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Numberblocks® Race to Pattern Palace

Join the Numberblocks® on a colourful problem-solving adventure with the Numberblocks Race to Pattern Palace educational board game. Inspired by the popular ‘Pattern Palace’ episode, in this game players take turns creating patterns to unlock the path that leads to Pattern Palace – the first player to get there wins! Players navigate twists and turns whilst building pattern and colour recognition, counting, and fine motor skills along the way. Suitable for 2–4 players.

Go on a colourful problem-solving adventure in Numberland with the Numberblocks®!

In this fun game inspired by one of the show’s most popular episodes, children use pattern cards and coloured tiles to move the Numberblocks One to Four over bridges, and through twists and turns on the game board to race to Pattern Palace.
As they play this exciting problem-solving maths board game, they build counting, patterning, and colour recognition, as well as interpersonal skills such as taking turns.
Suitable for 2–4 players.
Game board measures 70cm L x 23cm W when unfolded.
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Numberblocks® Race to Pattern Palace Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Blackmore – Joel 4 Years

Louise Awarded The Numberblocks Race to Pattern Palace 5/5

Very excited! Joel has seen Number Blocks at Pre-School so he couldn’t wait to open it. At first I thought the instruction might be too complicated for a pre-schooler, but once we got playing I realised it was fine. For the most part they instructions are ok but there are a couple of cards and moves in the game that aren’t well explained so we’ve had to make some assumptions about their meaning. I wasn’t sure if he understood the concept of patterns or if he could cope yet with the Trick element of sometimes being sent backwards etc, but he was fine and really enjoyed it. We had to move on to the harder set of patterns quite quickly. Absolutely a fan of Numberblocks TV series. I think he still would have enjoyed the game even if it wasn’t branded and he was a bit upset that his favourite Numberblock was not included. But his initial excitement was because he recognised the characters from the programme. He loved working out the patterns and wanted to work out everybody else’s as well! Certainly kept him entertained and he still plays it regularly. This is a fun way to practise and expand on counting, patterning and colour recognition skills. This game reinforces what he is already learning and gives him a fun way to practise. He played it a lot in the beginning, now three months on he probably plays it once or twice a month. This was always played with at home. He has played it with his older brother, his parents and one of his preschool friends. Everybody has enjoyed playing this game. He enjoyed being able to play a game that required some thinking but wasn’t beyond him. He really enjoyed the Six’s Tricks element which surprised me! I loved the fact it felt like fun but with a point to it and also that we didn’t have to let anybody win, we could all play it as it is meant to be played thanks to the Six’s Tricks cards evening the playing field. Age suitability ideal thanks to the two levels of patterns that you can choose from I feel 3 is the earliest starting point for a game like this and by the end of Reception I imagine he will have moved on completely from it. This would be a great educational game to have in Pre-schools. They teach patterns in Pre-school, so any game, especially with well-loved characters, would be a great addition for practising their skills. I would happily pay this for the game because I think we would get at least 2, if not 3 years’ worth of play out of it. It is great quality material, but the bridges are fiddly for a pre-schooler and when we first got it he found the pattern strips harder to handle. He’s fine with it now but he’s almost 4.5 – a 3 year old might find it all a bit fiddly. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it and am now much more likely to buy a Numberblocks board game if I see one in the shops whereas we’ve previously only really bough Order Games for this sort of learning through play. I would recommend. We have lent it out to friends many times and it is always well loved. We continue to enjoy playing this game regularly. It has been great for both children, not just our youngest and the whole family has enjoyed it. Louise Blackmore – Joel 4 Years

Product Tested By Maggie Goffin – Christopher 3 Years

Maggie Awarded The Numberblocks Race to Pattern Palace 5/5

Impressed by the packing, bright and colourful, with the characters running on the front. Clear and informative. Great concept. Gives movement along using a mix of colours and numbers so able to practice both as well as patterns and turn taking. Instructions clear with pictures to help identify the different cards. The game is fairly simple so the instructions were short and precise. The general gist of the game he was able to follow, the special cards needed me to explain what they meant. He needed guidance throughout the game at first but as we played more he was more confident about how to move his playing piece and how much to move. He understood when he needed to build a bridge and to pick up a card when he got a 6. He understood he needed to pick a pattern card for his bridge and to place tiles to complete the bridge. My son is not a fan of the Numberblocks TV series. He has seen them a few times and was able to give them their number names. He loved building the bridges, he didn’t always get the right pattern and did need help with a few to work the right pattern. This really did keep him entertained. When first opened he wanted to play several times in a row. When crossing the bridges with his character he started giving them little actions and made them hop over and sometimes falling off the bridge into the water. It gave him time for some imagination play as well as working with his numbers and colours. My son has some speech delay so this was helpful to work on not only his naming but his pronunciation of the numbers and colours, he isn’t always able to say the correct things clearly but this game did help towards his practice. His pattern work is still a work in progress as he is still very young (at the bottom of recommended age) but the concept of building the bridge with the tiles he was getting and he was trying to work with the patterns and not just random colours. There is a mix of colours and numbers to work with so it wasn’t an all number process which I do think helped keep him entertained. I think that when he is maybe a few months or a year older he will gain even more from this game in terms of practicing his pattern building. Game has a popper to use for the dice rolls, as a three year old he isn’t the best at understanding turns but as with all turn playing games the more we played the more he was taking turns and would start saying mummy turn when he had had his turn. The first time he wanted to keep playing over and over again, we have played it at least once a week since for a few games. Always played this at home. Mostly played with either myself or daddy. His 6yr old brother joined in a few times as he loved the idea of building the bridges, he is confident with his numbers and colours but the pattern building provided the extra for him to be able to enjoy playing this game. The adults also enjoyed having fun playing this with him. He liked the popper the most but he liked building the bridges and then using them to get his characters across to the next bit of the game. I liked the fact it had a physical part in them building the bridges rather than just going round a track. It had a mixed practice of numbers and colours to keep interest plus provided instruction cards where he had to follow what was on the card, showing add or subtract. My 3yr old was certainly able to access the game, the patterns caused the most difficulty so to speak but he still enjoyed doing them. He has knowledge of the numbers and colours so certainly fits his age group, allowing lots of space to improve under adult guidance. My 6 yr old was also able to play and I think that he would be able to play with other children without an adult joining in or helping. SO allows for some independence as well for slightly older kids. Definitely be a helpful aid in a learning setting, feel it’s a good way to practice various bits in a fun way. It would have to be an adult controlled activity due to instructions and bits. I think it is, the quality is lovely and it can provide lots of different games due to the patterns available plus there are cards to make your own pattern which opens up more thinking for older kids. Feels solid and the cards and board are made of good quality card so not flimsy. I would buy this. It has been an enjoyed game in my house, the two boys definitely enjoyed themselves and would be something we would consider. I would recommend if we know of a number blocks fan then we would recommend if they are the right sort of age to benefit. Good quality game which provided plenty of game time and learning opportunities on top of fun. It also allowed for extra imagination for the make your own pattern cards as well as general fun falling off bridges etc. Christopher was very enthusiastic when he realised this game was for him to play and wanted to play straight away. He was easily able to pop the popper and to move his player. He was also able to push the tiles in and out of the bridges, a few times they were a little tricky for little fingers as they need to be straight but this improved over time as he learn they needed to be straight. Games last long enough to be fun but each game not too long that Christopher lost interest. Overall a very nice little game to play. Maggie Goffin – Christopher 3 Years

Product Tested By Louisa Armstrong – Max 3 Years 6 Months

Louisa Awarded The Numberblocks Race to Pattern Palace 5/5

Max is mad about Numberblocks TV show so his eyes lit up when this arrived. I was not sure if it would be a little complicated for Max but took to it like a duck to water and loved the game. Found the instructions easy enough to follow and the more it is played the more Max understood the game. Max took a while to really get to grips with this game but once we played it he really enjoyed everything this game had to offer. As Max is such a fan of Numberblocks made the game even more interesting to him as related to the Numberblocks characters. With a bit of help Max really enjoyed creating the patterns to unlock the path. This has been a real winner in our house and Max still wants to play this every day. Without a doubt really reinforced his recognition of colour, counting and making patterns. I would say he is far more advanced in these areas compared to before the game arrived. Learnt while having fun. Max was not really that good at taking turns, but this game has helped him understand the importance of being patient and waiting for his turn. This is played daily. We used this game to play at home. Max has played with friends, his sister who is 7 and us as well as grandparents. All of us enjoyed the game with him. He loved the fact it was a Numberblocks game. I loved the fact it was a game he enjoyed and at the same time was learning more each time we played it. I was worried he would find this difficult, but after playing the game age suitability was perfect for Max. I am sure he will continue playing with this a lot more over the coming year. This would be superb educational game in Nursery as so many children relate to Numberblocks. Most definitely great value for money. Everything in this game is made to a very high quality. I would buy this as a gift for some of my nephews and nieces. Would also highly recommend as Max just loves this game. This game is fun, interactive and educational and Max loves it. Louisa Armstrong – Max 3 Years 6 Months

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it and am now much more likely to buy a Numberblocks board game if I see one in the shops whereas we’ve previously only really bough Order Games for this sort of learning through play. I would recommend. We have lent it out to friends many times and it is always well loved. We continue to enjoy playing this game regularly. It has been great for both children, not just our youngest and the whole family has enjoyed it.


Louise Awarded The Numberblocks Race to Pattern Palace 5/5

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