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The Obi TENS Plus is the best of both worlds. ‘Super simple’ meets ‘Fully functional’. This dual channel maternity TENS machine is also a contraction timer, recording your last 5 in-between contraction times. The Obi TENS Plus can also be used for post labour pain, such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more. Features and Benefits
FREE UK DeliveryContraction TimerPre-set Modes For Easy UseBoost Button For Contractions Recommended By MidwivesWhat’s Included
4 Large Maternity Electrode Pads1 Leadwire Plus 1 Spare2 AAA batteries Plus 2 SpareNeck Cord And Carrying PouchInstructions

£59.00 Available online

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£44.95 Available Mothercare, Boots, Toys R Us, & online

Obi TENS PLUS Reviews

Product Tested by: Kelly Steer – Bobby 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Kelly Steer – Bobby 3 Weeks

Kelly Awarded The Obi TENS Plus 4.7/5

When this arrived it looked smaller than I expected. Really good packaging and ideal for the item. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I had heard of TENS prior to receiving this to review. I had not used a TENS unit before. I think the concept of the Obi TENS is excellent. I do not tend to take painkillers a lot due to the fact it stops them working when you really need them. The Obi TENS stops the need of having to take any pain killers which is great. I was very nervous about using this for the first time. This was very effective in relieving labour pain. As it was a very hot night I was sweating a lot which made the pads move quite a lot the area needs to be really dry for them to stay in place.I found it easy enough to control the pain relief I required and increase or decrease when needed. This did help relieve labour paid quite a bit. I have a high pain threshold this helped to ease my pains enough for me not to have gas and air. I suffer with a lot of leg ache and back pain and this has helped a lot I will continue to use it. This is excellent quality and really well made. I think it offers great value for money but think it could be a little bit cheaper to make it more affordable. I loved the fact I didn’t have to use any other pain relief which meant I wasn’t sleepy after baby arrived unlike my other births. I would buy this as it has helped a lot with my after birth aches and pains. I would recommend as it reduces you having to use drugs during labour and you cannot even tell it’s on.does exactly what it says on the box instructions are clear it’s easy to use could be a bit cheaper as having a baby is expensive so I think a lot of people wouldn’t be able to afford it. Amazing item I only got to use this for 47 minutes as my labour was so fast but I am so glad I got a chance to review this, I wish I had one before for my previous 4 births, it made the labour more bearable and the after pains, which in my opinion was a lot worse than the labour. The added boost button is amazing. This definitely contributed to an all natural birth and although the pads were a bit of a pain due to it being a very hot night and me being covered in sweat I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone due to give birth. Kelly Steer – Bobby 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Veronica Corsiero – Tommaso 1 Month

Veronica Awarded The Obi TENS Plus 4/5

At the beginning I wasn’t really convinced as I have never tried anything similar and also the box looked really small.Packaging was ideal and very compact. Instructions are clear enough even for beginners. Prior to receiving this TENS unit to review I had not heard of TENS previously. I had never used a TENS unit before either. I think this unit is very interesting as it helps during the most painful thing of the pregnancy. I was nervous about using this as it was the first time and when you are pregnant you are always scared of everything.Unfortunately I did not use this during labour as I had an emergency C section. I did find it easy enough to attach the pads. I have just started using it for my back as it’s very painful after the pregnancy. I am also thinking of trying it for the headache as I tend to suffer a lot. Unfortunately I was just allowed to use it due to a bad delivery and I have used it 3 times. I think this is very good, I can keep it in my draw next to bed and looks good quality. Personally I do feel it is a bit expensive.I have found it very interesting as I have never used anything similar. I like the effect on my back, weird feeling but very relaxing afterwards. I would recommend as can be used during labour and for aches and pains after birth. Good product looks very professional. I really liked this product. Unfortunately I couldn’t use it during labour and I have used it after. I still wouldn’t feel comfortable during labour but I think that during that time you would try everything to ease the pain :-). One thing is I always need help in setting the pads on my back so I can’t use it every time I want. Veronica Corsiero – Tommaso 1 Month

Product Tested By Theresa Schofield – Newborn


Theresa Awarded The Obi TENS PLUS 4.6/5


Looks professional and clear what is contained and what it’s used for. Packaging clearly showed what is contained and what it’s used for. Simple and very little waste. Instructions simple and straightforward. Easy to understand and implement even in labour! I had read about TENS as an option for pain relief during labour. I had rented one for my first pregnancy and used it during active labour until my baby was born. Great non medicinal alternative to pain relief. Having used TENS before I was not nervous about using this during labour. Great for relieving pain in labour, used alone for several hours. Actual use was easy, simple push of a button to activate during a contraction. Great that there is an automatic timer for contractions too. My husband helped me put on the pads and he found it simple. They did come off a few times though. I did have a fairly active labour and this was inconvenient to say the least! The machine wouldn’t work if one of the pads wasn’t making good contact with skin so it was a race against time to get them back on properly before the next contraction. Increasing or decreasing the pain relief was as simple as pushing a button. As labour progressed the intensity needed to be increased and the machine was perfect.I have not used this since giving birth but I have not ruled out using it again for back pain, headaches or muscle pain. Actual machine itself is well made and robust. The pads could do with being stickier in my experience. The little case to put everything is really useful too. This is really good value especially since it can be used for pain relief in everyday life. I loved the handy lanyard for when in use to ensure it’s nearby and not misplaced. Especially important during labour. I would consider buying this as really useful and worked great. I have already sung it’s praises to my sister who is expecting her first baby in March. Great form of pain relief that won’t affect baby and puts off needing anything stronger.My only issue with the product is that the pads came off a few times during labour. Everything else about the machine is great. Handy size, lanyard and case mean everything you need is easily within reach at any time. It’s simple to use and to increase/decrease intensity during use. Great alternative form of pain relief without taking tablets etc. Theresa Schofield – Newborn

I wish I had one before for my previous 4 births, it made the labour more bearable and the after pains, which in my opinion was a lot worse than the labour. The added boost button is amazing. This definitely contributed to an all natural birth and although the pads were a bit of a pain due to it being a very hot night and me being covered in sweat I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone due to give birth.


Kelly Awarded The Obi TENS Plus 4.7/5

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