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No Mess Animal Crayons Set

Childrens No Mess Animal Crayons Set
Great to grip, clean & easy to use!
12 bright and cute crayons topped with a beautifully detailed animal head. These are plastic crayons, cleaner and easier to use than traditional wax crayons. Great for smooth, rich colours on paper, plus clean hands. Comes in novelty ship box with animals at its windows! Box size 330 x 150mm

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£6.99 Available to purchase online

No Mess Animal Crayons Set Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Caroline Coello – Zachary 2 Years

Caroline Awarded The Early Whirly No Mess Animal Crayons 4.2/5

Great packaging very funky looks like fun. Really liked the colourful packet these came in. These crayons are excellent very chunky ideal for young hands. The pack offers a great range of colours. Was very easy to clean crayon marks of tabletops etc. The density of the colour was okay;  my 2 year old had to press quite hard to get the colour. The crayons were quite sturdy,  although my son still managed to bite some of the heads off. My son liked the animal heads but he did like to bite them off. These crayons are good quality. These are good value for money and good design. I would consider purchasing these and have recommended. These crayons are a great idea, great sizes for little fingers and fun to use.  Great funky chunky crayons with cute animal heads. CarolineCoello – Zachary 2 years

Product Tested By Tracey Dines – Freddie & Riley 5 & 2 Years

TraceyAwarded The Early Whirly No Mess Animal Crayons 3.7/5

The product looked of good quality and attractive to children. Packaging was bright and inviting. The size and style of these crayons were just right for Freddie & Riley. A wide range of colours available in this pack which was ideal for my 2 year old  as gave them wide choice of colours to use. It was also easy to wipe of any crayon marks on tables etc. The colour density of the crayons was good; they did not have to press hard to get the colour to feature brightly on the paper. Unfortunately we found the crayons snapped quite easily which was disappointing.  However this was when used by my 2 yr. old, my 5 yr. old took more care.  They break easily when dropped though.  Both mychildren like the fact these crayons were animal shaped. They would make a lovely gift as they look and feel so nice however the tendency to snap doesn’t make them great value given the price. The crayon is hollow other than the head; if they weren’t I think they would be much stronger. I would probably not consider purchasing these unless they were made to be stronger.  Two crayons broke on the first use which I would not expect from a pack of crayons costing £6.99,  however I may consider them for an older child but then the animal heads may be less appealing. I would recommend to parents with suitable aged children who I knew would enjoy these crayons. Lovely looking product and felt and worked really well but the easy breakage is disappointing and I feel could easily be improved. Fun and good quality crayons for special occasions. Tracey Dines – Freddie & Riley 5 & 2 years


Product Tested By Chantel Grosse – Keisha 3 Years

ChantelAwarded The Early Whirly No Mess Animal Crayons 3.9/5

They look attractive and fun. Packaging is Basic but can see what’s inside. A good size for the children to hold although I found my younger daughter of 2 found them more comfortable and easier to use. Good choice of colours. Not had any problems with the crayons marking anywhere in my house. I found that the density wasn’t brilliant. Most of the crayons have now snapped over use during the past few weeks.  Crayons were only used for colouring/drawing. Good quality not bitty. Although good, I personally would not buy them at the current retail price. I would recommend them as being good quality products. The crayons are very colourful and attractive to look at especially for the kids, both my children have enjoyed using these and although I wouldn’t personally pay the price for them I do think they are a good product. Chantel Grosse – Keisha 3 years


These crayons are a great idea, great sizes for little fingers and fun to use.


Caroline Awarded The Early Whirly No Mess Animal Crayons 4.2/5 

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