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The Octopotty helps to make potty training fun with its colourful octopus design, appealing to both little boys and girls! So what is unique about it:Ergonomic and soft streamline design makes it comfortable for your toddlerHigh splash guard to help prevent those little accidentsThe removable bowl makes it easy to cleanThe potty has a unique lid which disguises its purpose making it look like a child’s toy to any visitorsIt is a little lower than the average potty, making it more sturdyThe potty is completely portable and can be used anywhereContains a toilet roll holder in the lid, no more hunting for toilet paper for Mum and DadThere is some storage space in the base to put in a hand sanitiser or potty reward stickersThe beauty of it is that everything is right at hand, no need to leave your child unattended on the potty, otherwise who knows what you might come back to!

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017 Potty Training Category 

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£24.99 Available Online and Amazon

Octopotty Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Styles – Henry 2 years

Product Tested By Claire Styles –
Henry 2 years

Claire Awarded The Octopotty 5/5

Impressions are that this product is a great idea! Potty training is always
going to be an eventful task but making it fun and approachable for a young
child should help make it a lot easier. Product arrived without any issues at all. I
love the shape of the potty. It’s not your standard, boring potty – it’s a lot
more fun. Perfect
size, not too big or small and very easy to store away when not in use. Henry
has loved using the potty, at no point have I thought that it was uncomfortable
for him. I can’t stress enough how much easier this has made potty training
because Henry likes the potty. It’s not just an inanimate object, it’s a
‘character’ that he can talk to and helps with the understanding of what he’s
learning. We’ve stayed fairly local during the potty training but I’ve not
encountered any issues taking the potty with us when visiting family. The modular nature of the potty makes
it very easy to empty and keeps the ‘dirty’ bits away from the rest of the
product. We’re only on daytime training at the moment but this will be used for
night time training too. The fact that it’s engaging and doesn’t look scary to
Henry. It also doesn’t look like a potty when closed so isn’t an eyesore. I
can’t think of anything that I would change right now. Excellent quality – no
complaints at all. It’s all very sturdy and fits together nicely. Absolutely
love this and I would describe this as a bargain. I will be purchasing this product for
my daughter when the time comes. I’ve already recommended this product to my
friends – when you have young children anything that makes your life easier is
a god send! I cannot fault it. I would suggest that this is my favourite
product that I have ever tested. It’s made my sons potty training far less
stressful than it could have been. Potty training can be a really big hurdle
but with this product we’ve been able to tackle it with ease. Claire Styles –
Henry 2 years

Tested By
Louise Marks – Kane 18 Months

Louise Awarded
The Octopotty 5/5

The product
arrived promptly and was well packaged. The shape of the potty is curvy and
nothing like any others I have seen before. The potty assembly sits quite high
and overall is compact. The potty appeared to be comfortable for my child to
use. I would imagine because of its
curvy seat design it is more comfortable than a conventional potty. Kane was
instantly attracted to the potty because of its fun octopus design. I have not
transported this potty yet.
Transportation would be easy. You simply disattach the bowl to empty.
There are no intricate, difficult parts to clean thankfully. I used the potty
during the day to help with toilet training. I have not used it for night time
training as I feel my son is too young for that at the moment. Mostly I liked
the fact that when fully assembled it actually does not look like a potty.
That’s an attractive feature. For me, with an 18 month old, the facility to
store a toilet roll within the potty is simply a novelty at this age. Whilst I
wouldn’t change it because in time this might be useful feature, at the moment
I do not use this as Kane just wants to shred all the tissue and make a mess! I
think the potty has been well designed and made. Although at £24.99 this potty
is priced at the top end of the scale, I do think it offers value for money. It
is eye catching, practical and my son wanted to use it. I would consider buying
this product and definitely recommend. Eye-catching and captured my child’s
interest and desire to potty train. Louise Marks – Kane 18 Months

Product Tested By Carolyn Royce –
Oscar & Kailani – 1 & 4 Years

Carolyn Awarded The Octopotty 4.4/5

Really cool and fun. Sturdy and very
nice design. Quirky. This arrived safely and well packaged. Good shape. Good
stable base. Lid takes up quite a lot of room on the loo floor. Not too bulky
for a "luxury" potty. Quite tall with lid on. Seat good height. Seemed comfortable to sit on as no
complaints. Loves it. Smiley face, loves loo roll dispenser, even my older
child asked to use it. Too bulky to take away. I would use a travel potty. Pours
nicely and comes apart easily. Need to make sure you put the right way round
after emptying, easy to replace back-to-front. Used in day time training only. Lovely
quirky design, really cool. Design suggestion – Make it so after emptying that
it only fits back together one way. Not very easy to fit the top ring (in the
lid where the loo roll goes). Very obviously excellent quality. Compared to
other high end designs yes this is good value. After testing yes would purchase,
but if I had not tested price may have put me off. Definitely, recommend I
think my friends may have potty envy! If you saw this online you might not buy
it, but if you saw it assembled in a shop you probably would. Easy to use potty
that is fun for the littles ones and practical for mum and dad. Carolyn Royce –
Oscar & Kailani – 1 & 4 Years


I would suggest that this is my favourite product that I have ever tested. It’s made my sons potty training far less stressful than it could have been. Potty training can be a really big hurdle but with this product we’ve been able to tackle it with ease. 


Claire Awarded The Octopotty 5/5

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