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Series of 5 gorgeous cards each with a different inspiring thought about memories, family or friendship: Let’s do stuff now we can laugh about when we’re old enough not to careDare to dream, live life & make memories!If you can dream it, do it and cherish the memoryThe places we visited and the laughs we shared along the way will stay with me a lifetimeWe may be miles apart but memories of great times always keep you closeApplicable to any person, any occasion.  Great gift idea for close friends and family who mean a lot or who you have shared great times with.Cards are all A6 size, a variety of colour backgrounds and all come with envelopes.  Presented with The Lovely Keepsake Company branded wrap.A6: 10.5 x 14.8 cm ( 4.1 x 5.8” )

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£5.99 Available to purchase online


Product Tested by:

Tested By
Julie Riley

Awarded The Inspiring Quotes Notelets 4.5/5

nice – personal and good quality. Came beautifully wrapped. Loved the wording
was very personal so testing wasn’t as easy as I would need to have experienced
that situation. My friends were thrilled though with the ‘spur’ of the moment
ones. These are excellent quality. My
friends loved these notelets and thought I was very thoughtful to send them. If you are after
quality these fit the bill at a good price. For myself unsure on gift as
someone may think I am trying to ‘tell’ them something. If they had more
slogans I would purchase. I would
recommend. Nice product of high quality.
Lovely to have in a drawer so you can send whenever it seems the right
time. Julie Riley

Tested By
Suzanne Murray

Awarded The Inspiring Quotes Notelets 4.4/5

are nice cards that are good to share with friends and family. They arrived
beautifully packaged. I think there could be more styles. I.e. a set that could
be a bit more humorous. That would engage with a slightly younger market. Nice
print and paper stock. Yes they liked receiving these especially older family
members who seemed to like them most. Price is good when you compare it to individual
cost of birthday card £1.80 so very fair. I would purchase as a gift possibly
for one of my older relatives i.e. mum or gran. I would buy these and would
recommend. Limited on the variety of
quotes. Not appealing enough to younger audience. This product is well
made. I think to appeal to my age group there could be a set that is more suited
and humorous. The end of the day yes it needs to be inspiring but it could also
be slightly more fun and put a smile on the persons face. Suzanne Murray

Tested By
Lucy Holmes

Awarded The Inspiring Quotes Notelets 3.5/5

quality but not something I would look to purchase. It was nicely presented and
clearly care had been taken to package it but unfortunately the way it was done
meant that the corner of each envelope had a clear dent in it from the cards. Personally I found these a bit too wordy for
my taste. The cards are very plain but
are made from a decent quality card. The envelopes also feel to be of good
quality. I have not sent any of these out yet as nothing has come up for
them to be relevant, need to send them at the right time. Spending £5.99 for 5 cards seems fair
price. It was well presented apart from
the issue with the envelopes being dented but the wording on the card was a bit
over the top for me therefore I haven’t sent any out. Lucy Holmes

Nice product of high quality. Lovely to have in a drawer so you can send whenever it seems the right time.


Julie Awarded The Inspiring Quotes Notelets 4.5/5