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Nurture Fruity Water

Delicious taste kids love – strawberry/cherry & orange/pineapple. Healthy – 100% natural, no added sugar or sweeteners. Scientifically proven to effectively support healthy immunity. Convenient spill proof, aseptic pouch – 1st in the UK. 
Each 200ml pouch of NURTURE contains 100% of the optimum daily amounts of the following scientifically proven ingredients for a 1-6 year old child. Wellmune WGP 100% natural beta glucan (comes from baker’s yeast) that has been clinically proven to strengthen key immune cells that help keep the body healthy. Vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D, and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.Calcium and Vitamin D are needed for normal growth and development of bone in children.We created NURTURE to achieve 1 primary objective: to effectively support your child’s immune system.

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£1.99 per 4 x 200ml multi-pack Tesco Express stores nationwide and or click online to find local stockist

Nurture Fruity Water Reviews

Product Tested by: Salma Hussain – Subhaan 2 years

Product Tested By Salma Hussain – Subhaan 2 years

Salma Awarded The Nurture Fruity Water 4.8/5

I love the packaging and very informative about the vitamins and colourful packaging. Had a bit of trouble with the cap but I really liked it and kids loved it. The boys loved the taste as had finished within minutes. Brilliant quality. Really good value for money. I would purchase these drinks again and definitely recommend. The product was brilliant both boys age 2 and 3 enjoyed it but had trouble with the cap as it kept closing and I was constantly reopening for them overall very happy. Salma Hussain – Subhaan 2 years

Product Tested By Jenny Waller – Isabelle 5 years

Jenny Awarded The Nurture Fruity Water 4.3/5

I love the spill proof cap and the amount of info provided on the package. I feel these drinks would appeal to children as they look fun and parents will like that they are good for the children. The packaging is colourful, attractive and the spill proof cap is a brilliant idea. My daughter found the flavour too strong for her as she is used to weaker flavoured drinks. I think the product is great my only issue with my daughter was the strength of the flavour. I think these are excellent value for money with the spill proof cap included.Probably not for my daughter as she didn’t really like the taste but will buy them for my son when he is older to see if he likes them.I would definitely recommend this product.I would have given a 5 but my daughter wasn’t too keen on the taste.I think this is a brilliant product and great value for money would be ideal for days out with the kids. I really love that they have spill proof caps that actually are spill proof. Jenny Waller – Isabelle 5 years

Product Tested By Clare Hartley – Imogen 3 Years

Clare Awarded The Nurture Fruity Water 4.7/5

Very impressed with the presentation, design of the packaging and the easy drink spout. Plus the fact the information supplied on pack outlined healthy drink and good for children. Packaging is bright and cololurful and would catch my eye in store. My daughter likes the taste and would drink without any complaints. I found it a bit too sweet for my taste but not aimed at me. Quality is very good and loved the fact a healthy drink. I would purchase more as I feel good value and also good to keep my children fit and healthy. I would personally like to try this through the winter months to see if it does boost immune system and keep them healthy as prefer to give them a nice drink rather than tablets. However it is a good quality drink, full of goodness and my children enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend. Nice tasting drink for children and healthy option too which my children enjoyed. Clare Hartley – Imogen 3 Years

I would purchase these drinks again and definitely recommend. The product was brilliant both boys age 2 and 3 enjoyed it.


Salma Awarded The Nurture Fruity Water 4.8/5

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