and easy to understand. Instructions are very easy to understand
however I think it would be helpful if they have advice on hard to remove stains
as well. It says 1 capful for a normal load but, as this is aimed at baby use,
and specifically baby food, pee and poo stains, my idea of what a normal baby
clothes load is may be different from the manufacturers. Very straight forward
and easy to use. Measure the recommended amount of detergent into the included
lid, put in detergent drawer and away you go. Unfortunately I have a
little one who enjoys all the orange food, tomato soup, baked beans, sweet
potato etc. Despite using expensive bibs he still manages to get covered in his
food. So, hoping the manufactures claims were true, I put his latest tomato
soup t-shirt in the wash with a small load of like colours. I put the
recommended measured amount of detergent in the machine and left it to do its
thing. Unfortunately the t-shirt came out still stained with tomato soup. I then
rewashed it using some of the Nimble Laundry Lover as a spot stain treatment
and again the recommended amount in with the rest of the wash. The soup stain
was lighter at the end of the wash but unfortunately still present. The clothes
that were lightly soiled washed well; however it is rare that I ever have
lightly soiled clothes with an active outdoorsy 2 year old. The fragrance is absolutely
lovely. Everything came out with a really fresh cotton smell, new baby smell. I
don’t think the product lives up to its claims. Luckily my son is toilet
trained so I didn’t have to worry about pee and poo stains, but I feel that if
it didn’t remove the orange food stains it would have had trouble handling what
used to come out the other end. From my experience there was
not 25 washes in the bottle. This is because I used the detergent to spot treat
stains as well as in the regular wash. It may quite possibly extend to 25
washes if it was just used as one cap full per wash. I didn’t find this to be
value for money. I usually use a supermarket brand of non-bio detergent which
is cheaper and appears to give better results. I always use non-bio as several
of my children suffer from eczema and sensitive skin, so using a non-bio is important to
us. I really liked the fragrance and my older daughter has asked if we can
continue to use it because she likes how her clothes smell after. Unfortunately
it is not practical or economical to have separate detergents for different
members of the family. I would not buy this
as I have a very active, outdoorsy two year old who also likes orange food. The
Nimble Laundry Lover was just not up to the job of cleaning his clothes
effectively. My cheaper brand of non-bio detergent, while not smelling as nice,
cleans his clothes better. I would not
recommend as most of my friends, like me, want to be able to wash clothes once
and then be done with it. Unfortunately I had to wash the stained clothes twice
and the stains still didn’t come out. This is not an economical use of mine or
my friend’s time and money. I found the fragrance of the Nimble Laundry Lover
really pleasant. Unfortunately it just wasn’t strong enough to get the
“orange” food stains out. It wasn’t economical for me to be using
extra as a spot stain remover when I could get a supermarket own brand for
cheaper which will do the same job. I also don’t want to waste time rewashing
clothes where the stains haven’t come out, I work, I have 4 children that I am
constantly running after and I feel annoyed using any spare time I have
rewashing clothes.  Lynette Gray –
Gabriel 2 Years






It’s nice to find something that actually works. I was surprised how well this worked and I have been washing everything that vanish wouldn’t get out. I would definitely buy again and have recommended to all my friends.


Rebecca Awarded The Nimble Laundry Lover 5/5

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