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Nubie Doodle Doll

Doodle Doll by Manuella’s Picnic – Nubie Doodle doll available in boy or girl doodle doll that can be scribbled on.  The doll is made of special water-resistant paper. It comes in a cardboard box with a set of permanent markers to create a lifelong keepsake. (cm) 45H -Age range:  3 Years plus

Material: Water Resistant Paper
Other features: Height 45cm. Washable at 30 degrees

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£37.50 Available to purchase online

Nubie Doodle Doll Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Louise Goodyear – Emily Aged 8 Years

Louise & Emily Awarded The Nubie Doodle Doll 4/5

Initial impression quite plain as the doll is all white but nice.  Good quality website with lots of interesting products on offer and easy to navigate.  Packaging good and very self explanatory on how to use this item.   Comes complete with markers to colour in the doll and age suitability ideal for Emily.  Emily really enjoyed colouring in her doll and was a very creative exercise.  Emily certainly had fun being creative and was an unusual aspect to have a doll you could make your own by colouring in body, face and hair.  Emily did enjoy playing with this item for a while, but it did not hold her attention long term.  Personally I feel this is slightly overpriced, but it is an unusual aspect and would make a nice gift for maybe a slightly younger child.  A good quality doll and does allow your child to be a little more creative.  Louise Goodyear – Emily Aged 8 Years

Product Tested By Kirsty McCarthy – James & Josh Aged 5 & 3 Years

Kirsty, James & Josh Awarded The Nubie Doodle Doll 3.5/5

I was not impressed and thought it would be a wash-out, but the boys loved it.  A very modern site with some lovely looking items for sale.  A bit on the pricey side, but most products are a modern take on traditional toy which tend to attract a higher price. Packaging aimed at adults – a minimalist brown box with a stylised drawing – an outline of the doll. Not particularly exciting for children and it doesn’t tell you anything about the product, so I was mystified.  Instructions very straightforward as it is a straightforward concept – clear and precise.  Good quality doll, though the felt tip pens were very ordinary – and only 4 colours which is very basic.  Age suitability ideal for my children.   Both boys enjoyed colouring the doll in, although I had to suggest colouring in the hair, and drawing the face as they restricted themselves to the clothes.  But when they found that the overall came off, they enjoyed colouring in the body of the doll too.  As they had to share the doll they made a two sided one with different face on each side, which they thought was funny. Both my sons enjoyed colouring in the doll – and the idea that it could be washed clean pleased them.  However, when washed they did not get as excited about colouring him in again.  The doll has only been played with twice altogether even though he has been out all the time. The second time, my son scribbled on him a bit and then got bored – the novelty of colouring in a doll had worn off.  I was surprised to see the advertised price as I would have thought it would have sold for half that.  Personally I don’t think it is value for money.  Despite my boy’s initial delight in the product, the novelty soon wore off, and they are just as happy drawing on paper. I feel the price of this toy is steep, but if it was cheaper would consider purchasing as it was enjoyed so much initially. Brilliant fun to start with, but has no longevity. Kirsty McCarthy – James & Josh Aged 5 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Liza Pare  – Sally Aged 6 Years

Lisa & Sally Awarded The Nubie Doodle Doll 4/5

looked very basic as a white doll  Interesting. The quality was good and lots of great stuff on the website and easy to use.  Good informative packaging. Supplied with the markers to colour in your doll and Sally was looking forward to being creative.   Age suitability ideal. Sally enjoyed being creative and colouring in her doll to suit her requirements. Really liked the idea of having a doll you could colour.   I think once the doll is coloured it did loose the appeal.  She did play with it every so often, but did not hold her attention for too long. A little on the expensive side but different so good idea for a gift.  Liza Pare  – Sally Aged 6 Years 

A good quality doll and does allow your child to be a little more creative.


Louise & Emily Awarded The Nubie Doodle Doll 4/5

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