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NScessity Compact Ionic Humidifier

Releases a steady stream of cool moisture into the air. In built ioniser freshens air. Very compact and portable. Variable speed to control moisture release. Suitable for 12 hours operation. Auto shut off when tank is empty. In built blue night light. Perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Use the NScessity Hygrometer / Thermometer to monitor moisture levels

It is essential to maintain and clean your humidifier properly. Click here for full instructions.

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£34.99 Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

NScessity Compact Ionic Humidifier Reviews

Product Tested by: Vickie Montgomery - Baby Murron 3 Months

Product Tested By Vickie Montgomery – Baby Murron 3 Months

Vickie Awarded the Nscessity Ionic Air Humidifier 4/5

Great packaging, the product also looked good when out of the box. I thought the idea of a humidifier was also promising too. The instructions were thorough and easy to follow; they explained that you cannot leave water in the humidifier for long periods of time because bacteria will build up inside it. The humidifier itself is very easy to use but I found that the light did not come straight on sometimes. It took a little while for the mist to get going too but once it had begun, the mist did not seem to travel very far. Murron had a cold at the time we were using it. Did notice it helped a bit to stop nose getting blocked and her cough didn’t sound so dry. I found it ok to clean and store back in box when not using it. The product was good and I would recommend it if somebody is in need of a humidifier. It does work fairly well although it is not very powerful, but I guess that it is better to be subtle rather than over powerful. Vickie Montgomery – Baby Murron 3 Months

Product Tested By Anna Helm – Ashton 22 Months

Anna Awarded the Nscessity Ionic Air Humidifier 3.5/5

I thought that the product looked a little plain and simple on arrival. The website looks great, with many star buys on all of the safety essentials. I found it fantastic and easy to navigate and was also impressed that they had an online shop. The packaging for the product was very simple, being plain cardboard. The instructions were averagely easy to follow with a little common sense. The humidifier is very easy to use and there are not a lot of buttons which makes it less confusing to understand. The variable speed button controlled the moisture release and if the tank ran out it automatically turned off, I found the night light to be an added bonus too. I did notice a difference to the air in the room when the humidifier was on, the air definitely felt moister and less dusty. It made it nice to play in my son’s room during the day knowing that the air was clean and fresh. I found the maintenance of the humidifier very easy because the unit comes apart and can be soaked with vinegar or bleach. I think the design of the product is good because it is simple, it can suit any room in the house.  I would recommend this to others who have a child with breathing difficulties because different products work for different people, so it’s definitely worth a go! Anna Helm – Ashton 22 Months

Product Tested By Fay Wheeler- Samuel 11 Months

Fay Awarded the Nscessity Ionic Air Humidifier 3.2/5

I was excited when asked to test the Nscessity Ionic Air Humidifier as Sam had recently had a heavy cold, cough and blocked nose, giving us a few sleepless nights.  I hoped that the humidifier would ease some of his symptoms. Nscessity’s website is colourful, interesting and informative. It provides information on their products (they sell a wide range of baby products in addition to humidifiers) and gives further information on maintenance, health benefits and contact details for technical support. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase from them directly but they give information on stockists. The humidifier arrived well-packaged in a box which displayed information on its features and benefits. An instruction manual was provided which was clear and concise.  It gave instructions for use and advice regarding regular maintenance and trouble-shooting. Unfortunately, there was some jargon not fully explained (e.g. recommending cleaning the transducer when there was no indication of what the transducer actually was). Also, the printed instructions made no mention of using distilled/dematerialized water if you live in a hard water area but this is recommended on their website. The unit was simple to use. Simply fill the tank with water, reassemble and turn on. The adjustable switch gives variable mist and you can choose whether to use the ionizer with a simple on/off button. The nightlight automatically turns on when the humidifier is in use and there is an automatic shut-off when the tank runs dry. The stream of mist was obvious coming out of the unit as the nightlight clearly illuminates it. The humidity levels in Sam’s nursery certainly did increase which, despite keeping windows open as recommended, unfortunately did result in some mould growth on the wallpaper some distance from the machine. The mist came out of the unit in a vertical stream – I am not sure how well the mist dissipated throughout the room. The nightlight was also extremely bright which seemed to disturb Sam and couldn’t be turned off independently of the humidifiers use. Disappointingly, I am unsure whether Sam’s health was improved by the use of the humidifier. The humidifier needs rinsing out every day which takes a minute and weekly it requires disinfecting with bleach or sterilizing solution and brush which is provided (approx. 20 mins). It also needs an occasional de-scale, instructions of which can be found on their website. Although the machine initially seemed robust there were a few irritating factors. Water would often leak out from under the side and leave a pool of water beneath the machine – we took to keeping the humidifier on a tray to prevent it leaking on the floor. The Ionizer switch indicator light also failed within a week so I wasn’t sure whether the Ionization was on or off.  I don’t think I would buy this product. A friend recently purchased another model produced by Nsessity (the Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier) which she rates highly. This seems to be a much better product altogether.  In  my opinion, essential features e.g. humidity level indicator (would prevent mould on my wallpaper!), timer, directional nozzle and filter to reduce lime scale. I am considering purchasing this model. I would hesitate to recommend this product to a friend.  I believe that humidification and ionization do have great benefits… I’m just not sure this machine is the one I would choose. This humidifier/ionizer is very simple to use and a good option if you’re on a tight budget, however, I was generally disappointed with its performance. Fay Wheeler- Samuel 11 Months

it helped a bit to stop nose getting blocked and her cough didn’t sound so dry


Vickie Awarded the Nscessity Ionic Air Humidifier 4/5

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