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Nordic Berries

Chewable, pectin-based, multivitamin for ages 2+Provides 100% of the daily value of the most essential nutrients—including zinc and vitamins A, B, C, D3, and E No artificial colouring, flavouring, or preservatives Gelatin FREE, Allergen FREE  Gleaner Trolls have the best vision in the village—only they have the unique ability to see which cloudberries are ripe and ready to pick, and which need a few more days of sunshine. Every day at twilight, Gleaner Trolls gather ripe cloud berries along the banks of the Norwegian fjords to make Nordic Berries. Nordic Berries multivitamin captures the delicious sweet-and-sour citrus taste of cloudberries, and makes an ideal companion to any of our fish oils.
For ages 2 years and over, 4 berries daily with food, or as directed by your health care professional. Please ensure children chew each gummy thoroughly.


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£19.25 for 120 - Available to purchase Hawthorne Health, Body Kind, Amazon or click online to find local stockist.

Nordic Berries Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa McAnally – Olivia 2 Years 10 Months

Product Tested By Lisa McAnally – Olivia 2 Years 10 Months

Lisa Awarded The Nordic Berries 4/5

This product came in a large container and they had quite a strong smell, hopefully a good way to get nutrients into my daughter. The packaging was great; good to have a safety seal as my daughter kept trying to get some herself. The label is aimed more at parents than children. The container is rather large though, if I was buying it myself I would probably appreciate a smaller container. It has clear instructions on quantity and frequency of how to take them.  My daughter loved the taste. She absolutely loved them and I had difficulty limiting her to only 4 a day! She thought of them as sweets so it was easy to get her to take them, and she thought it was great that I voluntarily gave them to her rather than saying no! She chewed them well and had no problems. The only thing it didn’t say was HOW I would see if these had an improvement on my daughter’s health, so I have nothing to gauge performance on. She had no side effects from taking these at all. The quality is good, but the smell was pretty pungent and made me think they were full of E numbers because they smelt so sweet.  For the quantity in the container, the value for money is good but I don’t think I would shell out this much for a vitamin supplement for my daughter. I would rather ensure that my daughter gets the vitamins and nutrients she needs in her normal diet than rely on a supplement. I would recommend them to friends and family though. This is a good product, easy to get a child to take which is a bonus rather than having to force her to take them. But for me I would rather she got all her nutrients from her main diet than having to give a supplement.  Lisa McAnally – Olivia 2 Years 10 Months


Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Lilia 7 Years

Cheryl Awarded The Nordic Berries 4.3/5

I thought these looked exactly like sweets! Wasn’t sure if my child would accept just the one at meals times as I was worried they looked too much like sweets? They are packaged in a sturdy large big tub and the lid fitted well. The instructions were very easy to follow. My daughter did like the taste but said they were a bit sour.  It was easy to forget taking them at meal times. I think once a day would be better? She didn’t have any side effects whilst taking them. I think they are very good quality and they look and taste nice. Value for money is ok however I think taking 4 a day will quickly empty the tub even though it’s large and there’s many in there! I haves een other products on the market that are cheaper. This would put me off buying them as they are too expensive for me. I would recommend these to others; if they don’t mind the price. They are nice large vitamins which are easy to chew and swallow and taste good. I did forget to give it at every meal time sometimes but was genuinely pleased with the product; they are nice vitamins but just a bit pricey. Cheryl Nagati – Lilia 7 Years


Product Tested By EileenTeo – Caitlin 3 Years and Kieran 5 Years

Eileen Awarded The Nordic Berries 4/5

This product didn’t look like vitamins from the packaging. The instructions were simple to understand. We found the taste to be too tangy.They were easy to chew and swallow though. I did find them to be effective; I believe in the product. There were no signs of side effects whilst taking these. The quality of them was excellent. I like the product with lot of nutrients but the cost to buy would put me off. They are too expensive for me but would be good if they had a deal on. My children found them too tangy. My son will eat  them but he didn’t really like the tangy taste. They found the aftertaste was too sweet. Eileen Teo – Caitlin 3 Years and Kieran 5 Years



 This is a good product, easy to get a child to take which is a bonus rather than having to force her to take them.     


Lisa Awarded The Nordic Berries 4/5 


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