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Nuby SoftFlex Silicone Nurser

The SoftFlex Silicone bottle fetures a revolutionary new soft air silicone base.  Made from a 100% BPA free silicone, the soft silicone base allows the parents to assist with feeding by giving the bottle a gentle squeeze.  This unique bottle also features anti-colic vents, and Nuby’s Natural Touch breast size nipple.   Available in 5oz/150ml – 7oz/210ml & 10oz/300ml

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£7.99 Available Nationwide or click online for your local stockist

Nuby SoftFlex Silicone Nurser Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Martin – Baby Molly 3 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Martin – Baby Molly 3 Months

Sarah Awarded The  Nuby Natural Touch SoftFlex Silicone Nurser 4.3/5

Looks good with some unusual features.  The website is clear and bright, very eye catching.  It inspires you to look into the website further.  Having read the packaging I would have thought the bottle was right for me.  There is plenty of information on the packaging.  Bottles appeared well made and are Bisphenol A free which is important to me.   I had no problems reading the bottle it was clear so I was assured that I was making the bottle accurately.  Due to the flexible nature of the bottle, you do need to be careful that you don’t squeeze the bottle whilst filling, particularly when filling with boiling water.   Although not uncomfortable to hold when feeding, again due to the flexible nature you need to be careful how you hold it so you don’t squeeze it increasing the flow when you don’t want too.   The product is sold as an anti-colic bottle.  I found the lid difficult to get off and the bottle fiddily to assemble as the teat had to go on in a precise manner.  No problems cleaning the bottle, although the bottle is made up of a number of pieces. I took the bottle out with me on a number of occasions and it never leaked.   I think this bottle is a little on the expensive side but if it works for colic you can’t put a price on this.   I love innovative products and I love showing my friends that I use the latest products.  This bottle was the topic of a number of conversations as not many of my friends had seen a bottle like this.  Baby bottles can be a bit on the boring side but this bottle was fun to use.  The product looked interesting with some excellent features and I just love innovative products.  Sarah Martin – Baby Molly 3 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Richards – Baby Caitlin 3 Months

Nicola Awarded The  Nuby Natural Touch SoftFlex Silicone Nurser 3.5/5    

It looked easy to use and came in attractive packaging. Nuby don’t seem to have a UK website. However, the US website is easy to navigate and contains lots of information about both breast and bottle feeding. There is also information about weaning and soothing your baby, The built-in vertical toolbar is difficult to see which makes the site a little difficult to use.  There is a list of products available (lots of funky coloured bottles). Nuby also manufacture a range of teethers and tablewear which are brightly coloured and would be attractive to babies, and fun for toddlers (and their mummies and daddies!) to use. I was unclear whether these products  are available in the UK. Also, I cannot see the Natural Touch Soft Flex Silicone Nurser on the website. On the “Contact Us” page of the site, you can view the UK contact details. However, the email address is a Yahoo one, which doesn’t look very professional. There is no information about stockists.  However, I am sure this has been updated since I last checked online.  The bottle comes in an attractive five-sided box which makes it stand out from its competitors on the shop shelf. The transparent window at the front of the box gives a clear view of the assembled bottle and the box contents is also listed, which is useful. The back of the box provides details about the anti-colic base and explains how the bottle works. The packaging states that the bottle is BPA free.  The pack that I received contained just a single bottle. If I were to purchase these bottles, a pack of 3 or more would be more appropriate, as most parents would need several bottles. However, the single pack is useful if a parent wishes to try a bottle to see how they and their baby get on with it before purchasing further bottles.  The bottle itself is made out of silicone and it feels durable.  During testing, there have been no signs of wearing.   I found the measuring marks very difficult to read. This is because they are raised markings on the bottle rather than printed on in a different colour.  The bottle is very easy to fill as it has a wide neck. As it is a silicone bottle (and, therefore, squeezy) you need to place it on a flat surface when filling it as if you hold it and squeeze it, the measuring will not be accurate.  The bottle is very easy to hold as it is slightly curved on each side. In addition, the bottle comes with detachable handles. Although these are intended for use with the spout, I tried them out with the teat. My baby grabbed on to them easily and seemed to like holding the bottle.  Wide-necked, anti-colic, detachable handles, breast-sized teat. All of these were useful. The bottle is squeezy and the reason behind this is to “assist feeding baby by gently squeezing silicone bottle”. I didn’t like this as it made the milk come out more quickly and as my baby wasn’t expecting it, choked a little on the milk.  I found it very difficult to assemble the bottle.  There are six pieces to the bottle, which seems quite excessive. With the exception of the bottle lid, every piece has notches on it, which have to line up with the pieces that connect to it. It is possible to connect some pieces without lining up the notches and if you don’t realise you haven’t lined them up properly, the bottle leaks (a lot!). The bottle is easy to disassemble as it is a case of just pulling each section apart.  The bottle is easy to clean. None of the pieces have any difficult-to-reach parts.  The bottle was always upright when traveling and didn’t leak when assembled correctly.  Personally I feel this bottle is a little on the expensive side.  Although my baby did like the bottle, she also gets on with other bottles that are less time consuming and less error-prone to assemble.  The features on offer (especially the anti-colic base and shaped bottle) do make it a good product. However,  if I recommend the bottle to anyone, I would warn them about how tricky it is to assemble!  A comfortable bottle with several features that make it appealing to babies’ parents, yet unfortunately it isn’t very easy to assemble.  Niocola Richards – Baby Caitlin 3 Months

Product Tested By Susan Archer – Baby Milly 4 Months

Susan Awarded The  Nuby Natural Touch SoftFlex Silicone Nurser 4.5/5

Looked interesting and had not heard of Nuby before.  Good website, informative and easy to navigate. Packaging good with good informative information telling you about the prodcut. These bottles are good quality and Bisphenol A free which we all know is important these days.  The markings on the bottle were very clear so easy to use.  This is fairly comfortable to hold and you also have to be a tad careful when willing as this is a very flexible bottle. Just when holding and feeding be sure not to squeeze too hard.   I also found this helped with colic which is good.  It is not as simple to assembel and dissasemble as found the lid a bit fiddly and the teat has to be placed on in correct way.  Once you get the hang of it after a few times it does become easier. Easy to clean and also a good portable bottle to take with you on your travels.  This would keep fluids contained when out and about.  The bottle is slightly higher prices, but good quality and also helped with Milly’s colic so another bonus.   I had not heard of Nuby before but this was a good product and will certainly be recommending to others and looking at other products they have available.  A good qualtiy bottle incorporating some innovative features and was effective and easy to use.  Susan Archer – Baby Milly 4 Months 

Baby bottles can be a bit on the boring side but this bottle was fun to use.


Sarah Awarded The  Nuby Natural Touch SoftFlex Silicone Nurser 4.3/5

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