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Nuby No-Spill Grip & Sip Cup Stage 2

The Nûby™ 2 handled cups feature the No-Spill™ easy to use, easy to clean soft silicone spout that prevents spills and reduces leaks. The unique 1 piece valve promotes natural healthy drinking because it needs very little suction, allowing your child’s palate and teeth to grow naturally. The soft easy grip handles are perfect for little hands to hold and encourage your child’s transition from the bottle to cup drinking. Reusable protective spout cover included!

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Nuby No-Spill Grip & Sip Cup Stage 2 Reviews

Product Tested by: Jennie Morris – Baby Eddie 7 months

Product Tested By Jennie Morris – Baby Eddie 7 months

Jennie Awarded the Nuby Trainer Cup 4.8/5

Looks easy for little hands. This did not come with the packaging but because I have had one before I know that the packaging has all the required information you would need. This product is well made and will withstand a lot of use. The lid is tight fitting and does not come off easily which is good if it’s in the change bag or being thrown around when not in use! Ideal as it is soft for delicate gums and also nice for them to bite down on if they are teething. The design of the cup is not stackable. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Very easy to clean as all the parts disassemble easily. The cup is leak proof, non-spill, and comes in a variety of colours. Sometimes I thought the little notch on the spout had to line with the hole in the handle part to prevent leaking but it doesn’t necessarily match up and does not leak either way. This is a lovely cup for young ones to use and very easy to hold.  Its soft spout allows for delicate teething gums to bite down on.  It is non-spill and leak proof.  The lid is ideal as it keeps the spout clean.  Jennie Morris – Baby Eddie 7 months

Product Tested By Celia Chapman – Baby Amber 9 months

Celia Awarded the Nuby Trainer Cup 3.7/5

I was initially attracted by the soft silicone spout, I had tried several and this was the first one my baby would use. The packaging was very clear and simple with 3 main images for "non spill" "vari-flo" and "soft silicone spout". This provided all the info I needed to know it would be suitable. It also stated suitable age for baby to use i.e. 6 months. On the back there was a short paragraph expanding on the above. The rating takes into account the price of the product. Two of the cups I have split in the spout section meaning that they are no longer "non spill".  I have contacted the Careline who advised me that replacement spouts are not available and that bottle brushes should not be used.  I asked how the spout should be cleaned (they discolor in the dishwasher) and she said that you should rub and squeeze the spout with your fingers.  You could of course use a sterilizer if you use it for milk. You simply line up the notches on the lid to those on the handle part and it clicks securely in place.  None of mine have ever come off and they are far more user friendly than some of the other cups we have tried.  As the lid is clear like the spout you do need to remember to take it off prior to giving the cup to your baby! I like the fact that it is soft and as your baby drinks from it her nose isn’t squashed.  As the baby drinks from the cup though the area above the actual spout becomes inverted.  I initially thought this would affect the flow of fluid however the spout does return to it’s normal shape once the air gets back into the cup.  I have marked this down due to the splitting of the spout mentioned above.  I thought using a soft bottle brush to remove milk remains would not have damaged the spout.  I also recommend hand washing as mine became discolored in the dishwasher. The only stackable parts are lid and spout.  As I have several I find it easier just to assemble the cups with lids on to keep them as clean as possible. Clear instructions and obvious how cup fits together.  The only point to make is that the spout has cut out areas on either side for it to fit into notches on the handle section.  When you screw in the cup it’s easy for the spout to twist out of the notches.  However I think this just means you have screwed in the cup too tightly. Easy to clean everything except spout if used for milk.  Can be put in dishwasher but spout discolors.  Non-spill so baby can shake cup up and down without spilling.  Was first cup my baby would use due to soft spout? Taking price into account it’s value as well as the fact you can buy several without breaking the bank.  I have been using mine for a month or two now and apart from spout cleaning issue an all round good cup. I would like to see measurements on the cup.  It actually contains 210ml and when your baby is making the transition from formula to cow’s milk it is helpful to know exactly what she is drinking.  Some cups also have a measurement for diluting juice.  I liked the fact that handles and cup are coordinated and that you can clearly see the fluid in the cup. It ticks all the boxes and it’s affordable so I can have several meaning I don’t need to keep washing out the same one. Good all round value for money, rightly coloured, soft easy to use spout, easy to grasp and tip up with no spillages! Celia Chapman – Baby Amber 9 months

Product Tested By Emma Sherwood – Baby Eloise 11.5 months

Emma Awarded the Nuby Trainer Cup 3.8/5

Looks great and feels robust. No packaging included on arrival. Very robust and easy to ‘manhandle’, it feels well made and able to withstand a wrath of a toddler! Very secure and well fitting, it does not fall off like other makes of cup I have tried but is completely removable so does not obstruct use of cup. The cup is not stackable but stores ok as it is quite ‘squat’ and has a good centre of gravity so does not topple over easily when empty like some other beakers I have tried. It only has four parts and they are all large and uncomplicated to use.  There are no small valves to remove for washing which can easily get misplaced. Generally good as it has a simple design and few parts.  My only concern is the grooved area around the top inside of the spout which would need careful attention as gunk can build up in areas like this. It hasn’t leaked or dripped yet so is up there amongst my favorites so far. it is very reasonably priced and so far shows promise of ‘going the distance’ and not joining the ranks of the unused at the back of my cupboard! It’s robust, simple and yet does the job really well. I will continue to use it as it has great non-spill and non-leak properties whilst at the same time holding a reasonable amount of fluid. I would recommend it due to its ease of use and simplistic design. Very good product with just a couple of minor niggles stopping it from getting top marks. Personally I do not like the fact that when my daughter sucks hard on the cup the spout  becomes depressed due to a vacuum forming – the air inlet hole to counter the sucking effect does not seem to be large enough and I have to squeeze the teat to let the air back in as it becomes hard to drink from. I also have concerns about the durability of the spout as children do like to chew on the silicone (my son chewed the silicone straws on the Nuby flip top cups!).  Emma Sherwood – Baby Eloise 11.5 months



It is non-spill and leak proof.  The lid is ideal as it keeps the spout clean. 


Jennie Awarded the Nuby Trainer Cup 4.8/5

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