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Nivea Kids Pocket Size

It’s so easy to get caught out when out and about in the sunshine. Sometimes it’s just not possible to carry round a full sized bottle of sun lotion in your handbag at all times for your children. That is why NIVEA SUN has developed Kids’s Pocket Size the perfect handbag solution for your children’s protection needs. So you can keep it handy whenever outdoors. Especially formulated for Children’s delicate skin, NIVEA SUN  Kids’s  pocket size lotion provides immediate sun protection in a convenient pocket size, so you can carry it with you wherever and whenever you go outside.

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£5.99 Available Supermarkets, Boots, Pharmacist and also online

Nivea Kids Pocket Size Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Foster – Jack and Sam – 2 & 1 Year

Product Tested By Dawn Foster – Jack and Sam – 2 & 1 Year

Dawn Awarded The Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size Protection 4.5/5

Handy size and from an established and trusted company name. The sun cream was easy to apply and not too thick.The cream absorbed well, it didn’t appear sticky. Only used in this country so limited re-application as needed. I was confident using on the boys. The boys are usually fine, this was good as it absorbed quickly. The bottle design is perfect for taking out with you, never leaked and always handy to use when required. This is a high quality product and represents good value for money. I like the design, it is functional and handy. I would recommend and have already given some to my sister to try. Worked well, easy to apply and protected my boys in the sun. Dawn Foster – Jack andSam – 2 & 1 Year

Product tested By Emily Stevenson – Charlie 3 Years

Emily Awarded The Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size Protection 4.7/5

Nice size to keep in your bag or in the car. This arrived just as we were going away on holiday so perfect timing. While we were on holiday would fit neatly into my bag so ideal to take to the beach and keep with me all day if needed to use. This is really easy to apply. The consistency was fine and really absorbed quickly. This was good as Charlie is never too keen on having sun lotion rubbed into his skin but he was fine with this. I think this is a great handy size to keep with you at all times during the summer, especially with the hot weather we have had in the UK this year. Nivea is a well-known brand and I was confident this gave my son good protection in the sun. Also this is available in SPF 30 & SPF 50 so you can pick which strength to purchase.The bottle is a great design, easy to carry around and never leaked. A really well thought out product for parents. Good value for money as you cannot put a price on protecting your children’s skin. I have already purchased more and would highly recommend. Worked well and kept my son’s skin protected on holiday and back home. Emily Stevenson – Charlie 3 years

Product Tested By Nigella Salt – Julia 2 Years

NigellaAwarded The Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size Protection 4.7/5

What a great idea to have pocket size sun screen. Much better than lugging huge bottles about with us all the time. The size of this is great and fits easily into change bag and normal handbag. Just kept this in my bag all the time and when needed to apply was easily accessible and just put on Julia to ensure her skin was protected. This is really easy to apply and loved the fact it absorbed into the skin so quickly. Never had any complaints from Julia and she would always keep still when I needed to apply. Really confident this was protecting her in the sun and she never burnt at all even during the amazing heat we have had recently. I have already purchased more as we are going away on holiday end of August and this is the perfect size to keep with us. So much better to keep this handy in your bag. Loved the pocket size, loved the design and was effective and absorbed quickly. Great product and worked really well. Have already recommended to all the family. Nigella Salt – Julia 2 years



Worked well, easy to apply and protected my boys in the sun.     


Dawn Awarded The Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size Protection 4.5/5     


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