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Nim’s Fruit Crisps

Our delicious award-winning fruit crisps are made using the whole fruit, meaning there is virtually no waste! And better still, the great tasting snacks can form an important part of a healthy diet as they are certified as 1 of your 5 a day.

Each pack of Nim’s one ingredient fruit and vegetable crisps retains lots of the original nutritional content, including fibre and Vitamin C.

This means each packet counts as 1 of your 5 a day and, importantly, gives you fantastic flavour at no more than 78 calories, making them an ideal snack for adults and children alike.

We were also the first company in the UK to use all the whole fruit – that’s the skin, pips and core. This means there is zero food waste and, thanks to our unique air-drying method, we can achieve the rare combination of natural goodness, natural taste and real crunchiness.

Don’t take our word for it, try a pack of our crisps, garnish your drink or enjoy an edible tea on us?

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Nim’s Fruit Crisps Reviews

Product Tested By Gill Robinson – Harrison, Rosemary &Annabel – 5 years and Twins 4 Years

Gill Awarded The Nim’s Fruit Crisps 4.3/5

The packets look really lovely and modern and made me want to eat the contents. Look quite expensive. The Mango and Pineapple flavours were quite nice and sweet. Pear and Kiwi, quite liked the Kiwi with the pear was a bit tart. Didn’t like the apple at all. As they are simply dried fruit the nutritional benefits are quite high. The packaging was really lovely. Looked like a high end quality. The colour coding was quite simple. They’re really convenient. Just the same as having a bag of crisps but much healthier. Harrison didn’t like them at all; however he’s not a great fruit lover at the best of times. Rosemary liked the sweeter ones but Annabel liked pretty much all of them. My other half thought they were nice apart from the pear, which he thought was a bit tart. I didn’t mind the flavours but don’t think I could eat a whole packet of them. Harrison and Rosemary didn’tlike them enough, however although Annabel liked them, I don’t think she would have managed a whole packet. They are a high quality product.  Even though I wasn’t particularly fond of them I can appreciate them for what they are. They’re quite pricey for a single packet, however if it encouraged your child to eat something healthier that would be worth it. The pack may last two goes for smaller children as well. It’s difficult to say whether the taste could be improved as the crisps are basically just dried fruit and if the fruit is tart, short of adding sugar there’s not a lot you could do with it. I wouldn’t buy it as a regular purchase however my other half would probably buy the odd packet here and there. I would recommend this to anyone who really liked fruit products and wanted something new or to someone who is desperately trying to get some fruit into their child. Gill Robinson – Harrison, Rosemary & Annable – 5 years and Twins 4 years

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Courtney 9 and Cameron 7years

Kerry Awarded The Nim’s Fruit Crisps 4/5

I reallyliked the look of these crisps when they first arrived. The packaging was lovely and you could see all of the nutritional benefits on each individual pack. Unfortunately I was not keen on the apple ones. The pear and Kiwi ones and the pineapple and kiwi were ok though. The flavours were intense and you could taste the sweetness in them. The apple ones were quite hard in the centre where the core had been cut out. The nutritional benefits are really good as the pack states that they are 100% natural fruit with no added sweeteners. As mentioned above the packaging was lovely. They were colourful with all the information needed. They are a convenient snack to have and a lot more healthy and beneficial than a packet of crisps. I didn’t really enjoy them as much as I had hoped I would. I love crisps and these would have been a perfect alternativefor me but they were just too hard and chewy for me. The flavour is there but for me, I didn’t like the texture of them. My dad on the other hand, loves them. I would not use these to replace our normal snack items. The overall quality is great,nice packaging with a good healthy snack inside.They are reasonably priced., the taste is perfect. I think the apple ones need to be cut different as the centre is quite hard. I have recommended these to my dad as I know this is something that he would go for. He has tried them, and he really likes them. I didn’t like the texture of them but that is my personal taste, plus I am not one to go for dried fruit anyway. The taste is there on all of them and would be a great snack for people who do like this type of thing. KerryBaldwin – Courtney 9 and Cameron 7 years

Product Tested By Sharon Booth  

Sharon Awarded The Nim’sFruit Crisps 3/5

I was lookingforward to trying them. The taste was strong and some of them slightly bitter.  Apple was our least favourite.  These are really dried fruit so very healthy snack for you.  The taste of these is very strong and you can really taste all the different fruits.  These are natural fruit crisps for very good for you and nutritional value is high.  The packet design was colourful and very appealing. Crisps are always convenient as come in compact packet and can take out with you on your travels. Unfortunately as a family we did not really like the taste of these fruit crisps, but that is a personal opinion, they were just not for us. As we did not like the taste we would not replace our normal snack foods. The price is competitive for a nutritional fruit crisp. High quality and if you are looking for something healthy and different worth a try.  I was really looking forward to trying these but just did not enjoy them, which is a personal opinion.  Sharon Booth

I would recommend this to anyone who really liked fruit products and wanted something new or to someone who is desperately trying to get some fruit into their child.


Gill Awarded The Nim’s Fruit Crisps 4.3/5

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