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With the NUTRIBABY® food processor, making organic, nutritious, preservative-free baby food couldn’t be easier.NUTRiBABY® purees fresh ingredients into the perfect baby food consistency, and is perfect for every stage of your baby’s development. So whether your baby is a few months old or even a toddler, we’ve got it covered! Now your baby can benefit from homemade food, quickly and easily. 

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NUTRIBABY From Highstreet TV Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Nicola Freeborne – Amelia 9 Months

Awarded The Nutribaby 4.5/5

brilliant idea. The storage items are amazing. Well packaged so nothing
was damaged on receipt of the item. The product is very simple to use and the
instructions were easy to follow. It seems sturdy and we’ll built. I was
expecting it to be flimsy as it is designed for baby food but it isn’t. I
do think it is expensive for what it is as there are cheaper options available
however they do not come with the fantastic storage solutions that this one
does. I think it is too expensive for what it is. Especially as if babies
do have mush (blended food) it is only for a few months however we will
continue to use it to make fruit puree and smoothies. If it was reduced in
price I would recommend. Also I wouldn’t
recommend it as solely a baby blender as there are much cheaper options
available. It could be used as an all-round family mini blender and the storage
pots that come with it are brilliant.If this product wasn’t so expensive
it would receive a 5. I just think it costs too much for what it is.I
think the storage pots the best part of this product. They are brilliant and
the date indicator is a fantastic addition – not something I have ever come
across before. The blender does exactly what it is meant to do and blends the
food put in. I would prefer it if it had an on off switch as although I know
the lid is attached I am very wary about twisting the unit to turn it off just in
case the lid comes off and the food goes everywhere. The size of the product is
an advantage as it is compact and does not take up a great deal of room in the
cupboard. I also like the colour and pattern design on the blender as it makes
a change from boring black. Nicola Freeborne – Amelia 9 Months

Product Tested ByMrs. Templer – Molly 10 Months

Mrs. Templer Awarded
The Nutribaby 4.4/5

was very impressed with the amount of items included in the full Baby Package
and was very eager to start making some food for my little one. Very well
packed with lots of cartons to ensure the pieces are secure. It could have done
with less plastic packaging inside the box. Not only was the user
manual/cookbook very easy to understand but the description on the packaging
made it nice and clear what is included in the box. Very sturdy plastic and I
love the little details like the date dial on the storage cups so you don’t
have to bother with little sticky labels over and over again as well as the
cups having sturdy "legs” to ensure that they stand up on their own (without
the Tray) when put into the freezer. I think the product does certainly offer
value for money if you consider buying all the little extras by yourself as
well as a good working blender you will easily add up to the amount you pay for
the complete set. I would buy it or even consider gifting the Nutribaby set to
a new mum as a gift for her baby. I would recommend this product to friends and
family and new parents when approaching the subject of weaning. The Nutribaby Package
is certainly one of the premium weaning sets on the market and you won’t be
disappointed when purchasing this set. The only slight negative I have would be
that the size of the batch bowl could be made a little bit bigger. If you are
looking for a complete weaning starter set this product is a must have on your
list. Mrs. Templer – Molly 10 Months

Tested By
Katherine Lawson – Lillian 6 Months

Awarded The Nutribaby 4.5/5

a great idea and looked amazing when it arrived. Packaging ideally suited to the item and all
parts arrived safe and well protected.
The instructions are so clear and easy to follow. It looks really good
quality. For a multi-purpose food
processor this is on a par price wise with other similar products on the
market. This is the perfect food
processor for a new mum. Ideal for producing
smoothies and easy to puree home-made food.
An ideal all round blender which we loved. Bit expensive but good quality so possibly
worth the investment. Loved the date
indicator too, what a top idea. This is
a perfect easy to store blender which does a great job. Would purchase if I see this on offer and
have already recommended as lots of friends have asked where I got this
from. A great all round blender/food
processor for new mums. Katherine Lawson
– Lillian 6 Months

The size of the product is an advantage as it is compact and does not take up a great deal of room in the cupboard. I also like the colour and pattern design on the blender as it makes a change from boring black


Nicola Awarded The Nutribaby 4.5/5

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