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Nom Nom Kids Monster Reusable Food Pouch 200ml

Nom Nom Kids Monster Reusable Food Pouch 200ml Pack 4 Pouches 

A fantastic follow on pouch for older toddlers from 2 years of age, pre-schoolers and beyond. The larger size pouch allows a good smoothie size portion for age 3+. Try serving soup in the pouch for mess free eating! Only part fill the pouch for younger toddlers or if serving yogurts, puddings and fruit only purees to limit sugar intake.Each reusable food pouch holds upto 200ml/7oz of thick liquid food (i.e. purees, yogurts, puddings etc)Packaged in an eco-friendly card box our Reusable pouch 4 packs are a great purchase for your own littles ones or as a present for friends and family.    All our products are: BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free Easy Clean Easy Fill Freezer Safe Dishwasher Safe 

Pouch Dimensions excluding spout = 120mm x 150mmPouch Dimensions including spout = 120mm x 175mm

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Nom Nom Kids Monster Reusable Food Pouch 200ml Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Emma Wilcock – Eva 3 years

Emma Awarded
The 200ml Monster Reusable Food Pouches  5/5

impression was positive – looked good and was interested to see how it worked. Packaging
was good, it looked good (was lovely and colourful) and was fairly compact for
the product. Instructions did the job / explained how to use the product
thoroughly. I thought the quality of the product was good, strong and durable. Design
of the product was good however a little big due to having the secure seal on
one side and being bigger to cover a higher age range in comparison to others. Easy
to fill. Easy to clean given the large seal although a little fiddly around the
edges. I do not have a dishwasher so cleaned by hand. My daughter loves a pouch
and the independence of doing it herself. I felt it is good value for money for
the 4 enclosed if you are going to use them regularly. I personally wouldn’t
buy them for the current age of my child, I feel they are better suited to a
younger or slightly older (school age) child. My daughter is past the pureed food stage and
doesn’t take a packed lunch to nursery. I would certainly recommend. High mark given as the product is great but I
personally at the current age of my daughter being 3 I would not use the
product to its full potential. I would however reuse the product for days out
during holidays and when she is older and taking lunches to school. I feel this
would most likely be suited to a younger audience. Positive experience and enjoyable for my
child. Emma Wilcock – Eva 3 Years 

Tested By
Cera Thorpe – Ava 3 years

Cera Awarded
The 200ml Monster Reusable Food Pouches  3.6/5

Product looks
great. Packaging isreally smart and looks really child friendly
Simple instructions, no doubt on how to use the pouches. The pouches seem to be
really nice quality and not cheap or flimsy. Really good design idea, the seal
was sometimes a little tricky to open or close fully though. Not overly easy to
fill, was difficult to make sure no food when onto the seals as the pouch was
filled. I resorted to using a jam jar funnel. Difficult to make sure all the
yogurt or fruit was out of the corners of the pouch and then make sure the
pouch was dry enough to use or put away.
My daughter enjoyed using these pouches although she chewed the tops of
the spout which made it difficult to put the tops back on properly. I’m not
sure that the product offers brilliant value for money as the pouches have a
limited life and I found them so fiddly to use that I would just resort to
using my normal products. Unfortunately for us not the right product but may
suit others. Great if you
have a younger child to wean but we used ours for yoghurts so just not
practical for day to day use. Great idea in principle but just too fiddly for
everyday life with a 3 year old! Cera Thorpe – Ava 3 years

Product Tested
Lynette Little – Archie 3 Years

Awarded The 200ml Reusable Food Pouches  4.9/5

I thought
these looked pretty cool. Archie loved
the monsters. Very simple instructions and was ideal for Archie to take to
nursery. The quality is very good and
the design certainly appealed to Archie. These appealed to us as you could use
them over and over again. I found them
fairly easy to clean and mainly cleaned with washing up liquid but they are
dishwasher safe and you can pop in the freezer too. I mainly used these to put yoghurt, smoothie
and soups in for Archie. Archie found
these easy to use and this in turn gave him a little bit of independence. I also liked the little label on the back
which allowed you to put childs name, and if required heating of to be kept
cool. This way they never got lost. I do
think these are good value as they will last due to being reusable. I have already purchased some for my niece
and she loves them. Great to take out on
trips and visits to friends and family.
I would like to see these larger pouches available for solid foods and
snacks. A great idea, we just loved them
and worth every penny. Lynette Little – Archie 3 Years

I would certainly recommend. High mark given as the product is great 


Emma Awarded The 200ml Monster Reusable Food Pouches 5/5

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