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Number Street

A chunky 20 piece number puzzle to help learn numbers to 10

A colourful 20 piece number puzzle

A fun introduction to counting from 1-10

Develops hand eye coordination

Giant poster included

Suitable for ages 2-5

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Price £10.50 Available online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2020 Puzzles Category 

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Number Street Reviews

Product Tested By Natasha Shaw – Thomas & Elizabeth 10 & 5 Years

Natasha Awarded The Number Street Game 4/5

Bright, colourful and good size.  A good concept to help teach counting. Instructions were simple and easy to follow. Thomas 10 year old did, but Elizabeth (5 year old) struggles to understand because of her learning difficulties, she liked the bright colours and large pieces; she did enjoy signing (Makaton) the animals.  This would be fine for average 5 year old. Contents are good quality and nice thick pieces. They both enjoyed the game.  Elizabeth enjoyed trying and playing with us alongside her with signing. It would be fun and effective for a typical 3-5 year old; it did encourage Elizabeth to sign her animals. For a typical 3-5 year old it would be great for hand-eye coordination. Elizabeth cannot understand how to put the pieces together though. Elizabeth liked the poster as it was bright bold and shiny.  We have not played this game with her friends.  We did play this game as a family; her older brother did enjoy playing this with her. Both parents had some fun playing with this along with the children.  We have made the puzzle several times. This did keep my daughter entertained and she enjoyed looking at and signing the animals. I believe this is ideal for 2-5 with help, but more 4-5 with soul play. This is definitely a good educational puzzle.  I do feel this is a little expensive.  I loved the large pieces and bright colours.  If I saw this on offer I would purchase.  I would recommend because it is bright and is a good size sturdy pieces. It was fun for the children, even for Elizabeth who could not understand what she should do, it gave her signing practice. This educational puzzle is bright and colourful with sturdy pieces that little ones can easily hold and place. Even though our 5 year old daughter has special educational needs and could not use the puzzle for its intended purpose, she still found entertainment and use by signing in Makaton the animals along with her family. Our older son Thomas enjoyed helping his younger sister complete the puzzle; This was a fun puzzle that can bring family members together to help learn about counting, colours and animals. Natasha Shaw – Thomas & Elizabeth 10 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Holdaway – Thomas 2 Years

Joanne Awarded The Number Street Game 5/5

Product looked fun and well made. The concept was good. The use of numbers, animals and colour was engaging and the house theme made it easy to follow. There were no instruction as such but there was advice around ways to discuss the jigsaw with the child to get more involvement and learning from it. My 2 year-old with very little help was able to play the game. The jigsaw pieces are large and easy to manipulate for small hands. They have stud up to numerous plays. The images and printing are a high standard. He gets this out to play regularly. He loves counting the animals to match the numbers. He will count the animal pictures to match them to the numbers. And likes to count as he places the numbers in sequence. Has developed his fine motor skills when putting the pieces together. He now looks at the pictures to check they are the right way up before putting them in. The poster is a great idea but we have not used this yet. He hasn’t played with friends but will bring to an adult to play with. We played with it as a family. And enjoyed watching Thomas explore the game and discussing the pictures. My son plays this game most days. This did keep him entertained but he does like company when playing. The age suitability is ideal as my son is 2 and loves it. It may become a bit easy as he gets older although we may find other games to play with it. This is definitely a good educational game. Great value as it is well made and designed and my son plays with it a lot.  I loved the versatility of the jigsaw there is lots to discuss while it is being completed and once it is finished.  I would buy this as my son loves it.  I would recommend for all the reasons above. My little boy has loved playing the jigsaw. There are lots of different a ways to match the pieces together and lots to talk about.  Joanne Holdaway – Thomas 2 Years

Product Tested By Dornubari Lebari – Idris 3 years

Dornubari Awarded The Number Street Game 4/5

My son and I both loved the colourful box. It was easy to open and also loved that it had a handle so he took it everywhere with him (like staying with grandma or his uncle). The game is simple yet effective.  My son was already into animals and was able to learn his numbers and the order of them in association with the animals. The colours were also great reminder.  Instructions simple enough. But then it was simple. I think it could have done with some more words for parents though. Very easy to play for my 3 year old and it gave him a sense of achievement to put them all together and see them laid out on the floor or the table, completed. The hard board is durable for kids throwing things around and a boisterous 3 year old boy. My son, Idris, absolutely loved playing this game.  He already knew how to count but it helped to consolidate his learning and his counting improved significantly after using this game.  I think it did help to develop his hand eye co-ordination but not as a primary gain. It is difficult to ascertain how much more this helped with my son. My child was not keen on the poster and did not want it up in his room but he is a bit off the curve like that. He did not give a reason. He played this game with his best friend when she came over to stay with us or even in an afternoon. He was very proud to show her what he had learned, as she is a bit older. We have played this game as a family of mummy and son (that’s our family) and he has also played it with his uncles and grandma. Unfortunately, I don’t think we can all play it together and enjoy it. He played it initially on a daily basis for about 3 weeks but still enjoys it now so plays with it at least 4 – 5 times per week. This definitely does keep him entertained. Sometimes it is a good distraction for him whilst I get his dinner ready.  I think this is the appropriate age for this game. His older friend who also enjoyed it is 5 years old.  It is an educational game but primarily counting skills.  I think given what you get in this game, it would be better value at a lower price. I hesitate to get it for my nephews and nieces due to the price.  I really liked the ease of us, the transportability of it.  I would buy this but not at £10.50, maybe around £5-£7.  I would recommend but I would advise them to wait until it is on offer somewhere. Great to hep with counting skills. Fun, in the simplest of ways but then that’s the best fun. Creates sense of achievement every time it is played.  Unfortunately, I do not feel it is great value for money at this price.  This game is easy to use and great fun. Dornubari Lebari – Idris 3 years












This was a fun puzzle that can bring family members together to help learn about counting, colours and animals.


Natasha Awarded The Number Street Game 4/5

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