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NordicComfort™ light Silk Duvet

BioSilk™ is a natural duvet which combines Mulberry silk filling and Tencel® fibres. Tencel® is produced of cellolose (wood) and has abilities of natural fibres. Tencel is documented to be anti-bacterial and temperature regulating. BioSilk is made of 55% organically breed Mulberry silk and 45% Tencel. You get the natural abilities of silk combined with Tencel natural and documented abilities in a price friendly duvet.Benefit from silk’s natural propertiesProtects against allergies caused by dust-mitesRegulates body temperature against overheating

There is a reason why NordicComfort® is the most sold silk duvet.Documented benefits – proven by research!HypoallergenicAntibacterialMoisture absorbentTemperature regulatingAlways up to 2 years warrantyAll products are Oeko-Tex certifiedAll factories are certified BSCI for the working conditions, wages, etc…Extra care properties delivered by CrossVent™

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NordicComfort™ light Silk Duvet Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Stapleton – Harvey 6 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Stapleton – Harvey 6 Years

Sarah Awarded The Nordic Comfort Light Summer Biosilk Duvet 4.4/5

The packaging for this product was really lovely and came in a re-usable bag. The instructions were fantastic. The duvet fitted inside our existing duvet covers lovely.  It definitely kept Harvey warm enough when using it and he slept really well.  The quality and material are fantastic.  I think it offers good value for money and I would consider buying one of these now.  I would recommend it to others too.  Overall, I really liked this product. It is aluxurious duvet that lived up to all expectations.  Sarah Stapleton – Harvey 6 Years


Product Tested By Michele Rowley-Hill – Maddison 4 Years

Michele Awarded The Nordic Comfort Light Summer Biosilk Duvet  4.7/5

The quilt was nice and lightweight for the summer but surprisingly very warm.  It makes a lot of rustling noises when my daughter moved in bed!  The packaging was lovely.  The quilt was beautifully presented in a re-usable bag which would be very handy for storing it when not in use.  There were not really any instructions with the duvet but there was an information sheet attached to the zip of the bag explaining the benefits of silk filling in a duvet.  It fitted properly into our standard single duvet cover.  My daughter said it was a very snug duvet.  It was warmer than the previous hollow fibre duvet she had been using. T he material was a lot thinner than I expected it to be and it didn’t ‘fluff up’ when you shook it.  The outer shell did feel quite luxurious but it was very noisy. Everytime my daughter moved in bed it made a rustling noise.  My daughter did sleep very well and she said the duvet was very comfortable. The duvet was excellent quality. The outer shell was very soft and the quality of the stitching was excellent.  The piping around the edge of the duvet gave it a nice finish.  I think it is excellent value for money if you are buying the single duvet as it can be used for many years and is machine washable.  Although it is a thin duvet it is very warm so could be used for most of the year.  I’m not sure what makes the duvet rustle but that would be a great improvement if they could make it a bit quieter!  I would consider buying this now.  I think it would be a good investment to buy this duvet as it would last for many years.  I have already recommended it to my friends.  We loved this duvet. We will probably use it for ¾ of the year with the exception of middle of the winter.  It is a luxury duvet which will keep you warm without over heating you. I t’s fully machine washable which is a must when you have children and a good night’s sleep guaranteed.  Michele Rowley-Hill – Maddison 4 Years


Product Tested By Elena Houghton – William 5 Years

Elena Awarded The Nordic Comfort Light Summer Biosilk Duvet4.6/5

My initial impression of this product was lovely.  The material looked superb quality.  The packaging was really nice and came in a lovely re-useable bag, ideal for storing away or taking away with you.  It came with plenty of information about the product too.  It fitted inside Williams duvet cover perfectly.  It kept him lovely and warm too.  I have noticed that he does keep this one over him where as his previous one, he would kick off.  The quality of this product is excellent and the material is of superb quality.  It offers excellent value for money as the quality is so good.  It is machine washable too which is another good thing about it.  I would definitely consider buying this duvet again and I have already recommended it to family and friends.  I loved the duvet.  It kept William lovely and warm in bed and the quality is fantastic.  Elena Houghton – William 5 Years


Overall, I really liked this product. It is aluxurious duvet that lived up to all expectations.


Sarah Awarded The Nordic Comfort Light Summer Biosilk Duvet 4.4/5

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