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Not Yet a Yeti

All of George’s family are yetis, except for George. George doesn’t fancy chasing ramblers or luring stray hikers to their doom. Perhaps he has something else in mind?A brand new book by the talented Lou Treleaven, focusing on family values and being yourself. Not Yet a Yeti is a lovely story that will leave you grinning.

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Not Yet a Yeti Reviews

Product Tested By Caroline Duncan – Lily 4 Years

Caroline Awarded The Not Yet A Yeti Book 5/5

Great quality book. Similar in size to my daughter’s other books that are suitable for her age. It is different to her other books, focusing on the fact that George can control his own life and not follow the rest of his family. She is always keen to read new books anyway, but she was really keen to read this. She wanted to know what the hairy figure was (the yeti).She enjoyed reading the book and asked to read it again straight away. She liked the fact that it was a little bit scary, but not too much. She still keeps asking to read this book again, so certainly keeping her entertained. The illustrations matched the story. It is educational as it teaches her that she can make her own decisions if she stops and thinks about what she wants. The book is bound well and has a nice strong cover. The print quality is also really good with no blurring. At £8 it is value for money as it’s a book that can be re-read often. I liked the fact that the ending want predictable, so was a surprise the first time. It was good to have a story that was different. I’d buy this book. It would make a good birthday present as it fits in the £10 bracket.I’d recommend this as it’s a fun age appropriate story, with a useful message. My daughter really enjoys this story and I like reading it. Neither of us have got bored of reading it yet. This is a great story presented in a fun way. There is an undertone of scary with the yetis, but not so much that she was scared. There was a good twist, with an underlying message. The ending wasn’t predictable. Caroline Duncan – Lily 4 Years

Product Tested By Emma Dalzell – Phoebe 4 Years

Emma Awarded The Not Yet A Yeti Book 4/5

I thought it looked very bright and child friendly. The illustrations were cute and the title was very clear. I thought the concept was very up to date as now, more than ever, acceptance is very important from everyone, especially your family. It teaches your child that even if they don’t ‘fit the mould’ there is a special niche for everyone – you don’t have to be like everyone else.My little girl loved the picture on the cover – she loves rainbows. Though I did have to explain what a Yeti is! She loved that George wanted to be a unicorn because she would love to be a unicorn too. She thought it was a bit ‘yuck’ that the Yetis eat the hikers but kids secretly like ‘yuck’. This did keep her entertained. She was very interested to see what George would have to do to become a Yeti. I thought the illustrations were great – bright, fun and contemporary. Absolutely agree fun and educational book. A lovely way to explain to kids that it’s ok to be different and that your family will support you no matter what. Paperback books will always get a bit dog eared when being handled regularly by little kids. Size of the pages is good – children enjoy large, colourful pictures. I don’t think I would pay £7.99 for this book simply because I wouldn’t pay this amount for any child’s paperback book. I would probably pay £3-4 at the most. I would pay £7.99 for a collection of stories or for a hard back version of this. Mostly I liked the contemporary message within this book. As parents of young children it is important to nurture their dreams, whatever they may be and show them unconditional love. I would buy this book because I love the message behind it. It didn’t have to be Yetis (but I think little kids love a bit of ‘roaring’ and scary things!). I would recommend at it is refreshing in that it doesn’t end his you would expect it to! A lovely little story about acceptance and inclusion-it actually has meaning rather than just being a nonsensical little kids’ story. I loved the story, I loved the illustrations but it is a bit overpriced for a paperback children’s book. This is a refreshingly different story for children and is very ‘of the moment’ because anybody with children knows it’s all about unicorns at the minute!! My little girl didn’t bat an eyelid that George wanted to be a unicorn- why wouldn’t he want to be a unicorn?! As well as teaching acceptance it also teaches the very important message that it is good to be kind. I try to teach my kids to ‘always be kind’ and little George has a deep desire to be kind (and not mean!). Emma Dalzell – Phoebe 4 Years

Product Tested By Karina Canter – Lizzie 4 Years

Karina Awarded The Not Yet A Yeti Book 4.5/5

Looked a lovely book when arrived. We really liked the front cover as was appealing and Lizzie could not wait to start reading the book. This was a very moving story as it outlines the fact George wanted something different and did not want to be a normal Yeti. A really moving story with a great message. We read this book together and Lizzie really enjoyed the story. This had so much in the story, family support, being what you want to be and a few scary bits too. This has certainly kept her entertained and we have read it many times. The illustrations are great and really bring the story to life. I would not say educational but has a really good message within the story about being what you want to be and being in control of your life. I think this book is good value for money. I really liked the concept of the story and the illustrations. This is a very different story line to books we normally read but we both loved it. I would buy this as a gift and would definitely recommend. This is a really good story with a strong message and we both still enjoy reading it now as become one of Lizzie’s favourite books. Good quality, well written and lovely illustrations. Karina Canter – Lizzie 4 Years


This is a great story presented in a fun way. There is an undertone of scary with the yetis, but not so much that she was scared. There was a good twist, with an underlying message. The ending wasn’t predictable.


Caroline Awarded The Not Yet A Yeti Book 5/5

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