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Ocky Olla Smocka

Smockas are made for little explorers who like to collect things. At the beach, in the garden or going for a walk, the waterproof-lined pocket is perfect for shells, conkers and other discovered treasures.
The matching cuffs and yoke are soft and non scratchy and with a generous over sized cut, there’s plenty of room for growth and they won’t feel restricted either. 
Available in sizes From 18 Months – 5 years  

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£35.00 Available to purchase online

Ocky Olla Smocka Reviews

Product Tested by: Fiona Ainsworth – Barney 3 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Ainsworth – Barney 3 Years 6 Months

Fiona Awarded The Ocky Olla Smocka 4.5/5

It looked very smart and durable, Barney was desperate to get it out and try it on. The packaging did the job, kept it clean and protected. Instructions very simple and easy to understand. It fitted well and was designed so he can grow and it will still fit. The size we ordered was just right. My Son enjoyed wearing his Smocka and he wanted to put it on and fill the pocket at the front. My son has used the pocket at the front to collect snail shells, twigs and flowers in it. Every walk is now a bear hunt! When not in use you can just fold the smocka into the front pocket to carry around which is a great idea. It did keep Barney warm, however shortly after it was sent the weather changed and it was super sunny! Typical. This is great for the cooler months and we have room to grow so will be using it again when the weather changes. Very well made lovely design and material. This is very versatile as offers a wide variety of uses. Would suggest offering a wider selection of designs to choose from. I would consider purchasing this as would make a lovely present. Would certainly recommend. It came and was the correct size. It looks smart on and as it is elasticated around the neck it is not such a trauma putting it on! Very easy to fold up and keep in your bag. Washed nicely too. Fiona Ainsworth – Barney 3 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Maria Nettles – Lillian 3 Years

Maria AwardedThe Ocky Olla Smocka 4.8/5

Looked a lovely item of clothing when arrived. Just right for getting outside in the colder weather. Lillian loved the look of it and wanted to try it on immediately. Packaging good. Instructions simple and easy to follow. It was a good fit and Lillian felt comfortable and enjoyed wearing this. Sizing ordered was just right. Love the fleece material and the pocket at the front has been a real hit. We went for a walk along the beach and Lillian loves collecting shells so she kept all her little shell treasures in her front pocket as the inside of it is waterproof so rest of Smocka does not get wet. On our walks in the park and local woods the pocket has been used to collect things she found interesting on our trips and all safely back home and stored in her room. What a great idea as my bag does not have to store all these little treasures they find. The size we had was the 3-4 years as wanted to ensure she had room to grow. Has served us well so far this year and will still be in use in the autumn and the winter for our regular walks with the family and the dogs. Also a very innovative idea is you can fold the Smocka into the front pocket to pop into your bag when they are not wearing it. Fantastic idea and makes it so easy to take with you as do not have to worry if they get too warm and need to take off as easily folds into the front pocket and this makes the outer waterproof as well. It kept Lillian snug and warm and she loved the pocket, was the favourite part of the Smocka for her. I think this is very good value for money as well made and innovative idea. Not as bulky as a coat or a fleece and kept her warm. I would like to see more designs on offer and some plain designs too as I have 2 little boys who would love this. I would purchase another one and so many friends have asked me about this and I have highly recommended. This is a great clothing accessory, easy to wash, great fun to use and we loved it. Maria Nettles – Lillian 3 Years


Product Tested By Barbara Heath – Alexander 3 Years

Barbara Awarded The Ocky Olla Smocka 4/5

Colouring more suited to girls than boys. Nice jacket – but a bit expensive for what it is. Packaging looked fine, perfectly acceptable. Instructions clear and simple. The design of the product – in terms of fit – was absolutely fine (a tiny bitwide, maybe, but not a problem).  However, I am not convinced by the colour scheme and designs – seem to be designed for girls rather than boys, and just far too bright and pattern too girly. Right size for our child (but given children being such different sizes, always hard to get right). He didn’t mind it. Given weather this spring though – wasn’t that many opportunities to wear – it has to be mild enough to not need a thick coat, but not too warm that the coat makes him too hot. He likes the pockets. And so a big pocket was a real bonus for him. A really neat idea is by folding the pocket round the Smocka it becomes waterproof and can be easily transported in your bag. Limited times to wear it – not warm enough for most of the last year, but too hot for the rare occasions we have sunshine. Kind of only works when warmish but windy and when my son isn’t running about too much. Seems to be well made and durable. Clearly more quality than most kids clothing. Too expensive for what it is – there are limited occasions to wear it and it is not quite an alternative to a coat. You really need to work on the designs and colours – need to be more boy friendly and less busy.  Looks like it was inspired by an 80s shell suit. Not something we would purchase again but the pocket is a good idea and innovative. Barbara Heath – Alexander 3 Years



Very well made lovely design and material. This is very versatile as offers a wide variety of uses.                


Fiona AwardedThe Ocky Olla Smocka 4.5/5   

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