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Nscessity Lassig Shoulder Bag

Compact, with a place for everything, the Shoulder Bag from Lässig is a really functional bag with two shoulder straps and a multitude of clever compartments. Featuring:

  • Changing mat
  • Single bottle holder
  • Wet pocket
  • Zip pouch
  • Well organised inner compartments
  • Buggy clips
  • Two broad, comfortable shoulder straps
  • Well organised inner compartments
  • Measurements: 40 x 16 x 30 cms

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£69.99 Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

Nscessity Lassig Shoulder Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Nadine Horn – Baby Horn

Product Tested By Nadine Horn – Baby Horn

Nadine Awarded the Nscessity Lassig Shoulder Bag 4.7/5

The bag is a lovely colour and is aesthetically pleasing. The Company’s website is very informative. I especially like the green credentials of the Lassig bags. It was very clearly set out and easy to navigate around. I loved the bowling bag shape of the bag; it gives it a very contemporary look. The carry handles were also a very good idea as well as the clip off shoulder strap. The fabric is of very high quality and wipeable. The embroidery was also a lovely detail! I would have rated this product full marks but I found that the elasticated compartments a bit too small to fit nappies and wipes in without them getting scrunched up. But overall the compartments are great from keeping things from getting lost in the bottom of the bag making nappy changing and feeding easy. The size of the bag is perfectly proportioned which makes it easy to take clothes, nappies, blankets and bottles out with you. I can also put my purse, mobile and car keys in the bag too so I never need a handbag! In terms of versatility, I don’t think the bag could be used as anything but a nappy bag because of the embroidery, shape and colour. The shoulder strap is very wide, making it really comfortable to carry on the shoulder. The handles are very comfortable to grip even when the bag is heavily filled. There is also a clip off shoulder strap with an adjustable length. This makes it useable on different prams and pushchairs. My baby has not been born yet but I have packed the bag with all the essentials I need. Because of the size and compartments it has packed neatly, and it will make baby changing and feeding so much easier. This should also make it quicker and easier when dealing with your baby whilst on the move. I will absolutely continue to use this bag because I believe that it is the best bag on the market currently. I have shown this product to my friends and family and they all think that it is absolutely great. Overall it’s a busy mum’s best friend when she is on the go! Nadine Horn – Baby Horn

Product Tested By Clare Shawcross – Katie & Miamh Aged 3 & 1 years

Clare Awarded the Nscessity Lassig Shoulder Bag 4/5

I really liked the look of this bag; it is practical but also stylish. I thought the website was good because the products looked very interesting but I could not figure out how to purchase the products. I loved the style of the bag and you can tell that the quality of it is very good. My other changing bag has not lasted very well at all but this one seems very hard wearing in most situations. The number of compartments is great it makes it very easy to organise things too. I really like the addition of a detachable bottle carrier. My only fault with this bag is that it looks a little bulky, even if there’s not much in it. I have only used this bag as a changing bag but the style of it is very discrete so I shall use it for work too. The bag is not as comfortable as a rucksack but the wide strap attached to it makes it a lot easier to carry around. The width of the bag makes it a lot more comfortable and it is plenty long enough. It looks very strong too and can easily be attached onto the back of a pushchair. I can get everything I want into this bag in separate compartments which makes it a lot easier to find things without emptying the whole contents of the bag. Now that I have tested this product I will definitely continue to use it and also recommend to others, although I do think that it is quite expensive. Overall, it’s a lovely stylish changing bag that makes carrying around a lot of baby products so much easier! Clare Shawcross – Katie & Miamh Aged 3 & 1 years

Product Tested By Kerrie McCarthy – Jacob 10 Months

Kerrie Awarded the Nscessity Lassig Shoulder Bag 4/5

On arrival I thought that the product looked very similar to a weekend bag! It also had lots of pockets for storing. The Company’s website was good, it’s easy to navigate and find appropriate products. The fabric of the bag is very nice but it is not water resistant. The number of compartments is great and it is very spacious, I could not have asked for more! The bag is very versatile, depending on a persons preferred style of bag. The bag is also very comfortable to use and can be held by the handles or even over the shoulder. It can also be attached to the pram. The straps on the bag are adjustable lengths and are very thick so they are comfortable to wear when the bag is full. I do enjoy using this bag and I will continue to use it and recommend it to others. Kerrie McCarthy – Jacob 10 Months

Overall it’s a busy mum’s best friend when she is on the go!


Nadine Awarded the Nscessity Lassig Shoulder Bag 4.7/5

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