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Nippa Clippas

Nippa Clippas – A safe way to cut those tiny nails.  Fun and fuss-free way to cut tiny nails. Eye-catching butterfly design disguises the nail clippers. Turns the ordeal of nail cutting into a friendly game. High-grade steel blades are concealed so there is low risk of accident.  Plastic body hygienically collects the nail clippings. These lovely little clippers are practical and fun, and they also make a great gift.

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Nippa Clippas Reviews

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Product Tested By  Katrina Clover – Katelyn & Reuben – Aged 2 Years & 2 Months

Katrina Awarded The Nippa Clippas 5/5

Impressed & it is a lovely design, really eye catching.  Packaging is nice and very eye catching.  Instructions are very easy and simple to follow.  These Nippa Clippa are very well made and good quality.  Also they are so simple to use.  I liked the design of the nippa clippas, hadn’t seen anything like this before.  I found them extremely easy to use to cut both my daughters and sons fingernails, and very safe as I always worry about cutting them but this doesn’t happen with these.  I would certainly purchase these and recommend to all parents.  Have already been telling everyone how good these are.  Fantastic product, very simple and easy to use and more importantly safe. Great value for money.  Katrina Clover – Katelyn & Reuben – Aged 2 Years & 2 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Rusk – Adam,Hannah,Chloe and Charlotte – Aged 6 Years, 3 Years, 2 Years and 5 Months

Michelle Awarded The Nippa Clippas 3/5

I thought the idea of child friendly nail clippers was fantastic as my children hate having their nails cut.  Came in a storage box that was actually quite difficult to re-use so ended up in the bin as it kept falling open.  Instructions seemed pretty simple to use.  Quality was ok and seemed appealing but some of materials used were poor.  Unfortunately we found the nippa clippas a bit of a nightmare to use.  With the baby I was unable to get a good idea of how much nail I was trimming due to the design. It also suggests they can be used by older children so my 6yr old tried with supervision and they were awkward and stiff to use. The quality of the steel blades was high, but it is the rest of the design that was not practical.   Personally I found I could not see what I was cutting and the blades seemed quite blunt and stiff so it was difficult to use.  For us it made it harder to cut nails not easier.  Michelle Rusk – Adam,Hannah,Chloe and Charlotte – Aged 6 Years, 3 Years,2 Years and 5 Months

Product Tested By Julie Brett – Freddy Aged 2 Years

Julie Awarded The Nippa Clippas 4/5

So cute!" great design. Nice and bright.  Packaging is Simple but practical.  Easy to follow instructions.  Great sturdy clippas.  Although the blades are sharp and cut well, the size of the butterfly obstructs vision and makes it hard to get the nail into.  Great looking product which works well but only when you can reach the blades.  They worked well, but as stated, did obstruct vision somewhat.  They are very sturdy and well made.  The butterfly distracts my son while I cut his nails. It’s a novel idea.  Would recommend as far better than boring plain clippers.  The only thing that lets it down is the limited vision of the blades. If the butterfly could be slightly adapted to allow more vision then these would score a perfect 5.  A funky, bright nail clipper which is easy to use and is good quality.  Julie Brett – Freddy Aged 2 Years

Fantastic product, very simple and easy to use and more importantly safe. Great value for money


Katrina Awarded The Nippa Clippas Top Marks 5/5

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