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Nuby SoftFlex Squeeze Feeder

Designed to ease the transition from breast and bottle feeding to first solids and first drinks. The SoftFlex squeeze feeder comes with a Natural Touch nipple, silicone spout and spoon so you have everything you need to get started.  The spout encourages your baby to try something new and moves them onto cup drinking, whilst the spoon is perfect for those first tastes of solid food.

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£5.99 Available Nationwide or click online for your local stockist

Nuby SoftFlex Squeeze Feeder Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Clark - Baby Violet 6 months

Product Tested By Lisa Clark – Baby Violet 6 months

Lisa Awarded The Nuby SoftFlex Squeeze Feeder 3.6/5

It seems like a cross between a bottle and a spoon! I think it looks quite inventive and I was keen to try it out! The website is easy to navigate and find different ranges of products.  I like that clicking on an item lead to a pop up window with more information. I like that the packaging is not excessive, the feeder arrived shrink wrapped in plastic on cardboard backing. The instructions were clear and simple to follow. The feeder is easy to fill with solids as the opening is large enough to fit a teaspoon into. The purees must be almost liquid as the opening onto the spoon is small, thicker purees will not go through it! The Feeder is very easy to clean, either by hand or in the top shelf of the dishwasher. There are no fiddly components! Violet was happy to use the Squeeze Feeder and took baby rice and a range of soft pureed fruits from it easily. The Feeder is easy to assemble and I think it is especially handy for use when out and about. It would be easy to fill at home and take with you. The Squeeze Feeder does not really make feeding cleaner and easier than with a bowl and spoon; if there is puree dribbled there is nowhere to scoop it back to! I found Violet would not eat a whole spoonful at once and this became messy. With a bowl and spoon I would usually tip rest of ‘new food’ back into bowl then clean round her chin and pop dribbles back in. This is not possible to do with the Squeeze Feeder. The product is good quality and feels like it will last well. I think it is reasonable value for money but does have a limited life span, as soon as baby moves onto thicker puree it becomes impossible to use. After using the product for 5 weeks Violet has now moved onto thicker purees and I don’t find that I can use the Squeeze Feeder. A good item in theory but not so useful after the very early stages of weaning.  Lisa Clark – Baby Violet 6 months

Product Tested By Kelly Watkinson – Baby Charley 6 Months

Kelly Awarded The Nuby SoftFlex Squeeze Feeder 4/5 

It is a silicone bottle but instead of a teat it has a spoon on the end. Website has everything to help feed your baby from birth until they can feed themselves. There are also teethers and comforters. It is a really easy website to use and I will be visiting it again.  Packaging was quite hard to open and I had to get scissors. There was not a lot of packaging and it was compact.  Instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow.  When filling this with first solids, it was easy as long as there were no lumps at all.   I had to go and buy a new bottle brush to make sure this product was cleaned properly.  Charley enjoyed using this squeeze feeder.  This was very practical especially when we are out for the day.  It made things a bit cleaner when out and about, but at home it was no easier than a bowl & spoon.  At £5.99 it’s a bit more expensive than a spoon and bowl but well worth the money.   I am going to invest in a couple more of these products.  I think it’s worth the money but some people may consider this a bit expensive.  I have found it easy to use. The only downside to this product is you can’t warm the food up in it and you can’t put it in the microwave.  Very convenient for when we’ve been out and about.  Kelly Watkinson – Baby Charley 6 Months

Product Tested By Karen Finch – Katie & Abbie – Twins 7.5 Months

Karen Awarded The Nuby SoftFlex Squeeze Feeder 4/5 

Fantastic Idea!  Website very easy to find your way around, and has links to buy products.  Hard plastic packaging, that you have to cut open but keeps item clean.  Instructions very easy to understand and the item is very easy to assemble and reassemble.  Easy if your filling from a jar you can just tip if straight in.  However,  if your putting in home made baby food or powdered food, you have to mix,  you have to spoon it in, it can get a bit messy around the top but easy to wipe off.  Very easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher.   I had no problems feeding them both with the spoon.  Easy to use and much better than holding a bowl and spoon, you have a free hand!!  Found it easier to feed them both as once the food is in no spillage at all!  The quality of this item is great, but the food does stain the tube.  The price is about the same as purchasing a bowl & spoon so reasonable. I did try to purchase another one but Boots were out of stock.   Would certainly recommend this item.  Great idea, not seen anything like this before. Good for travelling also as you do not have to take bowls out. Would be even better if you could get interchangeable spoons with bigger hole for next stage feeding. Many thanks.  Karen Finch – Katie & Abbie – Twins 7.5 Months

The Feeder is easy to assemble and I think it is especially handy for use when out and about.



Lisa Awarded The Nuby SoftFlex Squeeze Feeder 3.6/5

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